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36. When tRump puffs out his chest like this, I often think about....
Tue Jun 30, 2020, 09:45 PM
Jun 2020

…the ancient Greek myth about Orion (the Hunter). In one version of the myth, Orion boasted that the greatest beast on earth could not defeat him. Angered at Orion's arrogance, Zeus sent the scorpion to sting him to death. So Orion was defeated, not by the greatest beast, but by one of the smallest. He was then placed in the night sky for all to see the consequence of his vanity. (Scorpio, the scorpion, would occupy a place in the sky exactly opposite Orion--so for us, Scorpio is visible in the summer, and Orion is visible only in the winter, and the two are not both visible in the sky at the same time.)

I like to think of Shitgibbon as being so arrogant like Orion, and suffering a similar fate--brought down to humiliating destruction by his own infinite hubris and self-worship. I certainly hope for it.

Twitler is all by himself!! [View all] Leghorn21 Jun 2020 OP
... Yonnie3 Jun 2020 #1
It's lonely at the plop... lame54 Jun 2020 #2
. empedocles Jun 2020 #6
Weak. C_U_L8R Jun 2020 #3
The Lincoln Project replies... Leghorn21 Jun 2020 #4
Excellent! n/t Laelth Jun 2020 #10
Fantastic. nt crickets Jun 2020 #32
This gives me hope. lindysalsagal Jun 2020 #34
Boo Hoo! Cirque du So-What Jun 2020 #5
I think that's soon to be his approval rate. SoonerPride Jun 2020 #7
"The Cheese Stands Alone..." maveric Jun 2020 #8
He is the color of cheddar after all... MontanaMama Jun 2020 #13
Learned Yesterday On 'Pawn Stars' That There Is No Cheese That Is Orange In Color..... global1 Jun 2020 #28
That's true! MontanaMama Jun 2020 #35
LOL! 2naSalit Jun 2020 #25
Actually, I think this qualifies as a DUzy! 2naSalit Jun 2020 #26
It's pathetic. n/t Laelth Jun 2020 #9
How does he type while in a straitjacket? LuckyCharms Jun 2020 #11
Chitter chatter around the net and social media . . . Iliyah Jun 2020 #12
...murdered by the Taliban. Iterate Jun 2020 #14
He will always have Vlad Botany Jun 2020 #15
Only as long as Vlad finds him useful. MoonchildCA Jun 2020 #27
Could be your breath .... or maybe you shit your pants again? world wide wally Jun 2020 #16
Trump insults real warriors who actually earned that title! nt procon Jun 2020 #17
+++ Leghorn21 Jun 2020 #20
Here he is, the lone warrior, he doesn't need anyone or anything! Skraxx Jun 2020 #18
*snort* smirkymonkey Jun 2020 #24
Alone with his thought Blue Owl Jun 2020 #19
More his irrational notion. Disaffected Jun 2020 #22
Did his bone spurs show up to this one, too? lastlib Jun 2020 #21
In the stall. spanone Jun 2020 #23
Indeed it's very lonely in the vast space beneath that odd-colored hair-like substance C_U_L8R Jun 2020 #29
Right? Very lonely in the windtunnel that's between two ears. sprinkleeninow Jun 2020 #33
Maybe he now realizes that the rats are leaving the sinking ship. n/t marie999 Jun 2020 #30
If he's standing alone he'd be a perfect target for a Russian paid bounty. Nevilledog Jun 2020 #31
When tRump puffs out his chest like this, I often think about.... lastlib Jun 2020 #36
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