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20. I think it is more significant in trials for drugs
Tue Jun 30, 2020, 11:44 PM
Jun 2020

to improve your quality of life where they are dependent upon surveys for the effectiveness (e.g. rate your joint pain 1-10). In the case of COVID-19, it is more black and white, even though participants might be more inclined to ignore a mild case of COVID-19 "knowing" they have the vaccine.

One thing I wondered about, a common side effect of the vaccine is some soreness around the injection site. I would think that would not occur with the placebo, and thus some people will almost know they have the real thing.

horrible headline. msn editor needs to go back to math class. unblock Jun 2020 #1
What has it been in recent annual flu shots does anyone know ? I wonder if the vaccine also lunasun Jun 2020 #2
A few nights ago on CNN with Elizabeth Cohen, Dr. Fauci said, marie999 Jun 2020 #3
Looking at the history of plague vaccines I will not be the first to take one. This is crazy, one.. uponit7771 Jun 2020 #5
Holy crap, history really is repeating itself! Initech Jun 2020 #7
Yes, that "dip" was high NPI the "second wave" was a vaccine that was great at fighting bacteria fro uponit7771 Jul 2020 #23
I am waiting for the full list of centers for the Moderna vaccine trials Steelrolled Jun 2020 #19
Be careful, the last 3 plague vaccines either paralyzed people (link) or were useless and caused ... uponit7771 Jul 2020 #24
Everyone has to make their own decisions Steelrolled Jul 2020 #30
What exactly is 50% more than nothing? world wide wally Jun 2020 #4
The placebo effect is not nothing. Voltaire2 Jun 2020 #6
Last I checked, zero divided by zero is still zero. Initech Jun 2020 #8
The placebo effect is non-zero. n/t Ms. Toad Jun 2020 #10
I think it is more significant in trials for drugs Steelrolled Jun 2020 #20
Nope. It is pervasive. Voltaire2 Jul 2020 #26
The placebo group often receives another vaccine DrToast Jul 2020 #29
You compare disease in those vaccinated to those non-vaccinated (placebo) DrToast Jun 2020 #17
Placebo is not non-vaccinated. Voltaire2 Jul 2020 #27
If you don't receive a vaccine, you are non-vaccinated DrToast Jul 2020 #28
Except that a significant response will be detected from the placebo group Voltaire2 Jul 2020 #31
That's interesting. Thanks for sharing. ecstatic Jul 2020 #34
Why are you trying to argue points I'm not making DrToast Jul 2020 #38
You appeared to be supporting the claim originally made that placebo has zero effect. Voltaire2 Jul 2020 #39
Halfway there. Ms. Toad Jun 2020 #9
The chatter of symptom reduction vaccines was worrisome. herding cats Jun 2020 #11
For something that has pretty standard symptoms, Ms. Toad Jun 2020 #12
All true about the far too varied symptoms and asymptote cases. herding cats Jun 2020 #13
Wouldn't that be factored out in the statistics? Steelrolled Jun 2020 #21
There are so many variations, Ms. Toad Jul 2020 #22
I'm not sure either, it would depend on the size of the Steelrolled Jul 2020 #32
This disease is unlike any other science has encountered before, Ms. Toad Jul 2020 #40
It's not hard to discern it DrToast Jun 2020 #14
If you are happy with that standard, have at it. Ms. Toad Jun 2020 #15
You'd rather get the full blown disease? DrToast Jun 2020 #16
No, but the risk of a new vaccine - potentially created to employ different strategies Ms. Toad Jun 2020 #18
+1, the uselessness of the 1918 Kansas flu "vaccine" is part of the cause of the uptick or uponit7771 Jul 2020 #25
Medicine has advanced a little since 1918. Steelrolled Jul 2020 #33
We still don't have a vaccine for aides or the cold but we have a vaccine for corona virus all of uponit7771 Jul 2020 #35
Don't blame you. Steelrolled Jul 2020 #36
I found a useful source for vaccine trial information written for the general public. Steelrolled Jul 2020 #37
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