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5. You won't see him
Wed Jul 1, 2020, 07:54 AM
Jul 2020

He will tweet that it was rigged and he wants a recount.

A few of his unhinges fans will set fire to black and Jewish owned businesses or even shoot people.

There will not be widespread riots. But expect some isolated outbursts. He will tweet his supper for that.

But you won’t see his face for days.

Nothing brooklynite Jul 2020 #1
Agreed. He's in the bunker. Laelth Jul 2020 #14
yup, if he loses he won't make a concession speech Amishman Jul 2020 #29
Blame North Shore Chicago Jul 2020 #2
He will never concede. Siwsan Jul 2020 #3
Hopefully he will die in jail. secondwind Jul 2020 #4
I'd prefer that he live in jail. For a long, long time. Cyrano Jul 2020 #20
... Nevilledog Jul 2020 #28
He won't be spraying anyone. marie999 Jul 2020 #11
I expect his sons will meltdown in a MOST spectacular way Siwsan Jul 2020 #19
He already claims that he has been cheated out of his FIRST term. n/t Laelth Jul 2020 #16
2nd 3rd and 4th terms. PCIntern Jul 2020 #26
Silly me! Siwsan Jul 2020 #27
You won't see him SoonerPride Jul 2020 #5
He'll tweet "I have ordered the Attorney General to investigate the Voting Fraud" dalton99a Jul 2020 #6
There's a point you're missing... brooklynite Jul 2020 #7
Hmmmm.... good point! GreenPartyVoter Jul 2020 #10
True. But if it's a landslide there might be enuf electoral votes to call it. Funtatlaguy Jul 2020 #13
Rip off his orange mask in Mission Impossible style tavernier Jul 2020 #8
He'll be at 35,000 feet near Nova Scotia, destination Moscow. Buns_of_Fire Jul 2020 #9
hahahahaha obamanut2012 Jul 2020 #15
He's not going anywhere... 2naSalit Jul 2020 #22
Waaaaah! LiberalFighter Jul 2020 #12
I think he will lose it during one of the debates GusBob Jul 2020 #17
say the outcome is rigged beachbumbob Jul 2020 #18
Trump will be watching tv at Merde Largo C_U_L8R Jul 2020 #21
He will say the election was rigged and anounce doc03 Jul 2020 #23
I think so, too. GreenPartyVoter Jul 2020 #25
He doesn't go to a podium to concede. kentuck Jul 2020 #24
I think he'll be gone before election day. Lucinda Jul 2020 #30
the election is a long way off. rockfordfile Jul 2020 #31
Claims "fake news." budkin Jul 2020 #32
He declares victory and announces that he has huge plans for his second term. (eom) StevieM Jul 2020 #33
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