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10. If he deputizes every one in the county who carries,
Wed Jul 1, 2020, 12:42 PM
Jul 2020

won't he also be deputizing people who are against him?

Sounds like the worst plan ever budkin Jul 2020 #1
How does he manage to rub his two brain cells together to think this is a good idea? MagickMuffin Jul 2020 #2
He knows his people. This will get him more votes next election. nt. Mariana Jul 2020 #7
Insurance policy gonna cover the inevitable shootings? blm Jul 2020 #3
Contemptible people doing contemptible things. Solly Mack Jul 2020 #4
I can't see this making any difference, Bubba already thinks his gun makes him right... ExciteBike66 Jul 2020 #5
Any armed drunk or stupid Floridaman can roll to put the black folks in their place... Thomas Hurt Jul 2020 #6
Notice he hasn't actually done it, he's only threatened to do it. Mariana Jul 2020 #8
Cowboy hat-wearing Daniels, Clay County's first black sheriff, says he wants to run for Congress. sop Jul 2020 #9
If he deputizes every one in the county who carries, marie999 Jul 2020 #10
Near Jacksonville but more rural.nt Phoenix61 Jul 2020 #11
it's a white flight area for professionals soryang Jul 2020 #14
Back to headquarters, comrades! gratuitous Jul 2020 #12
This is what trump-humpers want jab12 Jul 2020 #13
Yeehaw!!! Let's call out the posse! Wounded Bear Jul 2020 #15
Why let the Wild Wild West have all the fun. GemDigger Jul 2020 #17
I have long thought that the 2A nuts have wanted to resurrect Deadwood... Wounded Bear Jul 2020 #18
What we call a southern Community Response Team jmg257 Jul 2020 #16
Tremendous risk for criminal and civil liability. According to this article I dug up. Crunchy Frog Jul 2020 #19
deputizing all gun owners? Even the BLM supporters? The Protestors who own guns? Black people who Demovictory9 Jul 2020 #20
What a GOOD idea! Dread Pirate Roberts Jul 2020 #21
Criminal investigation into Clay County Sheriff's dealings now in hands of prosecutors struggle4progress Jul 2020 #22
Wife of Sheriff Darryl Daniels files for divorce (2019) struggle4progress Jul 2020 #23
i think we've since this episode before SiliconValley_Dem Jul 2020 #24
Typical Floribama wingnut obamanut2012 Jul 2020 #25
Yeah that's going to work, just basically making a militia of fruitcakes, this guy needs firing. sunonmars Jul 2020 #26
Blazing Saddles.... Sancho Jul 2020 #27
What could go wrong? Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jul 2020 #28
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