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Fri Jul 10, 2020, 05:15 PM Jul 2020

Do you support Universal Basic Income? [View all]

Curious minds would like to know (mine).

45 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
I support a UBI that supports a person's entire cost of living.
10 (22%)
I support some level of UBI that would supplement a person's cost of living.
28 (62%)
I do not support Universal Basic Income on any level, as that money would be better suited towards other social services.
3 (7%)
1 (2%)
I support UBI on some level.
3 (7%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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I support Andrew Yang's concept of $1000 per month Sherman A1 Jul 2020 #1
I would prefer the total cost of living, but that is without thinking through the practical jorgevlorgan Jul 2020 #2
My cost of living should include a Mercedes Benz JustABozoOnThisBus Jul 2020 #15
Exactly. Different levels of quality of life make that a tough task to fulfill jorgevlorgan Jul 2020 #44
I agree. nt Andy823 Jul 2020 #7
i support $750 to $1,000 a month. My Social Security is only $800.00 a month. That is all. trueblue2007 Jul 2020 #38
Yes, but I don't know enough about the specifics to judge between your two "yes" options gollygee Jul 2020 #3
Good answer! jorgevlorgan Jul 2020 #4
I think it should help prevent poverty, and other parts.. mvd Jul 2020 #5
I'm for sometimes like UBI, but think to get it off the ground Hoyt Jul 2020 #6
I think it needs to be studied further qazplm135 Jul 2020 #8
Hillary Clinton consider(ed)(s) is necessary and doable. Hortensis Jul 2020 #9
+10,000 jorgevlorgan Jul 2020 #10
If robots are taking over the work lunatica Jul 2020 #35
Robots can't replace consumers; or if they could, shhh! Hortensis Jul 2020 #37
Well that another plus right there! lunatica Jul 2020 #39
I selected no, but also would be open pnwest Jul 2020 #11
I think UBI recognises that we have an economy now meadowlander Jul 2020 #17
I agree with everything you say. lunatica Jul 2020 #36
I support a UBI that decreases based on income Revanchist Jul 2020 #12
Needs to be set up so people will still want to work marlakay Jul 2020 #16
Here is some information from Yang's campaign... PoiBoy Jul 2020 #13
This message was self-deleted by its author marie999 Jul 2020 #41
As I understand it... PoiBoy Jul 2020 #43
How in the world would you calculate everyone's total cost of living? PoindexterOglethorpe Jul 2020 #14
A lot of the calculations are based on the federal poverty level bluedye33139 Jul 2020 #18
You don't. You set a floor income level - that is the UBI - everyone gets that. Voltaire2 Jul 2020 #19
I support guaranteed jobs. Yavin4 Jul 2020 #20
I'm too physical damaged now to do my previous job. What then? irisblue Jul 2020 #21
Not all jobs require physical labor. Yavin4 Jul 2020 #23
I am the elderly, and I'm getting hooked up with meals on wheels, cuz grocery shopping $$$ irisblue Jul 2020 #28
What when the jobs are automated away? Sherman A1 Jul 2020 #22
Doing what ? MichMan Jul 2020 #24
Machines cannot do everything. Yavin4 Jul 2020 #27
No, but we are close to replacing easily 20-30% of all jobs Amishman Jul 2020 #33
nothing more rewarding than busy work. Voltaire2 Jul 2020 #26
I support a minimum wage that corresponds to the cost of living. blogslut Jul 2020 #25
we need a new WPA, all the depression era alphabets. fix america. pansypoo53219 Jul 2020 #29
Not unless it would cover base living costs. ibegurpard Jul 2020 #30
It wouldn't need to be very high if we provided public services like: Alex4Martinez Jul 2020 #31
It certainly would've helped during this pandemic. Buckeye_Democrat Jul 2020 #32
Andrew Yang was very persuasive on the subject, so yes Hekate Jul 2020 #34
Only if coupled with Job Guarantee gulliver Jul 2020 #40
Jeff Bezos cost of living ... GeorgeGist Jul 2020 #42
I think Bezos lives off of about 100k a year jorgevlorgan Jul 2020 #45
Lets get back to an understandable... Xolodno Jul 2020 #46
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