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49. Exactly! Thank you! I welcome our new Republican allies!
Tue Aug 18, 2020, 07:59 AM
Aug 2020

I swear to God, I've never see so much sanctimonious hand-wringing and worry over absolutely NOTHING. I'm sick of all the whining. We're not MARRYING them for Pete's sake. We're accepting their help... and we need all the help we can get.

People just need to let-go and TRUST JOE! He knows what he's doing. Our party leaders know what's needed right now.

PS: Great gif! 💖
fuck these repukes speaking at a [View all] gopiscrap Aug 2020 OP
They're here for us now. Wednesdays Aug 2020 #1
Post removed Post removed Aug 2020 #5
thrilled I am not in your family. n/t chillfactor Aug 2020 #9
You're arguing with a child. Forgeddaboudit. Nt AkFemDem Aug 2020 #12
you should be thrilled that I am that commited gopiscrap Aug 2020 #34
That's pretty good. dware Aug 2020 #58
Much more important to maintain ideological purity than to build a winning coalition? brooklynite Aug 2020 #39
And it's ideology like this that leads to mass shootings. Lancero Aug 2020 #46
Sigh. The point. Don't you get the point? Nt AkFemDem Aug 2020 #2
Sigh. dware Aug 2020 #59
I think it's genius to have them on here. Squinch Aug 2020 #3
So long as they are here now and encourage others, I'm ok with it. RelativelyJones Aug 2020 #4
sorry i don't agree chillfactor Aug 2020 #6
I thought it was done extremely well. Crunchy Frog Aug 2020 #7
They want to bail on the sinking ship... jcgoldie Aug 2020 #8
Seriously? The Velveteen Ocelot Aug 2020 #10
see the post right above yours Skittles Aug 2020 #23
Nobody thinks Kasich is a great guy but this was smart political strategy. The Velveteen Ocelot Aug 2020 #25
Kasich is a misogynist piece of shit Skittles Aug 2020 #27
thank you and that goes for the rest gopiscrap Aug 2020 #35
I think you're among a very small group who see this that way. Stinky The Clown Aug 2020 #11
Be glad they're coming forward. Totally Tunsie Aug 2020 #13
We are in this together pandr32 Aug 2020 #14
Purity will only get us a dictatorship Generic Brad Aug 2020 #15
DISAGREE! bluestarone Aug 2020 #16
Can't change the past. Blue_true Aug 2020 #17
Unrec. Agschmid Aug 2020 #18
Ditto. cwydro Aug 2020 #60
Present DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2020 #19
CNN Headine spanone Aug 2020 #20
Nope! Country over party. The few who take that to heart Should be welcome. And above all, emmaverybo Aug 2020 #21
Oh, they're not welcome in our party. herding cats Aug 2020 #26
I think some would be more than comfortable sliding our party 10, 15% further to right Celerity Aug 2020 #38
Nope. I disagree. herding cats Aug 2020 #41
was not talking about the Republicans nt Celerity Aug 2020 #47
they make me sick Skittles Aug 2020 #22
+1000 Celerity Aug 2020 #29
exactly gopiscrap Aug 2020 #37
and the part where they seem unaware the Greed Over People party has SUCKED FOR DECADES? Skittles Aug 2020 #42
You're wrong. I'm sorry to be so blunt. herding cats Aug 2020 #24
So we don't invite them and we stay "pure" is that it? agingdem Aug 2020 #28
The enemy of my enemy is my friend Mz Pip Aug 2020 #30
I voted for Bush in 2000. Does that mean I shouldn't have joined here in 2004? Roland99 Aug 2020 #31
Some questions rufus dog Aug 2020 #32
We. The. People. nolabear Aug 2020 #33
I disagree Sunsky Aug 2020 #36
They have learned a hard lesson and need a place to stay. Under The Radar Aug 2020 #40
fuck them gopiscrap Aug 2020 #45
We have a common enemy. I'll take their votes for now In It to Win It Aug 2020 #43
Rabble! rabble! rabble! BannonsLiver Aug 2020 #44
Exactly! Thank you! I welcome our new Republican allies! NurseJackie Aug 2020 #49
Well I think if you look at some of the names and rewind the tape about 6-7 months BannonsLiver Aug 2020 #56
I know what you mean. Your observations are correct. NurseJackie Aug 2020 #57
I'd like to welcome you to a parliamentary styled democracy. Tommy_Carcetti Aug 2020 #48
This. cwydro Aug 2020 #52
this -- and this is what happens if we ever get rid of the EC obamanut2012 Aug 2020 #54
Do you wanna win? Happy Hoosier Aug 2020 #50
Reporting. DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2020 #51
so edgelord obamanut2012 Aug 2020 #53
The Convention isn't for us. Act_of_Reparation Aug 2020 #55
Think of them as refugees Rhiannon12866 Aug 2020 #61
Nice. Oh, wait... MineralMan Aug 2020 #62
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