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Thu Aug 20, 2020, 02:45 PM Aug 2020


In both the the Texas voter id and the Kobach proof of citizenship needed to register to vote the cases, the GOP could provide no evidence of voter fraud in the real world. In the Penn , trump is suing to block vote by mail and the court asked for proof of voter fraud. Guess what happen

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP’S campaign, ordered by a federal court judge in Pennsylvania to back up its claims of fraud in the state’s vote-by-mail system, has documented only a handful of cases of election fraud in recent years — none of which involved mail-in ballots. The revelation, which came in the form of a partially redacted 524-page document produced by the Trump campaign last week, undermines the claim by Trump team operatives that mail-in ballot fraud is a grave risk to Pennsylvania voters.

The campaign is suing Pennsylvania Secretary of the Commonwealth Kathy Boockvar and each of the state’s county election boards to prevent election administrators from providing secure drop boxes for mail-in ballot returns. These drop boxes allow voters to return their mail-in ballots by hand, without sending them through the postal system and risking delays. The Trump campaign alleges that the practice “provides fraudsters an easy opportunity to engage in ballot harvesting, manipulate or destroy ballots, manufacture duplicitous votes, and sow chaos.”

In a motion last week, Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future and the Sierra Club called on the Trump campaign to provide evidence of the existence of voter fraud, arguing that the campaign’s lawsuit was “replete with salacious allegations and dire warnings” about Pennsylvania’s elections and that they “must either be compelled to provide discovery concerning their fraud-based allegations or be precluded from pursuing these claims going forward.” Judge J. Nicholas Ranjan granted the motion, ordering the campaign to “produce such evidence in their possession, and if they have none, state as much.”

The response provided by the Trump campaign to the opposing counsel, which was shared with The Intercept and Type Investigations, contains a few scant examples of election fraud — but none of the instances in the 524-page discovery document involved mail-in ballots.

“Not only did the campaign fail to provide evidence that voter fraud was a widespread problem in Pennsylvania, they failed to provide any evidence that any misconduct occurred in the primary election or that so-called voter fraud is any sort of regular problem in Pennsylvania,” said Suzanne Almeida, interim director of Common Cause PA, one of the parties in the lawsuit. The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment for this story.
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Shocked! Brainfodder Aug 2020 #1
Once again, little Donny comes up short Blue Owl Aug 2020 #2
🤣🤣🤣 SheltieLover Aug 2020 #8
"she said.............." MyOwnPeace Aug 2020 #13
Donnie comes up short rumleyfips Aug 2020 #28
Little hands; little whatever MoonRiver Aug 2020 #52
i know one case of mail-in fraud: donnie voted by mail from florida unblock Aug 2020 #3
This!👆 SheltieLover Aug 2020 #9
so trump gave them 524-pages of bullshit spanone Aug 2020 #4
The judge is unlikely to be dazzled by Trump's brilliance gratuitous Aug 2020 #7
"The judge is unlikely to be dazzled by Trump's brilliance" MyOwnPeace Aug 2020 #14
Right When a Party Presents "No Evidence" on an Essential Issue a Judge is Left with No Discretion Stallion Aug 2020 #22
you want evidence? all trump has to do is get limbaugh into court to confirm to the judge certainot Aug 2020 #36
OBJECTION: Hearsay Plus Limpballs Can't Qualify as an Expert on Election Ballots Stallion Aug 2020 #37
hearsay! 1500 radio stations reaching 50 mil/wk are proof it's not hearsay!!!!! and how can anyone certainot Aug 2020 #43
Trump is a vertual louzke9 Aug 2020 #46
K&R spanone Aug 2020 #5
One of the Greatest Scam Arguments Every Perpetuated on the American People Stallion Aug 2020 #6
Every case of voter fraud I've ever heard of, has been committed by Reptilicans. lagomorph777 Aug 2020 #10
I remember a handful from 2016 NewJeffCT Aug 2020 #12
Fifty Million Anecdotal Accounts of Mail-In Voter Fraud on Right Wing Forums Lonesome Beet Aug 2020 #11
Yeah, and most of them admitting that they engage in it. Mariana Aug 2020 #16
"I heard" is not evidence. louis-t Aug 2020 #39
BUT.... louzke9 Aug 2020 #47
Not just "people" but "some people"... Wounded Bear Aug 2020 #53
Thank you, Goth! Rt. Cha Aug 2020 #15
You know that I have been following this and other cases Gothmog Aug 2020 #20
Yes, I like that.. it's important. TY! Cha Aug 2020 #21
They refuse to understand that "Many people are saying..." is not evidence. Marcuse Aug 2020 #17
Courts did not accept this in either Texas voter id or the Kobach voter registration cases Gothmog Aug 2020 #19
In FOXworld, an accusation rises to the level of proof when a Democrat is targeted Mr. Ected Aug 2020 #18
They really don't. give shot if it is true scarytomcat Aug 2020 #34
The intercept? progressoid Aug 2020 #23
Trump campaign fails to show evidence of vote-by-mail fraud, filing reveals Gothmog Aug 2020 #51
Anyone surprised? Once again the little toad stool comes up short! George II Aug 2020 #24
The purpose is to delay and besmirch, not to win. They don't care if they look like clowns. maxsolomon Aug 2020 #25
524 pages of BS. nt iluvtennis Aug 2020 #26
Isn't that something? SergeStorms Aug 2020 #33
Exactly spot on. nt iluvtennis Aug 2020 #41
524 pages is some championship level gaslighting... Wounded Bear Aug 2020 #54
The courts should have made the trump campaign pay all of the legal costs of both the defendant's SWBTATTReg Aug 2020 #27
Can anyone cite examples of ELECTION THEFT!? StClone Aug 2020 #29
It was TrumpSpeak ... the "grave threat" was not to the elections, it was to ... Trump bucolic_frolic Aug 2020 #30
This should be a major national news story n/t malaise Aug 2020 #31
The real voter fraud and interference... SergeStorms Aug 2020 #32
We in PA have only had "no excuse" vote by mail for the very first time this past primary election BumRushDaShow Aug 2020 #35
Thanks for the legal stuff Gothmog. panader0 Aug 2020 #38
He has no legal basis for this claim Gothmog Aug 2020 #42
K&R Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Aug 2020 #40
It's like when some bot or idiot troll makes some ridiculous claim and then Grokenstein Aug 2020 #44
Cheating is so... Republican elias7 Aug 2020 #45
The GOP is the party of voter suppression Gothmog Aug 2020 #49
Trump Campaign Fails To Produce Evidence Of Voter Fraud In PA Lawsuit Gothmog Aug 2020 #48
LOL at ya POS! MoonRiver Aug 2020 #50
The Plaintiffs have the burden of proof treestar Aug 2020 #55
BREAKING: Federal judge HALTS Trump/RNC lawsuit seeking to block drop boxes in Pennsylvania. Gothmog Aug 2020 #56
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