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16. Once again, not what he said...
Fri Aug 21, 2020, 07:29 AM
Aug 2020

He was discussing likely criticisms by conservatives coming out of the Convention.

Is Willie Geist a rethug? [View all] ecstatic Aug 2020 OP
Yes he is Trumpocalypse Aug 2020 #1
I honestly had no idea. He hid it well until this morning. ecstatic Aug 2020 #3
Wow.. I can not imagine that his father is. Anyone know? hlthe2b Aug 2020 #6
He makes a lot of money and he was hired by Morning Joe Bucky Aug 2020 #2
Yes, he is Tucker's old sidekick RandiFan1290 Aug 2020 #4
Omg! It all makes sense now ecstatic Aug 2020 #10
Wow ! This should be in a thread on its own. What an asshole, and I thought he was born sitting on a OnDoutside Aug 2020 #14
You know where I stand - Trump malaise Aug 2020 #24
Agree 100% world wide wally Aug 2020 #46
WTF ?! The teleprompter shit is straight from Freeperville uponit7771 Aug 2020 #56
his point makes sense. trump is a bully and Biden has a history of stuttering and mucifer Aug 2020 #5
Didnt Biden take MFM008 Aug 2020 #9
Yes, he did. luvtheGWN Aug 2020 #41
And Biden took down Giuliani Trumpocalypse Aug 2020 #12
Noun, verb, 9/11? Borchkins Aug 2020 #32
Not so much..Trump is a semi-literate bully who whathehell Aug 2020 #19
YO SE MIGHT! maddiemom Aug 2020 #50
Yes, lol.. whathehell Aug 2020 #53
Well, I'll be darned. secondwind Aug 2020 #7
I saw that MFM008 Aug 2020 #8
Willie's always been clueless enough. That's for damn sure. oasis Aug 2020 #11
wow larwdem Aug 2020 #13
I remain unimpressed with Willie Geist bucolic_frolic Aug 2020 #15
The money was spent on plastic surgery and vacations. It didn't "protect the country." SunSeeker Aug 2020 #17
With so much danger within the country, how does Willie think it'll work? CaptYossarian Aug 2020 #40
I missed that this morning True Blue American Aug 2020 #42
Once again, not what he said... brooklynite Aug 2020 #16
The Truth is still putting on its shoes Roy Rolling Aug 2020 #18
You're free to your own interpretation of what was said. ecstatic Aug 2020 #21
LOL, ok! nt USALiberal Aug 2020 #44
No, bullshit .. leaving the part out where he's repeating or parroting attacks from MAGA is giving uponit7771 Aug 2020 #57
The OP's question concerned his political affiliation.. whathehell Aug 2020 #23
Tuned him out long ago. n/t moondust Aug 2020 #20
He's a member of the Lucky Sperm Club and PCIntern Aug 2020 #22
I don't think they feel obliged in any way Ilsa Aug 2020 #36
Let's face it, the only reason Morning Joe is watchable is they hate Trump. Once Trump is gone, it dem4decades Aug 2020 #25
Lol. True. Nt ecstatic Aug 2020 #26
Probably Rebl2 Aug 2020 #52
I just saw that. In fairness, Geist was reporting on the Conservatives attack on Biden. It wasn't dem4decades Aug 2020 #27
The OP was quite clear in questioning Geist's political affiliation whathehell Aug 2020 #28
I have been a Democrat for decades and I watch all of the political helpisontheway Aug 2020 #33
That's unfortunate, then whathehell Aug 2020 #34
Yes..I remember Tucker Carlson when he was on CNN. helpisontheway Aug 2020 #47
Thank you. The only show I was aware of with Carlson was the one Jon Stewart made him look like dem4decades Aug 2020 #54
I think Geist is more of a libertarian DeminPennswoods Aug 2020 #35
You know what they say about Libertarians, right? whathehell Aug 2020 #37
I don't watch Geist except by accident DeminPennswoods Aug 2020 #38
LOL True Blue American Aug 2020 #43
Lol! +1000. Nt ecstatic Aug 2020 #55
Really you'tr questioning whether or not I'm a Democrat? I find that insulting. dem4decades Aug 2020 #39
Uh, no...Re-read the post, please. whathehell Aug 2020 #48
They are Trumpians now BlueJac Aug 2020 #29
really? always seen him as a weenie thug asshole afraid to show himself bringthePaine Aug 2020 #30
I watch Morning Joe every morning and Willie Geist bashes Trump helpisontheway Aug 2020 #31
He is. Also a lightweight. Justice Aug 2020 #45
don't know who that person is, only watch Maddow, no other show or network. nt yaesu Aug 2020 #49
I will not watch Willie Geist because of his sexist attacks on Hillary Clinton cally Aug 2020 #51
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