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52. Probably
Fri Aug 21, 2020, 09:55 AM
Aug 2020

Already not fond of Mika. Also don’t like she is always plugging he know your value. Not the time or place for that. If she wants to go on some other show and plug it, fine.

Is Willie Geist a rethug? [View all] ecstatic Aug 2020 OP
Yes he is Trumpocalypse Aug 2020 #1
I honestly had no idea. He hid it well until this morning. ecstatic Aug 2020 #3
Wow.. I can not imagine that his father is. Anyone know? hlthe2b Aug 2020 #6
He makes a lot of money and he was hired by Morning Joe Bucky Aug 2020 #2
Yes, he is Tucker's old sidekick RandiFan1290 Aug 2020 #4
Omg! It all makes sense now ecstatic Aug 2020 #10
Wow ! This should be in a thread on its own. What an asshole, and I thought he was born sitting on a OnDoutside Aug 2020 #14
You know where I stand - Trump malaise Aug 2020 #24
Agree 100% world wide wally Aug 2020 #46
WTF ?! The teleprompter shit is straight from Freeperville uponit7771 Aug 2020 #56
his point makes sense. trump is a bully and Biden has a history of stuttering and mucifer Aug 2020 #5
Didnt Biden take MFM008 Aug 2020 #9
Yes, he did. luvtheGWN Aug 2020 #41
And Biden took down Giuliani Trumpocalypse Aug 2020 #12
Noun, verb, 9/11? Borchkins Aug 2020 #32
Not so much..Trump is a semi-literate bully who whathehell Aug 2020 #19
YO SE MIGHT! maddiemom Aug 2020 #50
Yes, lol.. whathehell Aug 2020 #53
Well, I'll be darned. secondwind Aug 2020 #7
I saw that MFM008 Aug 2020 #8
Willie's always been clueless enough. That's for damn sure. oasis Aug 2020 #11
wow larwdem Aug 2020 #13
I remain unimpressed with Willie Geist bucolic_frolic Aug 2020 #15
The money was spent on plastic surgery and vacations. It didn't "protect the country." SunSeeker Aug 2020 #17
With so much danger within the country, how does Willie think it'll work? CaptYossarian Aug 2020 #40
I missed that this morning True Blue American Aug 2020 #42
Once again, not what he said... brooklynite Aug 2020 #16
The Truth is still putting on its shoes Roy Rolling Aug 2020 #18
You're free to your own interpretation of what was said. ecstatic Aug 2020 #21
LOL, ok! nt USALiberal Aug 2020 #44
No, bullshit .. leaving the part out where he's repeating or parroting attacks from MAGA is giving uponit7771 Aug 2020 #57
The OP's question concerned his political affiliation.. whathehell Aug 2020 #23
Tuned him out long ago. n/t moondust Aug 2020 #20
He's a member of the Lucky Sperm Club and PCIntern Aug 2020 #22
I don't think they feel obliged in any way Ilsa Aug 2020 #36
Let's face it, the only reason Morning Joe is watchable is they hate Trump. Once Trump is gone, it dem4decades Aug 2020 #25
Lol. True. Nt ecstatic Aug 2020 #26
Probably Rebl2 Aug 2020 #52
I just saw that. In fairness, Geist was reporting on the Conservatives attack on Biden. It wasn't dem4decades Aug 2020 #27
The OP was quite clear in questioning Geist's political affiliation whathehell Aug 2020 #28
I have been a Democrat for decades and I watch all of the political helpisontheway Aug 2020 #33
That's unfortunate, then whathehell Aug 2020 #34
Yes..I remember Tucker Carlson when he was on CNN. helpisontheway Aug 2020 #47
Thank you. The only show I was aware of with Carlson was the one Jon Stewart made him look like dem4decades Aug 2020 #54
I think Geist is more of a libertarian DeminPennswoods Aug 2020 #35
You know what they say about Libertarians, right? whathehell Aug 2020 #37
I don't watch Geist except by accident DeminPennswoods Aug 2020 #38
LOL True Blue American Aug 2020 #43
Lol! +1000. Nt ecstatic Aug 2020 #55
Really you'tr questioning whether or not I'm a Democrat? I find that insulting. dem4decades Aug 2020 #39
Uh, no...Re-read the post, please. whathehell Aug 2020 #48
They are Trumpians now BlueJac Aug 2020 #29
really? always seen him as a weenie thug asshole afraid to show himself bringthePaine Aug 2020 #30
I watch Morning Joe every morning and Willie Geist bashes Trump helpisontheway Aug 2020 #31
He is. Also a lightweight. Justice Aug 2020 #45
don't know who that person is, only watch Maddow, no other show or network. nt yaesu Aug 2020 #49
I will not watch Willie Geist because of his sexist attacks on Hillary Clinton cally Aug 2020 #51
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