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19. Did I say that NO I didn't
Thu Sep 3, 2020, 10:24 AM
Sep 2020

Just because someone has concerns it doesn't automatically make them a troll either.

+100000 Demsrule86 Sep 2020 #1
Maybe but DownriverDem Sep 2020 #21
Agreed! I saw one such post this morning, and I tore into secondwind Sep 2020 #2
Lie to them The Wizard Sep 2020 #3
I will have to give that a try...although...not a good liar. Demsrule86 Sep 2020 #4
E.g..."Can you believe what (name any RW site) is saying about Biden??!!" farmbo Sep 2020 #5
Post removed Post removed Sep 2020 #6
Stop it! just stop it! Peacetrain Sep 2020 #11
It would appear that Sherman A1 Sep 2020 #7
Bingo orangecrush Sep 2020 #12
I am "concerned about FALSE concern". Fixed it for you. nt Atticus Sep 2020 #17
I am concerned about false concern about concern Sherman A1 Sep 2020 #24
Happens every cycle Dem2 Sep 2020 #8
I am sometimes are guilty llashram Sep 2020 #9
I don't know if I'm a 'true' democrat. I've voted for democratic candidates in every election johnthewoodworker Sep 2020 #10
which is why getting out the vote is so important mdbl Sep 2020 #23
And if you even post that you are seeing what might be troll-bot postings then they use DU's... Botany Sep 2020 #13
I usually just pass over them RussBLib Sep 2020 #14
I disagree with that Kaiserguy Sep 2020 #15
So, you don't believe DU has any trolls. OK. nt Atticus Sep 2020 #18
Did I say that NO I didn't Kaiserguy Sep 2020 #19
The OP was about trolls "here and elsewhere". You "disagreed" with the OP. So, do you Atticus Sep 2020 #20
I have real concerns also. sure why not Sep 2020 #26
"We fellow leftists in the Democrat Party have to stick together!" Aristus Sep 2020 #16
Happened in November 2018 too. Lock him up. Sep 2020 #22
James Carville said BlueIdaho Sep 2020 #25
Agreed. Snackshack Sep 2020 #27
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