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1. Go away
Sat Sep 12, 2020, 06:20 PM
Sep 2020

Seriously. Just go away. And take Michael Moore with you.

This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] left-of-center2012 Sep 2020 OP
Go away wryter2000 Sep 2020 #1
Great post. OnDoutside Sep 2020 #2
This! nt jrthin Sep 2020 #19
Yes to that! Rebl2 Sep 2020 #30
If that is the winning message, why did Bernie lose the nomination to Joe? Generic Brad Sep 2020 #3
Bingo happybird Sep 2020 #28
Correct you are Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Sep 2020 #36
And it begins. Eliot Rosewater Sep 2020 #4
The campaign is over. Our party has chosen our nominee. NurseJackie Sep 2020 #5
It's never over with that guy. LisaM Sep 2020 #17
Seems like some haven't figure out that Republicans are the enemy mcar Sep 2020 #25
+1 cwydro Sep 2020 #29
Yonnie3 is expressing concerns that Bernie Saunders' campaign was too Progressive to win Yonnie3 Sep 2020 #6
"Stronger outreach to young people"? The kids are OK frazzled Sep 2020 #7
Seniors numbers are imporant becsuse they turn out for sure JI7 Sep 2020 #33
Yes, and in 2016 the majority of them voted for Trump. nt. Mariana Sep 2020 #34
If they didn't turn out to vote for Sanders, why would they turn out to vote for Biden with.... George II Sep 2020 #37
Seriously??? agingdem Sep 2020 #8
While I agree with the premise of trying to get him more.. mvd Sep 2020 #9
"The Sun sensationalizes a lot" left-of-center2012 Sep 2020 #13
Um just say no Joe...I don't supposed you noticed that we need to win moderate states. Demsrule86 Sep 2020 #20
Thanks, but the story is behind a paywall mvd Sep 2020 #32
How many threads are we gonna have on this? Roland99 Sep 2020 #10
Hide it? left-of-center2012 Sep 2020 #14
Isn't it interesting that this hits during the Woodward book... Demsrule86 Sep 2020 #18
I see no connection n/t left-of-center2012 Sep 2020 #23
Three a day until everyone forgets about the Woodward book Sewa Sep 2020 #15
So fucking what? lpbk2713 Sep 2020 #11
Anyone who isn't supporting Biden right now is NOT a progressive JI7 Sep 2020 #12
Am going to make sure I see no more post with Sander's name in them.... Demsrule86 Sep 2020 #16
Third time we have been told about Sanders concern. As far as I have seen. Biden has got this. LizBeth Sep 2020 #21
What is "the progressive movement"? betsuni Sep 2020 #22
What a pile of shite mcar Sep 2020 #24
Still more BS empedocles Sep 2020 #26
The Sun is a POS rag, just like the one in the UK. . . DinahMoeHum Sep 2020 #27
This message was self-deleted by its author mvd Sep 2020 #31
shut the hell up Bernie. Go away. OUR JOE IS PLENTY PROGRESSIVE. I call out this thread. trueblue2007 Sep 2020 #35
Seems this topic just seems gets reposted a lot! WA-03 Democrat Sep 2020 #38
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