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16. Am going to make sure I see no more post with Sander's name in them....
Sat Sep 12, 2020, 06:46 PM
Sep 2020

Will trash the name...he should just stop. He lost and Biden won. Sanders should go home if he can't be helpful and sit on the front porch of his lovely lake home.

This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] left-of-center2012 Sep 2020 OP
Go away wryter2000 Sep 2020 #1
Great post. OnDoutside Sep 2020 #2
This! nt jrthin Sep 2020 #19
Yes to that! Rebl2 Sep 2020 #30
If that is the winning message, why did Bernie lose the nomination to Joe? Generic Brad Sep 2020 #3
Bingo happybird Sep 2020 #28
Correct you are Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Sep 2020 #36
And it begins. Eliot Rosewater Sep 2020 #4
The campaign is over. Our party has chosen our nominee. NurseJackie Sep 2020 #5
It's never over with that guy. LisaM Sep 2020 #17
Seems like some haven't figure out that Republicans are the enemy mcar Sep 2020 #25
+1 cwydro Sep 2020 #29
Yonnie3 is expressing concerns that Bernie Saunders' campaign was too Progressive to win Yonnie3 Sep 2020 #6
"Stronger outreach to young people"? The kids are OK frazzled Sep 2020 #7
Seniors numbers are imporant becsuse they turn out for sure JI7 Sep 2020 #33
Yes, and in 2016 the majority of them voted for Trump. nt. Mariana Sep 2020 #34
If they didn't turn out to vote for Sanders, why would they turn out to vote for Biden with.... George II Sep 2020 #37
Seriously??? agingdem Sep 2020 #8
While I agree with the premise of trying to get him more.. mvd Sep 2020 #9
"The Sun sensationalizes a lot" left-of-center2012 Sep 2020 #13
Um just say no Joe...I don't supposed you noticed that we need to win moderate states. Demsrule86 Sep 2020 #20
Thanks, but the story is behind a paywall mvd Sep 2020 #32
How many threads are we gonna have on this? Roland99 Sep 2020 #10
Hide it? left-of-center2012 Sep 2020 #14
Isn't it interesting that this hits during the Woodward book... Demsrule86 Sep 2020 #18
I see no connection n/t left-of-center2012 Sep 2020 #23
Three a day until everyone forgets about the Woodward book Sewa Sep 2020 #15
So fucking what? lpbk2713 Sep 2020 #11
Anyone who isn't supporting Biden right now is NOT a progressive JI7 Sep 2020 #12
Am going to make sure I see no more post with Sander's name in them.... Demsrule86 Sep 2020 #16
Third time we have been told about Sanders concern. As far as I have seen. Biden has got this. LizBeth Sep 2020 #21
What is "the progressive movement"? betsuni Sep 2020 #22
What a pile of shite mcar Sep 2020 #24
Still more BS empedocles Sep 2020 #26
The Sun is a POS rag, just like the one in the UK. . . DinahMoeHum Sep 2020 #27
This message was self-deleted by its author mvd Sep 2020 #31
shut the hell up Bernie. Go away. OUR JOE IS PLENTY PROGRESSIVE. I call out this thread. trueblue2007 Sep 2020 #35
Seems this topic just seems gets reposted a lot! WA-03 Democrat Sep 2020 #38
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