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48. Nobody is doing that.
Mon Sep 14, 2020, 07:59 AM
Sep 2020
And here it goes... cue the anti-Bernie rants
Nobody is doing that. But I can tell you that what we're hearing from that camp is clearly anti-Biden and a backhanded effort to subvert the Biden campaign. ONLY the winner gets to make decisions on how to run the campaign and who to include.

Predictable outrage to ensue.
It's not as though he deserves praise for trying to create division, suspicion, distrust and resentment.

What useful purpose does it serve? His "advice" was unsolicited and inappropriate. Biden's campaign and the party had ALREADY given the Sanders campaign every reasonable consideration and accommodation. Negotiations and compromises were made in good faith. Bernie already participated. That part is OVER now. OVER! Biden doesn't need any former rivals "advising" him how to run his campaign.

This is just another example of how people are oddly willing to do and say things that create an atmosphere of fear and hopelessness and negativity. Negativity generates apathy. Apathy discourages voter turnout. Low voter turnout gives Republicans a chance to steal the elections.
I agree . LSFL Sep 2020 #1
AMEN! DDySiegs Sep 2020 #8
That image is etched into my brain PatSeg Sep 2020 #56
Not only that DownriverDem Sep 2020 #67
They were suffering before Trump Doremus Sep 2020 #102
Oh yes we do understand that DownriverDem Sep 2020 #148
He is dedicated to a very progressive vision for America Amishman Sep 2020 #84
The most progressive platform in history, as was the 2016 platform. betsuni Sep 2020 #89
If Sen. Sanders wants those changes to happen he should work towards getting Democrats elected csziggy Sep 2020 #95
If he wanted more influence on the Democratic party, being a... 3catwoman3 Sep 2020 #155
So you think he's going to the press out of frustration at Biden's popularity? (nt) ehrnst Sep 2020 #200
Well put. I had a similar reaction. We don't need division in the party right now. Arkansas Granny Sep 2020 #2
No need to help Trump, Bernie! BlueJac Sep 2020 #3
What exactly does Bernie know about winning a presidential campaign? n/t yankeepants Sep 2020 #4
Well now, that's a great point! I'm sure Joe & Kamala have access to plenty of excellent Illumination Sep 2020 #32
Yes, advisors who aren't trying to build their own public brand, but are dedicated to defeating DT. ehrnst Sep 2020 #58
Well said ehrnst! Illumination Sep 2020 #68
Some enterprising reporter should ask that Cha Sep 2020 #128
indeed. what exactly? stopdiggin Sep 2020 #157
And here it goes... cue the anti-Bernie rants luv2fly Sep 2020 #5
I am not against Bernie! imanamerican63 Sep 2020 #6
... or que the stupid rationalizing of hurtful things that are said against Biden uponit7771 Sep 2020 #9
Hey DownriverDem Sep 2020 #69
Maybe the anti-bernie rants are called for maybe it's time to end the protectionism regarding bernie Fullduplexxx Sep 2020 #10
LOL, DU is largely anti-Bernie Sympthsical Sep 2020 #78
"Having a go at Bernie is practically the national sport here." BComplex Sep 2020 #94
But he is not rallying the millenials dansolo Sep 2020 #111
What you fail to consider is that Bernie is trying to reach the millennials who are ALREADY against Doremus Sep 2020 #115
You are 1000% correct LiberalLovinLug Sep 2020 #139
Yes exactly this luv2fly Sep 2020 #142
Totally agree. Thanks for pointing all this out. BComplex Sep 2020 #152
every vote picked up stopdiggin Sep 2020 #162
+1 progressoid Sep 2020 #153
Post removed Post removed Sep 2020 #117
Wow, what garbage SophieJean Sep 2020 #170
Thank You. That needed to be said LiberalLovinLug Sep 2020 #182
" right-wing leaning, corporate owned Democrats will never be able to represent their interests." ehrnst Sep 2020 #202
"DU is largely anti-Bernie" sheshe2 Sep 2020 #143
I only know what I see Sympthsical Sep 2020 #144
Hmmm sheshe2 Sep 2020 #150
If you're going to do that thing where you put words in my mouth Sympthsical Sep 2020 #154
"Millennials just want free stuff!" Seen it so many times. stopdiggin Sep 2020 #163
I was here for the grand purge of 2016. rwsanders Sep 2020 #169
This is true. nt Doremus Sep 2020 #181
Its simply anit-idiocy at this point. oldsoftie Sep 2020 #16
Sorry, but people are tired of Bernie kcr Sep 2020 #38
Why shouldn't Democrats on Democratic Underground object to baseless attacks on betsuni Sep 2020 #43
+1000. ehrnst Sep 2020 #62
Nobody is doing that. NurseJackie Sep 2020 #48
Amen! PatSeg Sep 2020 #59
Yep. Baked Potato Sep 2020 #82
this llashram Sep 2020 #114
He is not above criticism, despite what many claim. ehrnst Sep 2020 #54
So Bernie can criticize our nominee, but can't ever mzmolly Sep 2020 #63
That's something that's directly from the Michael Moore playbook... NurseJackie Sep 2020 #71
True! mzmolly Sep 2020 #76
Wonder if there will be a book. betsuni Sep 2020 #72
Did Bernie not say what he said? treestar Sep 2020 #74
This message was self-deleted by its author treestar Sep 2020 #75
I am outraged that Bernie would do this in such an important election...Trump must lose and Demsrule86 Sep 2020 #86
+1 betsuni Sep 2020 #96
Thanks. Demsrule86 Sep 2020 #113
It's ego and vanity. NurseJackie Sep 2020 #118
Yes, You are correct. And the sad truth is that his time in the spotlight is over. Demsrule86 Sep 2020 #186
No this won't get blow back you can bet that jimlup Sep 2020 #7
Wow, that's a lot of exclamation points for so early in the morning! cwydro Sep 2020 #11
Maybe listening more to him and AOC would doc03 Sep 2020 #12
There is that, but..... Sherman A1 Sep 2020 #55
It is a difficult balancing act PatSeg Sep 2020 #65
Young voters didn't turn out for Sanders why would we shift our campaign to emphasize winning such Demsrule86 Sep 2020 #88
You may be... Mike Nelson Sep 2020 #13
More than 'iffy' voters. 'lections are won in the middle. empedocles Sep 2020 #19
You'll probably be flamed for the post. No dissent allowed anymore oldsoftie Sep 2020 #14
Biden's motto: Never promise anything you can't deliver. betsuni Sep 2020 #15
The GOP doesn't have a "platform," other than fealty to Trump. sop Sep 2020 #22
Yes, people don't like Republican policies. They're manipulated by racism and wedge issues betsuni Sep 2020 #28
Exactly! mzmolly Sep 2020 #77
People don't vote for president because of the party platform progressoid Sep 2020 #159
But Bernie thinks everything's about policy. If you have the right progressive betsuni Sep 2020 #164
Totally agree. redstatebluegirl Sep 2020 #17
I know this for a fact, gab13by13 Sep 2020 #18
I have to say LittleGirl Sep 2020 #20
just goes to show how young America is.. we are still growing samnsara Sep 2020 #29
Does one ir two party win most of the time in switzerland? SlogginThroughIt Sep 2020 #45
There is a Parliament type of government here LittleGirl Sep 2020 #91
If we rewrote the constitution today plimsoll Sep 2020 #50
Welcome to Du LittleGirl Sep 2020 #87
K & R Duppers Sep 2020 #21
I've had enough of Bernie. flamin lib Sep 2020 #23
and where was he prior to the 2015? samnsara Sep 2020 #27
For some reason he thought usual Democratic policies were new and his ideas. betsuni Sep 2020 #40
Bernie's appeal was that he appeared more sincere than other politicians... Lucky Luciano Sep 2020 #108
Ever heard of seven minute abs? betsuni Sep 2020 #109
Right. LiberalLovinLug Sep 2020 #184
Why would you get blow back on this??? Proximate Centurion Sep 2020 #24
Welcome to DU niyad Sep 2020 #64
More focus on jobs, wages and health care would be a good thing. Klaralven Sep 2020 #25
I object to both...the messenger is not helping and it takes more than policy to Demsrule86 Sep 2020 #90
I fail to see any lack of focus on those topics by Biden and other top Dems. LanternWaste Sep 2020 #123
I don't think they are getting through if they are focusing on those topics Klaralven Sep 2020 #126
i thought that very thing when i heard it mentioned on Joe this am.. samnsara Sep 2020 #26
I will never get over 16 either. I tolerate Sanders. Demsrule86 Sep 2020 #92
If Biden does "campaign with AOC," Trump will just use it in red and swing states to prove Joe is sop Sep 2020 #30
The older generations are still eager to vote. Mariana Sep 2020 #79
In a war, it's generally bad practice ... GeorgeGist Sep 2020 #31
Yes, consulting privately with the leader is more effective, but doesn't serve self promotion. (nt) ehrnst Sep 2020 #61
He must be bored with the Senate. I wonder why he doesn't work on a Medicare for All BIll JI7 Sep 2020 #33
Or if he's bored join the Democratic Party and offer to help with the campaign mdbl Sep 2020 #35
The Only Thing Anybody Wants Or Needs From 'Bernie' Just Now, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2020 #34
Yes! Cha Sep 2020 #133
So many exclamation points, makes me dizzy 😵 secondwind Sep 2020 #36
Shut up Bernie, Trump is our problem not Biden. katmondoo Sep 2020 #37
The Independent Senator from Vermont MyNameGoesHere Sep 2020 #39
Here's Bernie addressing this. GOPBasher Sep 2020 #41
Sounds good to me. Not at all divisive..like this OP mountain grammy Sep 2020 #70
If they had been public statements, I would agree. Mister Ed Sep 2020 #42
It was convenient for the OP to leave that context out. nt. Mariana Sep 2020 #80
There is nothing convenient to what I said! imanamerican63 Sep 2020 #127
leaked by whom? and to what purpose? stopdiggin Sep 2020 #165
There are those who wish to see Democratic disunity... Mister Ed Sep 2020 #175
Please Bernie Rebl2 Sep 2020 #44
Amen. Shut the hell up, Bernie. (nt) Paladin Sep 2020 #46
In normal times, would agree 100% ..but we have a serious life threatening monster Laura PourMeADrink Sep 2020 #47
Is the Democratic party a positive and progressive entity or not? jaxexpat Sep 2020 #49
Yes, I feel the same about Bernie that I do Michael Moore. They both like to take swings to put flying_wahini Sep 2020 #51
You mean the Michael Moore that was correct? Cuthbert Allgood Sep 2020 #146
No Willto Sep 2020 #171
Do you have evidence he always predicts them to lose? Cuthbert Allgood Sep 2020 #177
"Us not Me..." he says. ehrnst Sep 2020 #52
No blow back from me PatSeg Sep 2020 #53
Totally agree in swing state of Iowa JT45242 Sep 2020 #57
I'm sure Joe would take Bernie's calls. lpbk2713 Sep 2020 #60
Why Bernie Isn't the Nominee Roy Rolling Sep 2020 #66
TY! Cha Sep 2020 #132
Not from me treestar Sep 2020 #73
No. This didn't need to be said. notinkansas Sep 2020 #81
It's not true that the 2016 and 2020 Democratic nominees were and are only betsuni Sep 2020 #83
Lol. MrsCoffee Sep 2020 #97
+1 betsuni Sep 2020 #100
Suggestions made in private are not drama DFW Sep 2020 #103
Suggestions/opinions do not need to be state secrets. notinkansas Sep 2020 #104
There are a lot of people, progressoid Sep 2020 #160
Not this time. It is too important to take Trump out. Demsrule86 Sep 2020 #85
Let's just pretend that Biden has got this and nothing different needs to be done. Cuthbert Allgood Sep 2020 #93
Why is it that 100% of these "I'm really gonna get it for this one" threads... melman Sep 2020 #98
Sorry for all your blowback. aidbo Sep 2020 #99
Sanders being Sanders. He cannot get past his own ego for the sake of the nation. LizBeth Sep 2020 #101
+1 K&R onetexan Sep 2020 #105
And, the Planet. Cha Sep 2020 #135
About 50 more days Cosmo Blues Sep 2020 #106
Bernie needs to remember that he lost ... murielm99 Sep 2020 #107
You know Biden has more than one home, right? Cuthbert Allgood Sep 2020 #147
That is the only thing you took from my reply? murielm99 Sep 2020 #166
So I have to take just specifically what you want? Cuthbert Allgood Sep 2020 #176
Whataboutism. murielm99 Sep 2020 #178
It's not whataboutism. Cuthbert Allgood Sep 2020 #179
Who is Bernie to speak for progressive Democrats murielm99 Sep 2020 #180
He's not "making sure progressive Dems feel included", he's lecturing Biden on how to run a.... George II Sep 2020 #195
I agree. Ilsa Sep 2020 #110
That's the Problem W/Bernie - No Matter How Much We Accommodate Him It's Never Enough Indykatie Sep 2020 #112
Come on, Bernie!! marieo1 Sep 2020 #116
Well said!! I totally agree!! Aviation91 Sep 2020 #119
Agree! WinstonSmith4740 Sep 2020 #120
Bernie's ego is out of control and his judgment is bad, ecstatic Sep 2020 #121
Agree. If he's got "input," he should give it to Biden personally, not through media. ancianita Sep 2020 #122
No blowback from me. warmfeet Sep 2020 #124
Get over it. Sucha NastyWoman Sep 2020 #125
Tell that to Senator Sanders. Cha Sep 2020 #134
Sanders need to be united not divisive. McCamy Taylor Sep 2020 #129
Agreed MustLoveBeagles Sep 2020 #130
Russian influence? yuiyoshida Sep 2020 #131
No it didn't need to be said, as it's kinda dumb Tarc Sep 2020 #136
Agree 100% tiptonic Sep 2020 #137
Bernie's not doing us any favors with divisive talk now. NoRoadUntravelled Sep 2020 #138
That is The Prime Directive. UserNotFound Sep 2020 #140
NO. Bernie is not trying to treat the party apart. garybeck Sep 2020 #141
Sanders may not be trying to "treat" the party apart stopdiggin Sep 2020 #168
I agree with you 100%. Mickju Sep 2020 #145
'This is going to get a lot of blow back' Celerity Sep 2020 #149
Amen. SergeStorms Sep 2020 #151
He's speaking to an existing fire BainsBane Sep 2020 #156
there's no reason it should start an internal fire, provided we focus our fire where it belongs: fishwax Sep 2020 #158
I disagree. Richard58 Sep 2020 #161
trump really wanted to run against sanders and socialism Gothmog Sep 2020 #187
Trump was salivating at the thought. ehrnst Sep 2020 #198
I fear that trump would be ahead of sanders if sanders was the nominee Gothmog Sep 2020 #199
You know perfectly well that's not true. NurseJackie Sep 2020 #189
+1000! sheshe2 Sep 2020 #193
Did you have a nice sleep? still_one Sep 2020 #190
If it's the obvious why does it need to be pointed out? Biden ran a very successful campaign.... George II Sep 2020 #191
Hm. sheshe2 Sep 2020 #194
Four of our candidates rated higher than Sanders - Warren, Harris, Gillibrand, and Booker. George II Sep 2020 #196
Yes they did. sheshe2 Sep 2020 #197
Tear it in half? rwsanders Sep 2020 #167
K&R n/t denbot Sep 2020 #172
I think the comments were supposed to be private JonLP24 Sep 2020 #173
Welcome to Washington... brooklynite Sep 2020 #183
Or it was intended to be leaked to the press. That does happen. ehrnst Sep 2020 #201
Bernie rebe303 Sep 2020 #174
I agree with the OP Gothmog Sep 2020 #185
Agreed Dem2 Sep 2020 #188
Totally agree! Your OP got its 200th REC from me. n/t Different Drummer Sep 2020 #192
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