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6. Yeah I am hoping to know on election night.
Sat Sep 19, 2020, 07:35 PM
Sep 2020

Do you think Trump will concede once the media calls it? Or will he just claim it was all rigged, litigate it till inauguration day and hide in his bunker until he is evicted?

voted yes cuz the trends will be perfectly clear IMO nt msongs Sep 2020 #1
Like pre election polling + exit polls? jorgevlorgan Sep 2020 #2
based on ballots counted election night and or early next morning nt msongs Sep 2020 #3
Yeah I am hoping to know on election night. jorgevlorgan Sep 2020 #6
trump will call it as he may have more votes on the election night AlexSFCA Sep 2020 #4
Hell no! SergeStorms Sep 2020 #5
But if the writing is on the wall, and it becomes statistically imposttible for Trump to win, should jorgevlorgan Sep 2020 #8
Not to Rump. SergeStorms Sep 2020 #32
If Joe is polling up by 7 and earliest returns are +7, it might get called. NightWatcher Sep 2020 #7
What kind of liquor should I have on the ready, just in case? jorgevlorgan Sep 2020 #9
Just hold off on the brown liquor. I've got cannabis and muscle relaxers. NightWatcher Sep 2020 #11
The Balvenie single malt Scotch liberaltrucker Sep 2020 #13
What ever you pick I will start drinking again Chainfire Sep 2020 #15
No!!! DemsIn2020 Sep 2020 #10
Stop.. with every dark scenario..it isn't helpful Thekaspervote Sep 2020 #14
And Optimism helps? Chainfire Sep 2020 #17
stopping Comey would have helped. None if the doom and gloomers suggested JI7 Sep 2020 #30
Sorry.. DemsIn2020 Sep 2020 #18
I am afraid you are right Chainfire Sep 2020 #16
Hope you're wrong! jorgevlorgan Sep 2020 #24
Who gives a shit what Trump will say. JI7 Sep 2020 #29
I think we'll know by the time election polls close on the West Coast. kurtcagle Sep 2020 #12
Michigan judge just ruled JustAnotherGen Sep 2020 #19
Still, I'm sure if it isn't close, we will know who won it. jorgevlorgan Sep 2020 #25
If they did it like we are doing it in NJ JustAnotherGen Sep 2020 #28
We will know by 11:00 pm Eastern. Thunderbeast Sep 2020 #20
I like the way you think 👌 I also think Ohio and Georgia Tribetime Sep 2020 #27
Yeah, by Trump. Otherwise, no. n/t demmiblue Sep 2020 #21
I passed because it all depends on Florida Fiendish Thingy Sep 2020 #22
No nt ☹ Raine Sep 2020 #23
We will make it overwhelmingly obvious! List left Sep 2020 #26
hard to say - Trump still has Russia and voter suppression Skittles Sep 2020 #31
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