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22. Rather than simply accept junk I read on internet, I like to do a little research.
Thu Sep 24, 2020, 02:17 PM
Sep 2020

We have roughly 6,000 flat sorting machines. They operate about 17 hours per day. They handle 35,000 pieces of flat mail per hour.

But let's be conservative and assume it's:
5,000 machines
30,000 pieces per hour
8 hours a day.

To save you the math, that's 1.2 Billion pieces a day, running at less than half of average.

The Postal Service processes and delivers 472.1 million mail pieces each day. We have a lot of excess capacity.

Unfortunately, there is no one article that provides all of that. Here are a few that provide the stats above, and I have verified it with other articles over the months:




Or you can simplify a bit of the math from this statement by the American Postal Workers Union (which should know):

"According to a grievance filed by the American Postal Workers Union and obtained by The Washington Post, the USPS was poised to decommission 671 of the massive machines, roughly 10% of its inventory, and capable of sorting 21.4 million pieces of paper mail per hour. The Postal Service, by comparison, processes as much as 500 million items each day.


I'd suggest questioning a lot of stuff you read on the internet.

Well get the damn parts soothsayer Sep 2020 #1
Make that fucker pay for new ones out of his own goddamned pocket Blue Owl Sep 2020 #2
Any other employee would have to pay for the damages. world wide wally Sep 2020 #34
💯💯💯💯💯 live love laugh Sep 2020 #54
Wanton destruction of public property. Zoonart Sep 2020 #3
He can reach into his damn pockets and buy new ones then. we can do it Sep 2020 #4
New sorters would never be available in time... Silent3 Sep 2020 #23
Fine. Buy new ones, and pay for them himself. The Velveteen Ocelot Sep 2020 #5
ALL of hundreds of machines were cannibalized? lpbk2713 Sep 2020 #6
Ya think? dchill Sep 2020 #10
Absolute BS vlyons Sep 2020 #7
I saw some video of a trashed sorting machine, out behind a post office Silent3 Sep 2020 #26
then hold him in contempt dsc Sep 2020 #8
Destruction of government property. dchill Sep 2020 #12
Yes jail. It's the only way to get his attention Walleye Sep 2020 #14
USPS has far more capacity than it needs. They won't and shouldn't reassemble the removed machines. Hoyt Sep 2020 #9
What in the world are you basing this on? intheflow Sep 2020 #15
Rather than simply accept junk I read on internet, I like to do a little research. Hoyt Sep 2020 #22
Thank you! 2naSalit Sep 2020 #31
Ah, but you missed a key point. Virtually all the machines were in heavily Democratic areas! machoneman Sep 2020 #33
Not true, other than that is where the major population centers are. Fact is, there are too many of Hoyt Sep 2020 #42
How wasteful leaders were in 2009-2016 to buy them?? But Christmas peak is 801 million lostnfound Sep 2020 #36
We have almost 3 times the number of sorters needed, and it's more when run17 hours a day. Hoyt Sep 2020 #43
Whoa!!!!! Traildogbob Sep 2020 #37
FSS vs DBCS budrg Sep 2020 #44
Flat mail sorters are what were being removed. Not package sorters. Hoyt Sep 2020 #58
It's the letter sorters budrg Sep 2020 #60
So what, we have enough capacity to handle 800M pieces a day, easyily. Hoyt Sep 2020 #62
600 K budrg Sep 2020 #73
Then why are we having delays? Major delays?? nt ecstatic Sep 2020 #56
It's not the sorting machines, maybe it's overtime and/or some poor Hoyt Sep 2020 #57
DeJoy changed times budrg Sep 2020 #59
Welcome to DU! GP6971 Sep 2020 #61
Thank you budrg Sep 2020 #63
Yeah. If you were a local postmaster, would you send out trucks unloaded Hoyt Sep 2020 #64
Yes budrg Sep 2020 #65
I think the union could make a good argument on your behalf. Hoyt Sep 2020 #67
You don't work at the Post Office, do you? budrg Sep 2020 #68
Do you? I'm sorry, I think you are wrong. The directive to leave on time wasn't aimed at you Hoyt Sep 2020 #69
Didn't answer the question budrg Sep 2020 #71
Hopefully, they'll become a little more efficient and raise rates a few percentage Hoyt Sep 2020 #75
Election Season budrg Sep 2020 #76
So, they told you not to deliver ballots? I don't think so. If they did, Hoyt Sep 2020 #78
You mean IF they told us not to deliver? budrg Sep 2020 #79
Being postmaster general notinkansas Sep 2020 #17
If you have three times as much capacity as you need, it's not destroying government property. Hoyt Sep 2020 #24
Yes, but budrg Sep 2020 #46
If you've got 3 times capacity nationally, I suspect the local USPS admin Hoyt Sep 2020 #47
Blue boxes budrg Sep 2020 #49
There were over 400,000 of those boxes in 1985. Now, there are like 200,000. Hoyt Sep 2020 #51
Not the way it works budrg Sep 2020 #53
Show some citations that low volume mailboxes aren't being removed and most Hoyt Sep 2020 #66
That's not what I said budrg Sep 2020 #70
So if there are two collection and only one third is used, do we need two? Hoyt Sep 2020 #72
Again, not what I said budrg Sep 2020 #74
Another reason to make things more efficient. I don't doubt the system Hoyt Sep 2020 #77
They know every day which ones have mail volume and which ones don't. MichMan Sep 2020 #50
Right budrg Sep 2020 #52
Downtown CLE main post office - partially shredded received Monday VicNEO Sep 2020 #35
Well, DeJoy, we'll add that to the List Of Things You Never Say To a Judge!* abqtommy Sep 2020 #11
Oh yes he can.. stillcool Sep 2020 #13
That's called "contempt of court" jorgevlorgan Sep 2020 #16
Next time I will know to take apart a newer car for parts to fix a rusted junker... nt GemDigger Sep 2020 #18
Lock him up for contempt of court Gothmog Sep 2020 #19
Wait a sec... That makes no sense. procon Sep 2020 #20
Dejoy should have been fired weeks and months ago. crickets Sep 2020 #21
Yes, well, he destroyed them, you see, & they are complex machines with computerized bits ... Hekate Sep 2020 #25
I seem to recall reports of a brand new machine being disassembled. Native Sep 2020 #27
Make that motherfucker pay for new ones out of his own pocket; GoCubsGo Sep 2020 #28
the fix is in at the usps spanone Sep 2020 #29
Buy new ones and bill DeJoy lame54 Sep 2020 #30
Well then, DeJerk, pay out of your pocket to replace them. lagomorph777 Sep 2020 #32
Trump may be Traildogbob Sep 2020 #38
Those were OUR machines and we want them back, motherfucker. world wide wally Sep 2020 #39
So that means the slow down is permanent? Lars39 Sep 2020 #40
Well then they can hire more people marlakay Sep 2020 #41
Because he fking trash them mshasta Sep 2020 #45
No. Put the onus on him. He dismantled it. It is HIS responsibility to get it going again Vivienne235729 Sep 2020 #48
SEND HIS ASS TO PRISON!! ecstatic Sep 2020 #55
This just PO's me so much. EndlessWire Sep 2020 #80
Give this pig an orange jumpsuit and a screwdriver Wicked Blue Sep 2020 #81
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