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Beauty! soothsayer Sep 2020 #1
How can she call anyone about what YOU have on YOUR property? cwydro Sep 2020 #2
She's a Hopped-Up Hosebag for Rump. 'Nuff said. 634-5789 Sep 2020 #16
Yikes. cwydro Sep 2020 #18
Haven't used hosebag for a couple of decades. TheBlackAdder Sep 2020 #66
Due for a comeback I reckon. nt The Polack MSgt Sep 2020 #81
It's a classic. It stands the test of time. n/t sarge43 Sep 2020 #92
A favorite of Bob and Doug Mackenzie! dchill Sep 2020 #112
oh god -- Strange Brew. Grasswire2 Sep 2020 #113
I think that was hoser. TheBlackAdder Sep 2020 #115
Take off, eh? you hoser! BlancheSplanchnik Sep 2020 #122
Time for a recall! 634-5789 Sep 2020 #130
Freedom of speech only applies if you are a trumpinista Norbert Sep 2020 #29
She is a magical thinker, it is true because she says it is. Thomas Hurt Sep 2020 #33
Dark magic for sure. Straight from the Dark Side. calimary Sep 2020 #143
The fact that these belligerently ignorant Trump cultists have no fcking clue Dark n Stormy Knight Sep 2020 #55
Well, look at their leader. Grokenstein Sep 2020 #111
He also referred to Ali as that Indian reporter from CNN malaise Sep 2020 #118
jesus he's Canadian Evolve Dammit Sep 2020 #132
Not to the Racist in chief malaise Sep 2020 #134
And, I wouldn't know or repeat other than... 2naSalit Sep 2020 #149
Ali is an awesome reporter/ journalist. Stephanie Ruel is as well. They used to be partners on MSNBC Evolve Dammit Sep 2020 #150
Their law, their order. lastlib Sep 2020 #137
Like Trump, the neighbor has no clue re: First Amendment NoRoadUntravelled Sep 2020 #94
Nor, perhaps, a clue. Beartracks Sep 2020 #98
Maybe an HOA? HermitageHermit Sep 2020 #125
The wife is the HOA president and trustee, we knw the rules, and 634-5789 Sep 2020 #131
You were missing the fact that trump supporters are either mdbl Sep 2020 #142
Oh, they can. We know they do. Texin Sep 2020 #146
is she so delusional she thinks voting for Biden drray23 Sep 2020 #3
I'm sure that's her fervent wish. Mariana Sep 2020 #105
She'll have to invent someone to call! What a hoot. CaliforniaPeggy Sep 2020 #4
Isn't that the kind of police call for which they will lock up the caller? Boogiemack Sep 2020 #72
I know who she should call! DFW Sep 2020 #76
Of Course! CaliforniaPeggy Sep 2020 #77
That made me LOL! Mickju Sep 2020 #110
Well done. k&r n/t Laelth Sep 2020 #5
What state are you in? JustAnotherGen Sep 2020 #6
Illinois here... 634-5789 Sep 2020 #8
As in BLUE STATE Illinois! Zambero Sep 2020 #25
Don't be so sure Geechie Sep 2020 #59
And outnumbered as well Zambero Sep 2020 #87
There's only one response to those sort... Salviati Sep 2020 #100
full tank of gas..... nt Grasswire2 Sep 2020 #114
Not enough of them this year or any year. I drove through Illinois on my way from Georgia to Demsrule86 Sep 2020 #136
(you haven't driven through Nebraska, have you....?) lastlib Sep 2020 #139
Cottage Cheesy Fat ASS Ray Bruns Sep 2020 #31
Seems like she resembles trump! EOM TruckFump Sep 2020 #65
I'd love to hear the conversation. Law enforcement folks have to put up with a host of whack jobs. LuckyLib Sep 2020 #32
Lordy, I hope the cop doesn't shoot the poor wretch. Midnight Writer Sep 2020 #46
She's white. Nothing to worry about mercuryblues Sep 2020 #61
Wow! A deputy's car. Bet she went on a phone rant, demanding your arrest for treason. Hah! machoneman Sep 2020 #138
She was out on her porch for 634-5789 Sep 2020 #140
She'll need a team of lawyers for that lame54 Sep 2020 #10
Back when "tea parties" were for kids, I settled on the Betsy Ross flag because the principles in rwsanders Sep 2020 #64
PS - I NEED JustAnotherGen Sep 2020 #7
https://www.zazzle.com/joe_biden_2020_trump_10_to_20_lock_him_up_banner-256597180578079583 634-5789 Sep 2020 #14
I don't let them play those games RAB910 Sep 2020 #9
Calling a neighbor a traitor is projecting, like the saying "It takes one to know one" KS Toronado Sep 2020 #30
The lawyer will be ruining the neighbor's adrenalin buzz. TexasTowelie Sep 2020 #11
And charging for it. nt reACTIONary Sep 2020 #103
Sue thy neighbour... nt uriel1972 Sep 2020 #12
Beautiful! MLAA Sep 2020 #13
Be sure to mention to HER that bluestarone Sep 2020 #15
Does the sun shine in different directions where you live? n/t rzemanfl Sep 2020 #17
Yep. This sign will catch the sun all day. 634-5789 Sep 2020 #40
I think you should set up an infrared motion-detection camera. Mariana Sep 2020 #19
we have a wildlife camera set up and nicely camouflaged.... 634-5789 Sep 2020 #35
Very good. nt. Mariana Sep 2020 #37
The wildlife in your neighborhood mdbl Sep 2020 #145
Excellent BannonsLiver Sep 2020 #20
She came over without a mask, I told her if she didn't go home, I was getting the garden hose out.. 634-5789 Sep 2020 #42
LOL Tess49 Sep 2020 #67
I. LOVE. THAT! Just what she deserved. 😃 SaveOurDemocracy Sep 2020 #89
That is so cool!!!!!! Karma13612 Sep 2020 #21
Well done! StarryNite Sep 2020 #22
I absolutely love it when you get them pissed off!!!! Butterflylady Sep 2020 #23
I love that sign. dubyadiprecession Sep 2020 #24
The Gestapo always rings twice. n/t Harker Sep 2020 #26
No. I don't think they ring - they barge in without warrants or reason. erronis Sep 2020 #49
You're right about the Third Reich. Harker Sep 2020 #60
Too bad you don't have a like minded neighbor willing to do the same. LakeArenal Sep 2020 #27
I hope the attorney charges her $500 to tell her no way. dawg day Sep 2020 #28
This (n/t) MissMillie Sep 2020 #41
I can't count how many nut-jobs I've met in my life who constantly makes threats Aristus Sep 2020 #34
Then there's the one that told me ... reACTIONary Sep 2020 #104
Reminded me of this classic Simpsons moment... Moostache Sep 2020 #36
Amazon has banners that are 19 x 116" long sure why not Sep 2020 #38
That's a good one! liberalla Sep 2020 #78
Welcome to DU, sure why not! calimary Sep 2020 #93
A traitor to whom? Her hero Putin? Why doesn't she just move to Russia, the only country she... NNadir Sep 2020 #39
Have the police come over to your house or has it already left her house? kimbutgar Sep 2020 #43
They[re gone, and she's out on her porch on the phone. 634-5789 Sep 2020 #50
How much did it cost? Maybe we can start a GoFundMe page to buy you one or two more!!! George II Sep 2020 #44
$36! Cheap. 634-5789 Sep 2020 #48
I was in on a domestic violence calendar here last week cilla4progress Sep 2020 #45
Her lawyer will love you for it. lpbk2713 Sep 2020 #47
Lawyers only thank you when the check clears the bank. erronis Sep 2020 #53
Tell her to look in the mirror. Hers is the party of Putin, Gaddafi, and Kim. ffr Sep 2020 #51
Calling "her lawyer" - no doubt has one on retainer... JDC Sep 2020 #52
Tell her to go back to Russia where she came from durablend Sep 2020 #54
If she tries to remove it and hurts herself she might try to sue you! kimbutgar Sep 2020 #56
early 50's. Twice divorced. 100% tRumper Hosebag. 634-5789 Sep 2020 #71
Hope her lawyers not Bill Barr jcgoldie Sep 2020 #57
Great sign!! I had mine nabbed. I just replaced it and gave another donation Thekaspervote Sep 2020 #58
A friend wrote on her sign barbtries Sep 2020 #108
I did something similar. It's funny just imagining how foiled the interloper must feel when they Thekaspervote Sep 2020 #116
My Pro-America Anti-Trump sign comes next week. I can't wait for the Trumpsters around here to ARPad95 Sep 2020 #62
Let her call her lawyer... TruckFump Sep 2020 #63
Seems like there's a reverse lawyer joke in there somewhere... tandem5 Sep 2020 #68
I love it! BlueJac Sep 2020 #69
You should tell her, as so many trumpers are fond of saying, and I quote: SoonerPride Sep 2020 #70
Love this blueseas Sep 2020 #73
tuolumne county ca checking in. riot. bring it on lady. in my apartment quite a few years ago, AllaN01Bear Sep 2020 #74
Howdy, neighbor! Stanislaus a County here. Nt Momgonepostal Sep 2020 #109
Interesting. Did you see that Russian whistleblower talking about PatrickforO Sep 2020 #75
Lights. For illumination at night time. More than necessary. yonder Sep 2020 #79
Maybe anonymously mail her a Russian flag from Amazon? Dem2theMax Sep 2020 #80
Love it! DesertRat Sep 2020 #82
Got to be more you can add to this that still meets the law, maybe one of those compressed ... marble falls Sep 2020 #83
I don't use the "Karen" epithet, because i think it is unfair to all the perfectly lovely Karens. BobTheSubgenius Sep 2020 #84
I'm sure "your lawyer" is shitting bricks. SergeStorms Sep 2020 #85
Personally, I hope she finds a shyster who will soak her broke, doing absolutely nothing. niyad Sep 2020 #86
The good lawyer will duly resolve her concerns Zambero Sep 2020 #91
Bless her heart Chicagogrl1 Sep 2020 #88
Those people are truly demented ailsagirl Sep 2020 #90
Are you in a "red state"? Or do you just have a "red" neighbor? NurseJackie Sep 2020 #95
If her definition of treason is voting for a challenger to the incumbent treestar Sep 2020 #96
Probably had/has whistler162 Sep 2020 #97
Bwah! Blue Owl Sep 2020 #99
Loveya. warmfeet Sep 2020 #101
Reminds me of "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." Beartracks Sep 2020 #102
Lol. It reminds me of a house in my neighborhood that Luz Sep 2020 #106
Lol. It reminds me of a house in my neighborhood that Luz Sep 2020 #107
So what was the reason she gave for threatening to contact your attorney? cstanleytech Sep 2020 #117
it was HER atty. you read that wrong. 634-5789 Sep 2020 #121
Still I have to wonder what the reason she gave was. After all was it due to a HOA issue or cstanleytech Sep 2020 #123
Well, she called the sheriff.. 634-5789 Sep 2020 #129
So not a HOA issue then and simply the ravings of a moronic nutjob having a meltdown. cstanleytech Sep 2020 #133
Yeah, she's the one who gave out trump bumper stickers last halloween to kids. 634-5789 Sep 2020 #135
Good sign😹👍🏻 Meowmee Sep 2020 #119
Her lawyer will GLADLY take her money oldsoftie Sep 2020 #120
Make it so KewlKat Sep 2020 #124
Tell him to have a long talk with his lawyer. greymattermom Sep 2020 #126
Gee, I hope this doesn't impact the Christmas block party/gift exchange. nt Buns_of_Fire Sep 2020 #127
No Holiday card for you this year! "waddled her fat ass.." love it. The base does share that look. Evolve Dammit Sep 2020 #128
LOVE!!! onetexan Sep 2020 #141
I would have gone into law if I could have been guaranteed clients like that. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2020 #144
Poor lady. She thinks she needs a lawyer for a mental heath referral Marcuse Sep 2020 #147
Mission accomplished FakeNoose Sep 2020 #148
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