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34. That's been going on in all corners of the Internet. Many FUD spreaders.
Fri Sep 25, 2020, 09:05 AM
Sep 2020

Many hand-wringers. Many "predicting" (promoting?) their doomsday scenarios. Many expressing regret, doubts, fears... and I have to tell you, those types of posts go far beyond the mere act of "seeking comfort" among like-minded individuals. They, instead, are doing little more than fear-mongering and trying to DE-motivate people. I even see it here from time to time.

All I'm trying to say is that we should be on the lookout for it. Call it out when you see it. Don't let it get to you and pour cold water on it so that their toxic way of thinking doesn't spread to others.

It serves NO useful purpose at all. It's just another example of how people are oddly willing to do and say things that create an atmosphere of fear and hopelessness and negativity. Negativity generates apathy. Apathy discourages voter turnout. Low voter turnout gives Republicans a chance to steal the elections.

Thank you..a voice of sanity! Thekaspervote Sep 2020 #1
yes all the fear was really stressful. There are more of us. We can't give into the propaganda and onetexan Sep 2020 #5
Agreed-Trump can't do much of the crap he claims Just_Vote_Dem Sep 2020 #2
Obama can help here mnmoderatedem Sep 2020 #3
Agree. If we hear more from Obama it would really be helpful. But..we don't know what is on his mind onetexan Sep 2020 #6
Yep - he nailed it malaise Sep 2020 #4
This! Thekaspervote Sep 2020 #7
I still wouldn't put it past Fat Bastard to try to pull some of this shit. GoCubsGo Sep 2020 #8
It is going to be a blowout of BIGLY proportions malaise Sep 2020 #9
K&R - well said Malaise onetexan Sep 2020 #11
We know the Con will pull crap & the pundits are saying they expect him to try to dispute results onetexan Sep 2020 #12
I think it may be possible that some (much) of this election stealing rhetoric ToxMarz Sep 2020 #10
A good point, but one that doesn't preclude his actual possible actions. skip fox Sep 2020 #32
I believe so Sunsky Sep 2020 #13
I have seen that too for years which is why I trash doom and gloom posts and respond Demsrule86 Sep 2020 #15
That is what I have said. Demsrule86 Sep 2020 #14
Yes, & the message needs to be spread far & wide - VOTE but say vigilant onetexan Sep 2020 #39
Just vote! BlueJac Sep 2020 #16
Might this not have the opposite effect? EarlG Sep 2020 #17
If you mean the opposite effect as in the Repugs not voting, i'm all for it. onetexan Sep 2020 #28
This - a thousand times this! Tommymac Sep 2020 #18
That is true. And that means we cannot ignore it. Nor should we. Boogiemack Sep 2020 #19
I agree! Keep calm and vote. yardwork Sep 2020 #20
GOTV Sherman A1 Sep 2020 #21
Yup, & volunteer to GOTV - any way we can. We must win this election! onetexan Sep 2020 #27
Anyone who doesnt vote because they believe some conspiracy, is just a damn fool. oldsoftie Sep 2020 #22
Say a thousand times my friend. As citizens voting is our most effective weapon against any tyranny. onetexan Sep 2020 #26
Amen. oldsoftie Sep 2020 #40
No it isn't qazplm135 Sep 2020 #23
You are correct. gordianot Sep 2020 #24
+1 K&R onetexan Sep 2020 #25
Voters who believe an election is rigged are less likely to vote. I have done GOTV for Demsrule86 Sep 2020 #38
Democrats hate trump and will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to vote him out ecstatic Sep 2020 #29
Exactly. We're not discouraged by these speculations/possibilities BUT skip fox Sep 2020 #31
Definitely, we need to be vigilant as the Repugs will try every dirty trick they can to suppress onetexan Sep 2020 #33
Don't ignore them, counter them...sure people here will vote no matter what, but I can Demsrule86 Sep 2020 #41
I've heard Biden has built a huge team of lawyers in every state. Seems the campaign has learned onetexan Sep 2020 #35
Exactly 45 can whine and cry all he wants Dukkha Sep 2020 #30
That's been going on in all corners of the Internet. Many FUD spreaders. NurseJackie Sep 2020 #34
Well said. K&R!! onetexan Sep 2020 #36
Great post malaise Sep 2020 #42
+1000000 crickets Sep 2020 #43
Fuck the noise. Fuck the pundits. GOTV! dalton99a Sep 2020 #37
It's the same behavior Michael Cohen DeminPennswoods Sep 2020 #44
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