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40. Swing states, swing states, swing states...
Sat Sep 26, 2020, 11:50 PM
Sep 2020

That is where this election’s outcome lies. It’s mathematically possible for King Asswipe to win with an even greater popular vote loss than the 3,000,000 in 2016.

Which is why he’s campaigning mainly in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, etc.

Democrats are hostage to the goddamned Electoral College. Biden has to STOMP the orange baboon’s ass in most of the swing states, or else democracy is over.

I sure hope you're right! n/t CaliforniaPeggy Sep 2020 #1
I'm starting to feel this way MaryMagdaline Sep 2020 #2
Could be Proud Liberal Dem Sep 2020 #3
The problem with overestimating is that it gives trump cover for saying it was rigged. BComplex Sep 2020 #57
Cohen said they were manipulating polls dweller Sep 2020 #4
They were "online" polls, not ... reACTIONary Sep 2020 #32
all polls are online ... dweller Sep 2020 #34
Not true... reACTIONary Sep 2020 #37
FYI, This appears to be the results from... reACTIONary Sep 2020 #39
it all ends up online dweller Sep 2020 #43
The results do..... reACTIONary Sep 2020 #54
Trump's gonna have to cheat so bigly that I can't envision how even he can get away with it Blue Owl Sep 2020 #5
Not sure I'd agree. Biden's lead is 8-10% in a lot of polls. TwilightZone Sep 2020 #6
Vote oswaldactedalone Sep 2020 #7
However it turns out... VarryOn Sep 2020 #8
???? You would rather cope with a Trump landslide spooky3 Sep 2020 #23
If we have a legitimate reason... VarryOn Sep 2020 #53
I agree Dr Jack. My basic inclination is to NEVER underestimate the NoMoreRepugs Sep 2020 #9
polls Rob_NC Sep 2020 #10
right now they are ... jimlup Sep 2020 #12
Welcome to DU, Rob_NC. calimary Sep 2020 #29
Scientifically designed polls based on random sampling... reACTIONary Sep 2020 #35
We must discredit the current version of the "Republican party!" jimlup Sep 2020 #11
Yes. This 💯 SoonerPride Sep 2020 #13
Ruthless is US! WA-03 Democrat Sep 2020 #16
Literally AND figuratively! calimary Sep 2020 #30
Frankly I don't think the will of the people has been or will be in doubt unblock Sep 2020 #14
Vote the Organized Crime Party out of every office. OAITW r.2.0 Sep 2020 #15
I think there's something to this Johnny2X2X Sep 2020 #17
Nope Cosmocat Sep 2020 #18
I wish you were wrong but there is too much evidence spooky3 Sep 2020 #25
Its the likely voter screen judeling Sep 2020 #19
Do not be overconfident Shoonra Sep 2020 #20
OVERCONFIDENCE plays to the interests of foreign operatives seeking to interfere with our elections bucolic_frolic Sep 2020 #21
Biden will get at least 60% to Trumps 38 - 40%... Stuart G Sep 2020 #22
A Reasonable Surmise, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2020 #50
But, but, but. You're ignoring all the 'secret' Trump supporters. keithbvadu2 Sep 2020 #24
There are none...You will see the eve of November 3.. Stuart G Sep 2020 #27
Agreed! peggysue2 Sep 2020 #26
I agree totally. Donald Trump doesn't have a clue...None, Nada, Zero, etc. Stuart G Sep 2020 #28
The polls were adjust to include more non-college voters, fewer college educated Fiendish Thingy Sep 2020 #31
Don't get complacent. We have to win the Senate too IronLionZion Sep 2020 #33
It's who gets the most votes cast. It's who gets the most votes counted. dsharp88 Sep 2020 #36
Likely Voter Screens WSHazel Sep 2020 #38
Swing states, swing states, swing states... VOX Sep 2020 #40
This message was self-deleted by its author VOX Sep 2020 #41
These "silent" dumpster voters Olafjoy Sep 2020 #42
A 7% lead transfers to about 9 million votes. world wide wally Sep 2020 #44
These heathen traitors are just about to lose control of two branches of government for decades.... Hulk Sep 2020 #45
Don't count them chickens yet, Doc. Lasher Sep 2020 #46
it was always about the talk radio and nothing has changed there - democrats still ignore certainot Sep 2020 #47
Say what? Sugarcoated Sep 2020 #48
i like the prediction by dr jack but dems always miss-estimate republican prospects because certainot Sep 2020 #56
I hope you're right mountain grammy Sep 2020 #49
I certainly never thought Trump had no chance in 2016 Dr. Jack Sep 2020 #52
Once again, I hope you're right mountain grammy Sep 2020 #55
Yup, pollsters may have over compensated for 2016 this time. BlueWavePsych Sep 2020 #51
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