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268. Of course they can't get jobs
Sun Sep 27, 2020, 05:30 PM
Sep 2020

Your buddy Gothmog said they can't because they are shunned by their former conspirators. Hence spending all this money out of the pure goodness of their heart to help us hapless whiny Democrats that can't get out of our own way!

This message was self-deleted by its author rzemanfl Sep 2020 #1
I thought their focus was on winning the election. brooklynite Sep 2020 #14
It was late, I was tired and disgusted with everything. Ironically, that was rzemanfl Sep 2020 #131
+1 dalton99a Sep 2020 #31
They are trying to defeat trump Gothmog Sep 2020 #75
Basic lesson: Republicans gonna Republican... regnaD kciN Sep 2020 #2
Who said anything about after the election? ehrnst Sep 2020 #285
I was wondering the exact thing. Miigwech Sep 2020 #3
If he said anything other than that, he'd be skewered. 2naSalit Sep 2020 #4
Yet Hekate Sep 2020 #5
They're running ads against Graham re. Barrett RandySF Sep 2020 #6
They are Republicans lol Autumn Sep 2020 #7
And.... sheshe2 Sep 2020 #48
They are Americans not-so-lol. George II Sep 2020 #66
Republicans are nothing more than fucking Republicans, no matter what they do. Autumn Sep 2020 #110
I know a number of republicans. Although we disagree on policy most are good honest people... George II Sep 2020 #120
When it comes to Republicans, I know plenty. I condemn them all. I find their hypocrisy laughable. Autumn Sep 2020 #121
Two of my brothers are republicans, so by extrapolation, even without knowing them..... George II Sep 2020 #129
Yeah, and 2 of my sisters are Republicans and I have cut those ties. You do what you want. Autumn Sep 2020 #132
..... ehrnst Sep 2020 #307
This is utter bullshit, dware Sep 2020 #137
We aren't talking about your trucker friends now are we. Unless they are part of the LP. nt Autumn Sep 2020 #139
I'm pointing out the fact that those disaffected R's and I's are what is going to dware Sep 2020 #140
I'm discussing the Lincoln Project and their party. The time for them to save their party was about Autumn Sep 2020 #144
Ok, whatever, dware Sep 2020 #146
You are a good friend defending melman's OP like that, despite it being debunked. ehrnst Sep 2020 #189
"Now they should let it fucking die and start a new one. " Which is what they have stated too, but OnDoutside Sep 2020 #276
Yes melman Sep 2020 #160
Seems too many Republicans get too much respect. That would never have flown in the past Autumn Sep 2020 #163
And.... we have the False Dilemma Fallacy! ehrnst Sep 2020 #191
We certainly do not melman Sep 2020 #194
Well, if you ignore the definition as frantically as you have avoided evidence that you're wrong, ehrnst Sep 2020 #213
This message was self-deleted by its author Celerity Sep 2020 #275
Well, you may want to let Bernie know... ehrnst Sep 2020 #282
Link please. sheshe2 Sep 2020 #305
The Lincoln Project is hitting the GOP where it hurts Gothmog Sep 2020 #76
Not interested in watching what Republicans say or do. Autumn Sep 2020 #111
I want to win Gothmog Sep 2020 #122
I'm already a Democrat, I don't have to be persuaded to vote for a Democrat. So I'm not Autumn Sep 2020 #123
We need votes from Republicans and former republicans to beat trump Gothmog Sep 2020 #126
No. We need to reach out to young people and Independents. Autumn Sep 2020 #130
Your plan failed in 2016 which is why we have trump Gothmog Sep 2020 #135
She was right about everything, damnit. (nt) ehrnst Sep 2020 #166
You mean like Bernie did? ehrnst Sep 2020 #165
I remember Rove and GOP super pacs supporting sanders Gothmog Sep 2020 #175
Fox and Friends! melman Sep 2020 #176
Evidence that contradicts your OP! ehrnst Sep 2020 #179
Nope melman Sep 2020 #181
Yep, it is and it does. ehrnst Sep 2020 #183
Even with significant GOP support in South Carolina, sanders lost badly Gothmog Sep 2020 #188
Yep. And HRC asked Bernie to tell his supporters to stop sharing those dark money ads. ehrnst Sep 2020 #178
Bernie Sanders: "I'm going to reach out to Republicans. We don't always agree on everything, betsuni Sep 2020 #251
Their messages are directed toward republicans. We cannot win in November without republican votes. George II Sep 2020 #133
Patriotism is Bipartisan Gothmog Sep 2020 #149
Yeah Goth. Stand for Republicans all you want, I don't see one single patriotic Republican. YMOV Autumn Sep 2020 #150
I prefer to rely on the endorsement of Tom Ridge compared to relying on Sarandon and Stein voters Gothmog Sep 2020 #154
Yeah, rats tend to desert a sinking ship. He's also responsible for his party so he joins my Autumn Sep 2020 #157
So you trust Sarandon, Michael Moore, Nina Turner, Brie Brie Gray and Stein supporters? Gothmog Sep 2020 #158
I trust Satan himself over any fucking Republican and I'm done seeing the defense of them on DU Autumn Sep 2020 #159
So you do not want to win Penn. or Arizona? Gothmog Sep 2020 #170
lulz. So correcting melman's factual error and rant is equal to 'defiling the memory of RGB?' ehrnst Sep 2020 #192
... betsuni Sep 2020 #261
Then you'll REALLY find this offensive!!!!! ehrnst Sep 2020 #226
Interesting post you made. sheshe2 Sep 2020 #295
You're "not interested," but what's your post count in this thread? ehrnst Sep 2020 #203
Great compilation of tweets and videos, thanks so much! George II Sep 2020 #134
All The Republicans Who Have Endorsed Joe Biden For President Gothmog Sep 2020 #208
Well then... ehrnst Sep 2020 #232
Hush, child. sheshe2 Sep 2020 #296
Apparently Bernie Sanders doesn't agree with you. George II Sep 2020 #292
Appears so. And such a fan. (nt) ehrnst Sep 2020 #297
"It is my fervor and hope that all Americans, Democrats, Republicans, independents, ehrnst Sep 2020 #298
To think Cory Booker got bashed a day or two ago for saying essentially the same thing. George II Sep 2020 #299
Yep. (nt) ehrnst Sep 2020 #300
Exactly. betsuni Sep 2020 #301
This is one of the better ads of this cycle Gothmog Sep 2020 #316
And they are spending money that we don't have to in defeating Trump lol ehrnst Sep 2020 #171
Can you show this to Melman? ehrnst Sep 2020 #174
Exactly. OnDoutside Sep 2020 #241
"Sanders says idea he can't work with Republicans is 'total nonsense'" ehrnst Sep 2020 #220
Who is that guy standing to his right (left in picture) in the first photograph? George II Sep 2020 #286
That's prominent republican Jerry Fallwell Jr, smiling and giving him a jersey after ehrnst Sep 2020 #287
That speech at Liberty University was delivered on the 1st day of Rosh Hashanah.... George II Sep 2020 #290
"There are ways we can work with Republicans where we have a common basis" ehrnst Sep 2020 #224
They just did a podcast titled "The Notorious RBG and the Presidential Transfer of Power " mucifer Sep 2020 #8
K & R Budi Sep 2020 #12
So nothing about Roe, workers' rights, voting rights, civil rights, LGBTQ rights, environment... melman Sep 2020 #17
lol , Priority is defeating Trump. All of those things are dead if Trump isn't gone JI7 Sep 2020 #23
"Priorities" in the cartoon refers to Trump's priority to fill the Supreme Court seat over betsuni Sep 2020 #58
Melman. sheshe2 Sep 2020 #59
Perfect FrodosNewPet Sep 2020 #116
+1000. I'm also a fan of knowing what one is talking about before one rants about something. ehrnst Sep 2020 #280
That it does, ehtnst. sheshe2 Sep 2020 #288
Rick said on The New Abnormal podcast that it was unstrategic to make this fight about Roe v Wade. backscatter712 Sep 2020 #72
That IS what Biden is doing JI7 Sep 2020 #73
Indeed. backscatter712 Sep 2020 #74
They said they're staying out of policy octoberlib Sep 2020 #115
I remember Republican dark money ads that benefitted another Democratic candidate that didn't ehrnst Sep 2020 #180
That's a good one.. "..know your history.."! Cha Sep 2020 #193
When the Lincoln Project starts dismissing those civil rights as "identity politics" let us know. ehrnst Sep 2020 #184
Boom. Cha Sep 2020 #195
Hmmm. NOT A SINGLE WORD! sheshe2 Sep 2020 #19
Yeah but.......... George II Sep 2020 #37
This is effective Gothmog Sep 2020 #77
Wow.. Rt.. those are the "boos" he LIED & said Cha Sep 2020 #200
Doesn't it make you proud that nonsense like this OP only has 9 recs? grantcart Sep 2020 #145
Yes it does. 😊 sheshe2 Sep 2020 #147
Thank you! betsuni Sep 2020 #40
Probably because they are narrowly focused on the election. The Velveteen Ocelot Sep 2020 #9
Isn't George Conway a federalist? Tech Sep 2020 #10
Ayup. And can't convince me he wasn't involved in paying off Kavanaugh's credit cards Roland99 Sep 2020 #21
George Conway is married to Kellyanne dlk Sep 2020 #49
I thought Conway stopped activity with the Lincoln Project? nt Boogiemack Sep 2020 #97
Welp, It looks like they've switched to Trump. BannonsLiver Sep 2020 #11
Their goal is to convince Republicans to vote for Biden andym Sep 2020 #13
They ARE mentioning the hypocrisy , especially in ads against Graham JI7 Sep 2020 #18
Exactly right. They are focusing on turning Republicans away from Trump. The Velveteen Ocelot Sep 2020 #24
THIS n/t Tom Rinaldo Sep 2020 #27
Exactly this. Eyes on the prize y'all. nt Phoenix61 Sep 2020 #38
Indeed..... George II Sep 2020 #41
Ads like this one are very effective Gothmog Sep 2020 #91
Yep, it's realpolitik for now. radius777 Sep 2020 #98
Lincoln Project will be the "enemy" in 2024 aeromanKC Sep 2020 #15
"Progressive" Tim Canova was the enemy then and now JI7 Sep 2020 #25
The Soviet Union was our enemy the day after VE Day, but we wouldn't have won WII without them. George II Sep 2020 #32
Exactly. I don't think we should give them money. But, posting some content is fun and it's great mucifer Sep 2020 #44
Some people don't understand politics. betsuni Sep 2020 #46
What Will Become of Anti-Trump Republicans? Gothmog Sep 2020 #88
Thank you for helping fight this tide of negativity and bitterness with facts... Hekate Sep 2020 #169
I have been active in party politics for a long time Gothmog Sep 2020 #211
Thank you for this report, Goth! Cha Sep 2020 #206
most will be the enemy January 21st, 2021, and they will most definitely be a force for bad things Celerity Sep 2020 #278
Reason #1000 why Claudia wants to be emancipated Tarc Sep 2020 #16
I think you meant "emancipated." n/t rzemanfl Sep 2020 #108
Indeed. the curse of autocorrect Tarc Sep 2020 #114
Of course not. They are still Republicans. Statistical Sep 2020 #20
lol, Upset they aren't doing like "progressive" Tim Canova ? JI7 Sep 2020 #22
Bazinga! Thank you sir. George II Sep 2020 #29
Uh maybe because they are Rep..Yes, they are anti Trump helpisontheway Sep 2020 #26
Oh melman. sheshe2 Sep 2020 #28
... betsuni Sep 2020 #30
no, but Pro Trumpers like Tim Canova did JI7 Sep 2020 #34
Unlike some, one thing they have NOT done is disguise their motives.... George II Sep 2020 #35
... sheshe2 Sep 2020 #39
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! betsuni Sep 2020 #43
I think this whole thing is a..... George II Sep 2020 #53
;) sheshe2 Sep 2020 #60
Attacking Graham makes me smile Gothmog Sep 2020 #79
Why should they? She's not running for anything. By the way, George Conway is no longer with TLP. George II Sep 2020 #33
It's a done deal. Assume that seat is gone. Vote. gulliver Sep 2020 #36
she's who any republican would have appointed Orangepeel Sep 2020 #42
... mcar Sep 2020 #45
At the risk of sounding like I'm defending them (which I kind of am) In It to Win It Sep 2020 #47
George Conway is no longer with the Lincoln Project. They did post this. Crunchy Frog Sep 2020 #50
+1000 smirkymonkey Sep 2020 #71
It's weird how some have an overwhelming need to defend these assholes Sewa Sep 2020 #51
Actually - their podcasts are really informative womanofthehills Sep 2020 #56
+1000 sheshe2 Sep 2020 #65
Where were Democratic principles "attacked" in this thread? ehrnst Sep 2020 #337
Because they're focusing on beating Trump and Republicans, not fighting Supreme Court nominations? StarfishSaver Sep 2020 #52
They aren't our friends Bettie Sep 2020 #54
These are the correct answers melman Sep 2020 #55
Until the polls close on November 3 they ARE our friends. George II Sep 2020 #61
They are our temporary allies Bettie Sep 2020 #100
They are very effective in their attacks on the Senate GOP Gothmog Sep 2020 #82
I appreciate that, I do, but I will not make the mistake of Bettie Sep 2020 #101
That can be said about anyone including those who claim to be democratic, liberal , progressive left JI7 Sep 2020 #104
Right so progressives aren't welcome in "your" party Bettie Sep 2020 #106
Real progressives are already in the party. But there are grifters who claim JI7 Sep 2020 #107
Um.... ehrnst Sep 2020 #238
Oh NOES.... ehrnst Sep 2020 #237
So can you explain this? ehrnst Sep 2020 #308
The Lincoln Project is made up of republicons. spanone Sep 2020 #57
Because their disgust with Trump (who is not really a Republican) does not belie that they are... TreasonousBastard Sep 2020 #62
Yes, the Lincoln Project is made up of Republicans peggysue2 Sep 2020 #63
+1000 sheshe2 Sep 2020 #69
Perfect Post StarfishSaver Sep 2020 #78
You are being too focused, rational and pragmatic for too many other folks misanthrope Sep 2020 #93
Agree 100% MizLibby Sep 2020 #198
"Prior to her passing, Justice Ginsburg said, 'My most fervent wish is that I will not be betsuni Sep 2020 #64
Good discussion on the legacy of Justice Ginsburg and Trump refusing to commit to a peaceful transfe Gothmog Sep 2020 #84
Thanks, I'll listen to those podcasts. betsuni Sep 2020 #87
Excellent Point.. TY! Cha Sep 2020 #228
Lincoln Project Actually wants Biden to win While Rose Twitter will be voting FOR Trump JI7 Sep 2020 #67
Sarandon and Stein voters are the reason why trump won Gothmog Sep 2020 #86
The Lincoln project.... quickesst Sep 2020 #68
... sheshe2 Sep 2020 #70
****** quickesst Sep 2020 #109
It's as if there's some sort of progressive purity test being applied here. betsuni Sep 2020 #80
Progressive Purity tests kiled us and ele3cted trump Gothmog Sep 2020 #92
I agree quickesst Sep 2020 #112
Thank you! StarfishSaver Sep 2020 #81
you are most welcome quickesst Sep 2020 #113
I love the attacks on Cornyn Gothmog Sep 2020 #90
The Lincoln Project.... quickesst Sep 2020 #117
+1 treestar Sep 2020 #148
exactly.... quickesst Sep 2020 #283
Exactly THIS.. TY!! Cha Sep 2020 #225
They may not like Trump, but they'll take their binkys getting jobs from him. n/m RhodeIslandOne Sep 2020 #83
How? Do you know trump? Gothmog Sep 2020 #89
???? RhodeIslandOne Sep 2020 #94
The members of the Lincoln Group have burned their bridges with the current GOP Gothmog Sep 2020 #124
And you still didn't read what I said RhodeIslandOne Sep 2020 #128
I read it and I disagreed because you are wrong Gothmog Sep 2020 #138
While you're lecturing me, George Conway is all over Twitter RhodeIslandOne Sep 2020 #205
While you're trying to deny the obvious, Reed Galen is on the news. ehrnst Sep 2020 #209
Yes you are totally and completely wrong-Conway is no long active in TLP Gothmog Sep 2020 #212
When we win on November 3rd....we owe them nothing RhodeIslandOne Sep 2020 #215
No one has ever proposed any sort of quid pro quo Gothmog Sep 2020 #218
JPR? RhodeIslandOne Sep 2020 #222
Oh cool, fuck George and his whole weird family fishing for a reality show!!!! RhodeIslandOne Sep 2020 #233
Lulz.... ehrnst Sep 2020 #250
splain this: ehrnst Sep 2020 #210
I don't have to 'splain a thing, thank you for making my point from my first post in this thread. RhodeIslandOne Sep 2020 #242
It hurts to have your point negated, but doubling down is just more embarassing ehrnst Sep 2020 #245
I'm still waiting for "Galen" to criticize Amy Creepy Barrett in that video..... RhodeIslandOne Sep 2020 #247
More goalpost moving... ehrnst Sep 2020 #249
My original post RhodeIslandOne Sep 2020 #252
This message was self-deleted by its author Malmsy Sep 2020 #256
TOTALLY about Barrett..... ehrnst Sep 2020 #258
Thanks for noticing, it absolutely is. RhodeIslandOne Sep 2020 #260
I really hope that Joe Biden takes this adviseto open the debate Gothmog Sep 2020 #85
Their fight is against trump, but it's crazy that they don't see how ecstatic Sep 2020 #95
Agreed Aepps22 Sep 2020 #96
The answer is obvious and not important. lostnfound Sep 2020 #99
That's a great point, thanks! On the other hand, they actually DID speak of her.... George II Sep 2020 #102
Huh, it's almost like the enemy of my enemy isn't necessarily my friend, or something. WhiskeyGrinder Sep 2020 #103
It might be worth pointing out some realities Tom Traubert Sep 2020 #105
George Conway is no longer with the Lincoln octoberlib Sep 2020 #118
You are incorrect. MineralMan Sep 2020 #119
The Lincoln Project has made the process being used a target Gothmog Sep 2020 #125
Yes. And the hypocrisy of it all is very evident. MineralMan Sep 2020 #127
Plus I don't understand the obsession with George Conway, he's no longer affiliated with TLP. George II Sep 2020 #136
That's true as well. MineralMan Sep 2020 #141
Reminds me of January 20, 2009. The Inauguration Balls were still going on and.... George II Sep 2020 #142
Yes, I remember it well. MineralMan Sep 2020 #143
Stevens is a member of the Lincoln Project Gothmog Sep 2020 #152
Like I Said, the OP Jumped the Shark on This MineralMan Sep 2020 #153
Too early? melman Sep 2020 #156
When did Trump officially announce her appointment? MineralMan Sep 2020 #168
Read their twitter melman Sep 2020 #177
Um... do you know of any other SCOTUS candidate that Trump has nominated in the last day? ehrnst Sep 2020 #182
. melman Sep 2020 #185
So you can't find another SCOTUS candidate that Trump has nominated since this morning ehrnst Sep 2020 #186
In addition to yesterday's tweet you're desperately trying to deny... ehrnst Sep 2020 #207
See post #17 melman Sep 2020 #221
You may want to read my response to post #17 before you ask if I read post #17. ehrnst Sep 2020 #227
Who said I didn't melman Sep 2020 #231
Lulz.... Red herring fallacy. ehrnst Sep 2020 #234
Still waiting on what Trump nominee you think they were talking about... ehrnst Sep 2020 #248
. melman Sep 2020 #255
So you can't name any other Nominee yesterday that they would have been talking about, can you? ehrnst Sep 2020 #259
I'm not melman Sep 2020 #155
You said "The Lincoln Project haven't said a single word about Amy Coney Barrett", that has been.... George II Sep 2020 #161
It has not melman Sep 2020 #162
Yet again you are wrong Gothmog Sep 2020 #172
Silly, they're talking about some other person Trump nominated yesterday that could overturn the ACA ehrnst Sep 2020 #187
Mahalo, Goth! Rt! We're in a pandemic. Trump wants to take away protections for preexisting.. Cha Sep 2020 #240
What ever nominee could they possibly be referring to????? Without a name there's NO WAY ehrnst Sep 2020 #289
omg.. lol.. is that what all that was about?! Cha Sep 2020 #294
..... ehrnst Sep 2020 #173
I'm not pretending anything. "Muttering something on a podcast"? It was clear as a bell. George II Sep 2020 #196
Do you ever tire of being wrong? Here the premise of this thead is a total lie and fabrication Gothmog Sep 2020 #201
Funny thing about that video melman Sep 2020 #223
So, who are they talking about in that post about "the nomination?" ehrnst Sep 2020 #230
Show me where they mentioned the ACA melman Sep 2020 #239
And we have moving the goalposts! ehrnst Sep 2020 #243
Watch the vidoe or have someone watch it and explain it to you Gothmog Sep 2020 #236
And yet it doesn't mention Barrett or even say the words "Supreme Court" melman Sep 2020 #244
So who what nominee was the Lincoln Project talking about in that tweet ehrnst Sep 2020 #246
Honey, look at the date on it... September 25.... ehrnst Sep 2020 #281
They MUST have been talking about another nomination by Trump yesterday that could end ehrnst Sep 2020 #190
He says the same about his wife lame54 Sep 2020 #151
Message auto-removed Name removed Sep 2020 #164
Lulz.... you really have a raspberry seed in your wisdom tooth about them, don't you? ehrnst Sep 2020 #167
Come back and ask me if I care, once Trump has left the White House steve2470 Sep 2020 #197
Not Barrett specifically, but the night BEFORE the nomination.... George II Sep 2020 #199
Here is the latest from the Lincoln Project that shows that the OP is toally false Gothmog Sep 2020 #202
I know who they are, but getting Trump out of office is imperative. demmiblue Sep 2020 #204
Can you explain to me why I have to worship them in all phases? RhodeIslandOne Sep 2020 #214
The hell? demmiblue Sep 2020 #217
There are people here who clearly think we can't say a bad word about them RhodeIslandOne Sep 2020 #219
No, I have a lot of those types on ignore. demmiblue Sep 2020 #254
A false dillema AND attacking another straw man. TWO-FER! ehrnst Sep 2020 #263
Of course they can't get jobs RhodeIslandOne Sep 2020 #268
I think this is a record number of strawman set up and attacked by ehrnst Sep 2020 #270
You are missing nothing. Somebody is itching to start a fight and doing it badly. ehrnst Sep 2020 #265
Strawman after strawman getting set up and mowed down here! ehrnst Sep 2020 #264
I'm all in favour of republicans seeing the light and crossing over. NT. anamnua Sep 2020 #216
K&R JonLP24 Sep 2020 #229
This is exactly the GOP they desire... EarthFirst Sep 2020 #235
The Lincoln Project's stated core mission is to defeat Donald Trump, and to make this a referendum OnDoutside Sep 2020 #253
Wait, now abortion is under the "ideological purity" banner? RhodeIslandOne Sep 2020 #257
Attacking yet another Strawman? Did you find a sale? ehrnst Sep 2020 #262
Post removed Post removed Sep 2020 #267
More strawmen. Am I allowed to reply directly, or is that an indication that ehrnst Sep 2020 #269
Lol, nice word twist ! OnDoutside Sep 2020 #274
I'm too pure to want Biden to win with any votes... Crunchy Frog Sep 2020 #266
People are noticing melman Sep 2020 #271
Hah, yes indeed a couple of very important Americans on Twitter: George II Sep 2020 #272
But we don't know they're NOT influncers, right? ehrnst Sep 2020 #279
Twitter is very particular about who they verify as authentic and award their "blue checkmark".. George II Sep 2020 #284
Um... George Conway left the Lincoln Project last month. ehrnst Sep 2020 #273
I hope this alleged concern doesn't influence your vote. LanternWaste Sep 2020 #277
Message auto-removed Name removed Sep 2020 #291
No one said they "trust" The Lincoln Project, just that they enjoy and appreciate their efforts.... George II Sep 2020 #293
Still nothing and many people are noticing melman Sep 2020 #302
You are still wrong Gothmog Sep 2020 #303
IKR? ehrnst Sep 2020 #306
The claims of the OP are really getting silly Gothmog Sep 2020 #313
Lulz... ehrnst Sep 2020 #304
Oh boo-hoo! They're not doing ENOUGH, eh? NurseJackie Sep 2020 #309
A few points: George II Sep 2020 #310
"Some of those unverified people are bashing Biden." betsuni Sep 2020 #311
Right, that used to be a bad thing. Now it's a good thing, from the very same person! George II Sep 2020 #312
Don't you know that the only opinions who matter are Nina Turner, Bri Brie and David Sirotal Gothmog Sep 2020 #315
Yes, people are noticing...."The Lincoln Project Attacks Barrett Nomination" ehrnst Sep 2020 #319
Lindsey Graham has been very effectively targeted by the Lincoln Project for this nomination Gothmog Sep 2020 #314
Well....gosh a mighty.... George II Sep 2020 #317
NOT A SINGLE WORD! betsuni Sep 2020 #320
"The Lincoln Project Attacks Barrett Nomination" ehrnst Sep 2020 #318
The American Spectator! melman Sep 2020 #321
You left them out of your "people are noticing" random twitter search. ehrnst Sep 2020 #322
Yeah I most certainly did leave out the American Spectator melman Sep 2020 #326
Because their observation directly contradicted yours. ehrnst Sep 2020 #331
Why are you limiting your search only to Twitter? Here's a report from CBS News from September 21.. George II Sep 2020 #324
Against my better judgement I watched the entire 7 minutes and 22 seconds of that video melman Sep 2020 #325
Right. About a week before her name was uttered by trump, they said they were against ANY of.... George II Sep 2020 #327
Then that video isn't relevant to to the topic of this thread melman Sep 2020 #328
It's illogical for them to say anything about her (even though they HAVE done so!!!) George II Sep 2020 #329
The Lincoln Project commenting negatively on a SCOTUS pick by Trump? ehrnst Sep 2020 #333
Evidence that contradicts your OP a bit too uncomfortable to acknowledge? ehrnst Sep 2020 #332
I posted the statement from The Lincoln Project that they cite..... George II Sep 2020 #323
Ha-ha classic bait n switch Sewa Sep 2020 #330
Ha-ha. This person disagrees with you... ehrnst Sep 2020 #336
This message was self-deleted by its author Sewa Sep 2020 #334
So you agree melman is wrong. ehrnst Sep 2020 #335
Oops I misunderstood that was the Spector's label Sewa Sep 2020 #338
It helps not to post while angry. ehrnst Sep 2020 #339
Longtime Republican strategists behind the Lincoln Project mounting rogue offensive against trump Gothmog Oct 2020 #340
Sixty Minutes and the Lincoln Project Gothmog Oct 2020 #341
Great interview of the Lincoln Project Gothmog Oct 2020 #342
Two cheers for the Never Trump conservatives Gothmog Dec 2020 #343
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