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32. Trump made his own bed
Fri Oct 2, 2020, 03:07 AM
Oct 2020

and now has to lie in it. And that would be bad enough but he also made the bed for 200k people who would've been alive had he not tried to pretend the virus away in order to prop up the stock market for his rich friends.

At first there may be a 'sympathy bump' in his approvals, but this situation more than anything vindicates Biden's message of mask wearing and adherence to scientific guidelines which Trump mocked - and this will result in more votes for Biden.

The Boris Johnson situation is different as he actually was contrite, thanked the front-line workers etc. He also iirc won his race convincingly and it was early in his term. In contrast we are less than 30 days before an election and everyone is 'dug in'.

As to what the MAGAts will accept? Who cares - they won't accept anything short of Trump being installed as dictator for life. Trump alone is to blame for his situation we just hope he didn't also infect Joe.

You worry too much...and about the wrong things. stopbush Oct 2020 #1
I've been worrying ever since Trump came down that escalator and made the Doodley Oct 2020 #21
Joe doesn't have to attack Trump Skittles Oct 2020 #2
joe can just shift to issues and programs and lay off the personality things nt msongs Oct 2020 #3
This! And that's exactly what Biden being the consummate statesman will do Thekaspervote Oct 2020 #13
Yes, you are right. He should sell his vision for America. Doodley Oct 2020 #22
Most of the anti-Trump stuff has been coming from folks like Lincoln Project anyway. thesquanderer Oct 2020 #62
You worry too much texasfiddler Oct 2020 #4
I've been worrying ever since Trump came down that escalator. Doodley Oct 2020 #23
My first and main concern is that Biden has been exposed to this dangerous virus. Big Blue Marble Oct 2020 #5
THIS BamaRefugee Oct 2020 #9
After BEING YELLED AT LovingA2andMI Oct 2020 #11
I bet he already knew, or suspected. Asshole. Crunchy Frog Oct 2020 #46
His approval ratings aren't going to skyrocket. BlueStater Oct 2020 #6
Haven't you noticed how dumb many of your fellow countrymen are. But I agree Doodley Oct 2020 #25
Not even close. Trump actively spread this disease and he's MaryMagdaline Oct 2020 #7
Don't you remember how badly Britain was doing before BJ got sick? They had no CV plan. Doodley Oct 2020 #31
They were incompetent, but not actively destructive... regnaD kciN Oct 2020 #55
Trump is responsible for 10's of 1000's of deaths Lucinda Oct 2020 #8
Obviously I agree. I've said the same a thousand times, but Americans re-elected Doodley Oct 2020 #26
That is where we differ...It shouldnt have been close enough to steal, but I dont think this country Lucinda Oct 2020 #27
I agree with you. Also the anger that many feel about Trump may be neutered Doodley Oct 2020 #28
Biden will be the perfect statesman. The media always goes easy on him Thekaspervote Oct 2020 #10
No. I don't think Biden voters are going to suddenly switch to Trump, but some may Doodley Oct 2020 #29
HE doesn't have to attack Trump. Biden has his own plans on how to do things that he will discuss JI7 Oct 2020 #12
Agreed. Thank you. Doodley Oct 2020 #30
My thoughts BannonsLiver Oct 2020 #14
1. Yes. 3. Trump needs a 4% boost and reduce Dem turnout by being sick and he could win. Doodley Oct 2020 #36
Or not. BannonsLiver Oct 2020 #57
Biden doesn't need to attack. Renew Deal Oct 2020 #15
You think Trump would halt his campaign of lies against Biden? Doodley Oct 2020 #38
It depends on what the Trump campaign does... regnaD kciN Oct 2020 #56
They gotta stay on offense. nt BootinUp Oct 2020 #16
I agree. Full throttle to the finishing line. Never blinking. Doodley Oct 2020 #39
Boris Johnson actually WON his election and was more liked than his opponent JI7 Oct 2020 #17
With just 4 point boost and reducing Dem turnout by being sick, Trump could win. Doodley Oct 2020 #40
Biden can switch tactics somewhat Awsi Dooger Oct 2020 #18
Agreed and the voters will see the difference with Trump. Doodley Oct 2020 #41
Attack that stupid dumbfuck for dereliction. BootinUp Oct 2020 #19
Yes, even if he won't protect Americans, he hasn't done a good job protecting himself. Doodley Oct 2020 #35
Joe will say and do the right thing. chriscan64 Oct 2020 #20
I hope you are right, but too many Americans are not rational. Was it rational for Doodley Oct 2020 #34
He doesn't have to attack him Rice4VP Oct 2020 #24
Trump is at 43-44% approval. If this gives him just 4-5%. we are fucked. Doodley Oct 2020 #33
Not really. He got an approval bump when the pandemic took off in March radius777 Oct 2020 #42
But Trump being sick could suppress Dem turnout. Some people will feel some satisfaction Doodley Oct 2020 #45
Trump made his own bed radius777 Oct 2020 #32
I absolutely agree with you. But elections are usually won at the margins. Doodley Oct 2020 #47
Doubt it. This isn't just about Trump himself radius777 Oct 2020 #49
The news I'm watching right now.. BGBD Oct 2020 #37
Good. Thanks for the information. I hope it stays that way. Doodley Oct 2020 #43
I didn't know that about Boris. Fuck. Crunchy Frog Oct 2020 #44
Don't read too much into Johnson's approval rating muriel_volestrangler Oct 2020 #48
My Brit friends said he also was very complimentary about the NHS obamanut2012 Oct 2020 #59
I wouldn't be surprised if the Biden campaign had a plan for this contingency. nt LAS14 Oct 2020 #50
Joe can certainly attack Trump's policies octoberlib Oct 2020 #51
My friends in England say Boris is seen more like how W was here obamanut2012 Oct 2020 #60
No mnmoderatedem Oct 2020 #52
Just no Sunsky Oct 2020 #53
This is an utter disaster for Trump budkin Oct 2020 #54
NO, and who cares what the right says? A win is a win. Demsrule86 Oct 2020 #58
Not comparable situations. Trump has acrued TONS of bad will and this is seen as just deserts Azathoth Oct 2020 #61
Biden just needs to talk about what he'll bring... lame54 Oct 2020 #63
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