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29. Katie Couric called them out. Here is the video of the focus group:
Thu Oct 8, 2020, 07:19 AM
Oct 2020

The problem with our presidential elections is that due to the Electoral College the president is chosen by moderate and independent white voters in swing states who don't really question social biases etc, and tend to be center-right if anything - and this holds back the country. If we went by the popular vote then more liberal and urban and diverse voters would play a much greater role in shaping how we are.

Katie Couric joined the conversation and did question them about sexism, some of their responses were interesting.

Note that this same focus group after the Trump-Biden debate was actually upset at Biden for calling Trump a clown/racist/failure etc and thought Biden was 'just as responsible' for the debate devolving. Some saw Trump as strong and Biden as weak and old, yet didn't see Biden as justified in defending himself. They seem to have a both-siderist worldview and tend to side with existing power structures.

Keep in mind that Luntz is a GOP pollster. The CNN focus groups (post Biden-Trump debate and post Harris-Pence debate) showed much better reactions for Biden and Harris, as well as the polls which showed that they won.
Fuck Frank Luntz! All his panels are stooges driving his narrative. TheBlackAdder Oct 2020 #1
Men vercetti2021 Oct 2020 #2
Unfortunately, not always. There are women who hates women in power as well Claustrum Oct 2020 #13
Like my older cousins vercetti2021 Oct 2020 #15
"Queen Bees"...back in the day. jeffreyi Oct 2020 #16
They hate women for literally the same reason men do obamanut2012 Oct 2020 #30
NO. Luntz Telegraphed that Rule of Claw Oct 2020 #3
Exactly MaryMagdaline Oct 2020 #11
Its the feminist thing that drives some men crazy I guess. GusFring Oct 2020 #4
Your concern is noted. nt BootinUp Oct 2020 #5
LOL DarthDem Oct 2020 #6
A lot of people are misogynistic scum dustyscamp Oct 2020 #7
I agree there are a lot of hillbillies in America but most people would love to have a walkingman Oct 2020 #8
If "most people would love to have a liberal woman President" then one would be the nominee. former9thward Oct 2020 #37
Sadly "most people" do not vote. I just have to believe that we are not as backward walkingman Oct 2020 #44
Mannerisms? mzmolly Oct 2020 #9
Very hard for a female leader to get her "Mannerisms" just right. Mister Ed Oct 2020 #32
Two of those people were Trump supporters and Frank Luntz called them on it. Agschmid Oct 2020 #10
This message was self-deleted by its author liberalmuse Oct 2020 #12
Not country. Not men. Just Republicans. Saboburns Oct 2020 #14
+1000 smirkymonkey Oct 2020 #20
Did any of them use "uppity" as the description? Buckeye_Democrat Oct 2020 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author mahina Oct 2020 #18
Just the word I thought they meant. mahina Oct 2020 #19
"snarky", "unpresidential", "nervous". radius777 Oct 2020 #35
Is Putz still on Fox? BainsBane Oct 2020 #21
After hosting debate watching parties for 8 years I'm not surprised Awsi Dooger Oct 2020 #22
well said. BainsBane Oct 2020 #23
Frank Luntz is very good at what he is paid to do DFW Oct 2020 #24
We women have learned not to care about what chauvinists think lunatica Oct 2020 #25
Gus Wawannabe Oct 2020 #26
You're part of your "this country." If this is your view, though, Hortensis Oct 2020 #27
Oh please GusFring Oct 2020 #33
Naw it's women (period) Sunsky Oct 2020 #28
Katie Couric called them out. Here is the video of the focus group: radius777 Oct 2020 #29
Just amazing. And it's not just the men. The women were hard on her too. Reminded me GusFring Oct 2020 #31
Is it the same focus group? I found them all disgusting. Especially Cathie from Florida GusFring Oct 2020 #38
Just saw the ending where Frank called Cathie out. LOL. Thats a Trump supporter. GusFring Oct 2020 #41
Its hard to tell if they hate women or blacks more. milestogo Oct 2020 #34
Racism and sexism is very strong in the U.S. yardwork Oct 2020 #36
This is the uneven attitude towards women in general peggysue2 Oct 2020 #39
I love her mannerisms and her smile and she didn't have bugs in her hair. :-) Raven Oct 2020 #40
It is going to take a woman being Pres/VP for a lot of people to get over it. Ace Rothstein Oct 2020 #42
It's sinking in for you, isn't it? greenjar_01 Oct 2020 #43
they're undecideds...now...in this election...with these choices...explains it all... Mick Travis Oct 2020 #45
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