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live love laugh

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24. Inexperience is the premium fuel of Fascism.
Thu Oct 8, 2020, 01:21 PM
Oct 2020

Dejoy fired 33 experienced postal executives in a Friday night massacre.
Trump’s gutted the government replacing experienced civil servants with political rookies.
So it’s no surprise that an inexperienced Kushner would appoint inexperienced helpers.

The less the help knows the easier it is to steal and connive.

The incompetence and denial Ohiogal Oct 2020 #1
Work 7 days a week for no money? Where do I sign up? louis-t Oct 2020 #2
Ooh this goes right along with the Vanity Fair reporting underpants Oct 2020 #3
Has Kushner managed anything successfully besides... brush Oct 2020 #6
Not that I know of. underpants Oct 2020 #15
So that would make his de facto title "Secretary of Nothing." calimary Oct 2020 #20
I like that. underpants Oct 2020 #22
And he certainly IS a big Nothing. calimary Oct 2020 #23
Light years beyond being surprised PandoraAwakened Oct 2020 #4
K&R! SheltieLover Oct 2020 #5
Grifters gotta grift, grift, grift... Apologies to Taylor Swift Evolve Dammit Oct 2020 #7
Apart from the incompetence of the "planning," which was no surprise at all, BobTheSubgenius Oct 2020 #8
KNR Lucinda Oct 2020 #9
It's like they're trying to look like baffoons. NoRoadUntravelled Oct 2020 #10
My anger over what the Crooked Hissolini Admin has done is nearly matched by Dark n Stormy Knight Oct 2020 #11
Jared scanned an article about some people somewhere who might have done something ... marble falls Oct 2020 #12
I keep picturing Jared atop a huge pile of PPE... Buckeye_Democrat Oct 2020 #13
Sounds like procurement process for the Bush administration rpannier Oct 2020 #14
And He Went To Prison COL Mustard Oct 2020 #16
The movie, 'War Dogs' was based on that shit-show. SergeStorms Oct 2020 #18
Can't wait to see that Doc. SergeStorms Oct 2020 #17
Murderers! sarcasmo Oct 2020 #19
So, what is being done now? The pandemic is still with us and the Fall wave is approaching. Hugin Oct 2020 #21
Inexperience is the premium fuel of Fascism. live love laugh Oct 2020 #24
Kick dalton99a Oct 2020 #25
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