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28. It is different but has its own challenges.
Sun Oct 11, 2020, 09:58 PM
Oct 2020

2020 is much more favorable terrain on paper for us; but the reality is we are in the middle of a pandemic with unprecedented levels of mail in voting in states that lack a history of doing it. Mail-in voting during the primaries across the country saw a relatively high rate of 'spolied ballots' (those discarded on technicalities). Polls show Dem voters are heavily the ones using mail in, where GOP voters are going in person. Then add in the typical GOP voter suppression tactics and this election is far from certain. Trump/Turtle are desperate and will do anything to hold onto power, and we have to hope our Dem lawyers etc are ready to fight as hard as Repubs do. We can't have another 2000 situation where we were played (Brooks Brothers Riot, etc) and a RW Supreme Court gave the election to Bush.

So while things look good on paper, in reality we need to vote like our lives depend on it and be prepared to battle it out afterwards if necessary.

Undecideds Ananda62 Oct 2020 #1
Republicans undecided on abandoning Trump ThoughtCriminal Oct 2020 #29
It also shows how brutally unpopular Hillary was, through no fault of her own. bearsfootball516 Oct 2020 #2
And they're essentially the same candidate policy-wise. Yavin4 Oct 2020 #3
our candidate's unfavorables in 2016 were lots worse redstateblues Oct 2020 #6
But not on policy. Yavin4 Oct 2020 #8
To a degree you are correct, however Joe and Kamala are I believe much more Sherman A1 Oct 2020 #12
I agree with you. They both connect with people. Buckeyeblue Oct 2020 #25
I don't know about that. PTWB Oct 2020 #26
+1. Misogyny and small-town bias of the EC. radius777 Oct 2020 #27
Sadly, yes DeminPennswoods Oct 2020 #10
It breaks my heart but it's absolutely true peggysue2 Oct 2020 #16
This is good for those that are concerned and saying the polling was the same as 2016 DLCWIdem Oct 2020 #4
2016 election has zero relevance to 2020. People looking at 2016 are wasting beachbumbob Oct 2020 #5
I thought it was interesting that his numbers have not moved in 4 years. Sorry you didn't. catbyte Oct 2020 #7
Trumps numbers do not matter, the anger and energy of the opposition does. beachbumbob Oct 2020 #9
I disagree Sherman A1 Oct 2020 #13
2018 was the major shift. TwilightZone Oct 2020 #14
We will see Sherman A1 Oct 2020 #15
Trump has kept his same base (IMO racists and other bigots will always support a racist), but Doodley Oct 2020 #11
+1000 smirkymonkey Oct 2020 #19
Trump has the Fox News/talk radio crowd-- brainwashed andym Oct 2020 #17
This is not 2016 SoonerPride Oct 2020 #18
I don't get how Trump's numbers are the same. Marius25 Oct 2020 #20
Come election day, his numbers will be much lower..November 3,..9pm, Eastern Time.. Stuart G Oct 2020 #22
Trump got 46% of the vote in 2016. honest.abe Oct 2020 #23
Maybe a bit lower but probably a lot. Statistical Oct 2020 #30
real clear politics average at the end of the 2016 campaign tells a somewhat different story. onenote Oct 2020 #21
The trend is more important than the number... cbdo2007 Oct 2020 #24
It is different but has its own challenges. radius777 Oct 2020 #28
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