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90. Terrible. This simply hands Graham and Senate Repubs
Thu Oct 15, 2020, 06:28 PM
Oct 2020

in close races a commercial they can use to show themselves as 'bipartisan'.

DiFi, what exactly has Grahman and the GOP done to show they are operating in good faith? They stole Garland's seat and are now stealing RBG's seat that should be filled by Biden. We are going to have a 6-3 hard right Supreme Court and this is what our Dem leaders do to fight for us? These hearings were a sham and even Kamala Harris said so.

Dems are supposed to be the party that stands in defense of those who have been historically left out. This is exactly why younger voters and PoC often feel alienated from the party.

Feinstein needs to retire. [View all] Drunken Irishman Oct 2020 OP
Yes. nt Doremus Oct 2020 #1
Ageist! BeyondGeography Oct 2020 #2
Needed to some years ago. Rule of Claw Oct 2020 #3
Many years ago. She and her husband make way too much money from war and the Solomon Oct 2020 #53
Yup. Made me furious during the zentrum Oct 2020 #78
Here's the pic of her hugging Lindsey after the hearing. Grasswire2 Oct 2020 #4
I'd rather hug a porcupine with covid than Lindsey! dubyadiprecession Oct 2020 #14
Birds of a feather? jaxexpat Oct 2020 #32
For many years, in fact. BComplex Oct 2020 #102
WOW! bluestarone Oct 2020 #54
Not a good idea to hug republicans. OneCrazyDiamond Oct 2020 #72
It was DiFi who was taken in by the "gentlemans' agreement" that allowed Kavanaugh to proceed. nt Grasswire2 Oct 2020 #5
Well, if Lindsey is a carrier like many of us think he is... Wounded Bear Oct 2020 #6
Long past due. ananda Oct 2020 #7
I wrote that to her in 2005, MurrayDelph Oct 2020 #71
She should not have run the last time. madaboutharry Oct 2020 #8
She just got re-elected BeyondGeography Oct 2020 #12
Oh man, that is even worse. madaboutharry Oct 2020 #15
Let's just hope she doesn't go for Strom Thurmond's record Polybius Oct 2020 #25
I recall reading that Thurmond's aides would get him dressed and bring him to the Senate Offices. madaboutharry Oct 2020 #30
His final couple of years were brutal, but his absolute love for the Senate likely kept him alive Polybius Oct 2020 #34
She will run if she has a pulse. n/t Mr.Bill Oct 2020 #39
Fuck It. spanone Oct 2020 #31
The Moscone/Milk scenario CountAllVotes Oct 2020 #9
Jello Biafra called her "Dragonlady" for this reason. roamer65 Oct 2020 #104
A Republican wearing the clothes of a Democrat CountAllVotes Oct 2020 #112
This whole scenario sickened me CountAllVotes Oct 2020 #114
good article about this NRaleighLiberal Oct 2020 #10
she's 87?????????????? Takket Oct 2020 #101
She needed to retire before she ever started... regnaD kciN Oct 2020 #11
+1 CountAllVotes Oct 2020 #16
She supported gun control. coti Oct 2020 #24
So let's review what you posted: George II Oct 2020 #37
Joe Lieberman. coti Oct 2020 #43
Not particularly, but I sure as shit wouldn't ridicule him because he's a devout Jew. George II Oct 2020 #69
I don't think it was meant to be anti-Semitic madeup64 Oct 2020 #85
It wasn't melman Oct 2020 #98
It doesn't matter what religion... tonedevil Oct 2020 #86
Yes. tenderfoot Oct 2020 #13
Good call! stillcool Oct 2020 #21
Yes she does. Maven Oct 2020 #17
she is another enabler of evil. samsingh Oct 2020 #18
I voted for her Dem challenger in the last election. She either doesn't understand how the GOP RockRaven Oct 2020 #19
she is another enabler of evil. samsingh Oct 2020 #20
Feinstein has also said she thinks the filibuster is a good thing and doesn't want it to go. Statistical Oct 2020 #22
Yes. Turin_C3PO Oct 2020 #23
100% agree. OnDoutside Oct 2020 #58
Yes, a long time ago. Magoo48 Oct 2020 #26
Agree n/t hibbing Oct 2020 #27
WTF was that???? DIVINEprividence Oct 2020 #28
Feinstein won (against a progressive Democrat) by 1 million votes in 2018 brooklynite Oct 2020 #29
because California has a stupid election system dsc Oct 2020 #99
No, she's done after this photo. EndlessWire Oct 2020 #108
Who's going to remember this, or care, four years from now? brooklynite Oct 2020 #111
She gone! mshasta Oct 2020 #33
Her 2006 race was the only time I ever voted for anyone but a Democrat in a senate race sandensea Oct 2020 #35
There really needs to be an upper age limit PoindexterOglethorpe Oct 2020 #36
I thought weren't supposed to trash democrats? Layzeebeaver Oct 2020 #38
Yes. ashredux Oct 2020 #40
Why is suggesting retirement bashing? MoonRiver Oct 2020 #41
It isn't. democrank Oct 2020 #45
Any pushback on her behavior is richly deserved, and been a long time coming. nt coti Oct 2020 #48
If the suggestion is predicated on objective evidence, its not. LanternWaste Oct 2020 #60
The objective evidence is her track record dansolo Oct 2020 #110
See post 11 FreeState Oct 2020 #97
YES Skittles Oct 2020 #50
Do know how many great Democrats there are ready to get in the game? NorthOf270 Oct 2020 #91
DiFi is the one betraying Dems here, radius777 Oct 2020 #94
She tries to be polite too much n/t tormadjax Oct 2020 #42
That's a very generous interpretation. nt. Mariana Oct 2020 #67
Well, what else is it? They all put on the act don't ya think? n/t tormadjax Oct 2020 #75
Gladly kicked and enthusiastically recommended. democrank Oct 2020 #44
Resign Di vercetti2021 Oct 2020 #46
Doing her job RandiFan1290 Oct 2020 #47
She is against getting rid of filibuster and expanding the court Le Roi de Pot Oct 2020 #49
There should be an age limit for running. We have age minimums. Buckeyeblue Oct 2020 #51
I am 72 and agree. I am nothing like the thinker and person I was at 70, much less in my 30's. LiberalArkie Oct 2020 #74
Another spectacular own goal with time waning Ponietz Oct 2020 #52
Her mumbling, bumblings at the hearing was pure Mueller. kairos12 Oct 2020 #55
Maybe I am mistaken.. murdock744 Oct 2020 #56
agree 100% Tumbulu Oct 2020 #61
How do you think Graham will use her words and that image in his OnDoutside Oct 2020 #63
You're right so why is Dianne Feinstein heaping praise on Lindsey Graham and not Jaime Harrison? Maven Oct 2020 #80
4D Chess murdock744 Oct 2020 #83
Ah yes, it's working so well Maven Oct 2020 #88
Her own colleagues feel this way JonLP24 Oct 2020 #107
welcome to DU nt Grasswire2 Oct 2020 #100
It depends on the Democrat JonLP24 Oct 2020 #105
I voted for de Leon Sympthsical Oct 2020 #57
She's 87 with 4 years left in her term. nt DesertRat Oct 2020 #59
Please stop it! She is my Senator Tumbulu Oct 2020 #62
Please pull the shiv out of my back since I can't reach it Ponietz Oct 2020 #65
How did she shift her approach & get more out of the beast? She's my senator as well. diva77 Oct 2020 #66
I mostly listened in NPR and then went and watched various Senators on PBS Tumbulu Oct 2020 #79
I have zero shits to give about when she retires BannonsLiver Oct 2020 #73
When Amy Barrett takes away 23 million people's health care..... NorthOf270 Oct 2020 #92
At first I thought she was being sarcastic. Sadly, no. Hassler Oct 2020 #64
I voted for her in primary AlexSFCA Oct 2020 #68
She needs to make room for younger people to bring in new ideas and new energy. LiberalArkie Oct 2020 #70
In all fairness to Sen. Feinstein Yavin4 Oct 2020 #76
No surprises here at all. zentrum Oct 2020 #77
Bye. Di world wide wally Oct 2020 #81
Yes whttevrr Oct 2020 #82
Absolutely. She is just awful. budkin Oct 2020 #84
Yes Old Okie Oct 2020 #87
California has the deepest Democratic bench of any state NorthOf270 Oct 2020 #89
Terrible. This simply hands Graham and Senate Repubs radius777 Oct 2020 #90
It's why they laugh at us NorthOf270 Oct 2020 #93
Old people tend to hug a lot. Especially old women who have been denied hugs due to No Vested Interest Oct 2020 #95
Agreed. New Breed Leader Oct 2020 #96
She may have a strategy AlexSFCA Oct 2020 #103
Not just that Shrek Oct 2020 #109
Political Strategy to hug him without a mask on during a Pandemic and when he has not been willing JI7 Oct 2020 #113
DU rules are "not to disparage Dems" pfitz59 Oct 2020 #106
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