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42. The founders never intended a minoritarian system.
Mon Oct 19, 2020, 07:57 AM
Oct 2020

They never could've foreseen the outsized role the Senate and the judiciary would have on issues of national importance, or how lopsided population-wise the states would become.

Rat-faced Mike Lee from a small religious state, as 1 of 100 senators, gets to tell the rest of the country 'we are not a democracy' while installing his RW handmaid on the Supreme Court for life.

Basically what we have is taxation without representation, where a retrograde minority sets the agenda.

I don't like the EC. But we will never get rid of it. Thus we need to learn how to use it to Demsrule86 Oct 2020 #1
I can see removal as a long term goal. irisblue Oct 2020 #3
I understand. But I believe you have to have realistic goals. Demsrule86 Oct 2020 #27
Consider the time it took for the 17th Amendment to happen irisblue Oct 2020 #31
That one sucks really Polybius Oct 2020 #35
I thought it was the state legislatures that decided Senators before, not US house Hamlette Oct 2020 #39
Not worth complaining about; it's not going anywhere. TwilightZone Oct 2020 #2
Not worth complaining about a fundamental problem with our democracy? Yeehah Oct 2020 #5
Sure, complain about it. TwilightZone Oct 2020 #7
I disagree Yeehah Oct 2020 #10
Sure, if you want to lose elections. TwilightZone Oct 2020 #12
LMAO! Lose elections!? Yeehah Oct 2020 #15
So, you have no real plan. TwilightZone Oct 2020 #53
We do not now nor will in the near future have 2/3 of the House and Senate. Demsrule86 Oct 2020 #28
Why would any Republican vote for this? Polybius Oct 2020 #36
I say we get that amendment ready Bettie Oct 2020 #46
States could always pass a law sboatcar Oct 2020 #20
2016 election, what states did trump win that had a Democratic legislature marie999 Oct 2020 #25
The Constitution Article I Section 10 Clause 3 marie999 Oct 2020 #55
This message was self-deleted by its author sl8 Oct 2020 #4
Getting rid of the Electoral College is not going to happen Locutusofborg Oct 2020 #6
Of course it could happen Yeehah Oct 2020 #11
You think threatening states will convince them to abandon the EC? TwilightZone Oct 2020 #13
In order to eliminate the Electoral College Locutusofborg Oct 2020 #41
it can be eliminated without an amendment Voltaire2 Oct 2020 #44
There has been no confirmation that that would provide legal status. TwilightZone Oct 2020 #54
You've lost half the population of NYS Retrograde Oct 2020 #8
Maybe the EC can't be eliminated, but it can be neutered Poiuyt Oct 2020 #9
The states who won't agree to get rid of the EC are the same ones... TwilightZone Oct 2020 #14
Mostly true but Turin_C3PO Oct 2020 #19
not true. An amendment requires 3/5 of all states. The compact only requires enough states to reach Voltaire2 Oct 2020 #45
The Constitution Article 1 Section 10 Clause 3 marie999 Oct 2020 #56
Fewer states are required for the compact. Voltaire2 Oct 2020 #51
Amendments require 3/4 of all states, not 3/5. TwilightZone Oct 2020 #52
Until it's thrown out by this Supreme Court n/t Polybius Oct 2020 #37
Add DC and PR to statehood AlexSFCA Oct 2020 #16
Ford and PR Statehood, December 1976 irisblue Oct 2020 #17
Do the people of Puerto Rico want statehood? JustABozoOnThisBus Oct 2020 #21
they will have to vote on it AlexSFCA Oct 2020 #22
They voted for statehood so can become a state at anytime. Demsrule86 Oct 2020 #29
You don't need another argument; you need political clout. brooklynite Oct 2020 #18
The best reason to correct the constitution to reapportion senators according to population. BComplex Oct 2020 #23
Again that won't happen either. It was done that way on purpose so smaller states would have a say. Demsrule86 Oct 2020 #30
It needs to be fixed, and all but a tiny handful of people think it's fine the way it is. And, of BComplex Oct 2020 #32
the constitution explicitly forbids that. Voltaire2 Oct 2020 #47
The Constitution was written that way so the people would have a greater say in the House marie999 Oct 2020 #24
No they wouldn't treestar Oct 2020 #26
What I wrote is not about the EC. marie999 Oct 2020 #43
As of now, Turin_C3PO Oct 2020 #33
It's time that most of the people (majority) had more control over the country. BComplex Oct 2020 #34
The United States was never set up to be a democracy there isn't any exact name for our government marie999 Oct 2020 #49
It was written also to only allow white propertied males to vote. Voltaire2 Oct 2020 #48
the only way to fix it is to move to deep red states. Hamlette Oct 2020 #38
Go after the Permanent Reapportionment Act of 1929 as being unconstitutional instead littleredhen Oct 2020 #40
The founders never intended a minoritarian system. radius777 Oct 2020 #42
And that retrograde minority; they've learned to weaponize the constitution in their favor. BComplex Oct 2020 #50
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