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87. Agree. Most men and some women masturbate.
Wed Oct 21, 2020, 09:20 PM
Oct 2020

It's the middle of a pandemic and people are (a) stressed out (b) fumbling with technology and (c) working at home. Mix all of those together and you get unfortunate events like what happened. Those who think Toobin is the only one who takes a break to watch some pr0n and spank the monkey - are seriously naive or just hypocrites. Wonder why his employer had to reveal this to the public, it's not like he intended to hurt anyone.

i agree samsingh Oct 2020 #1
Yeah the issue is not masturbation, it's masturbating in front of colleagues. WhiskeyGrinder Oct 2020 #2
This. cwydro Oct 2020 #15
"maybe masturbation will be a crime" Get a hold of yourself. WhiskeyGrinder Oct 2020 #3
Health expert on long life safeinOhio Oct 2020 #4
HA! Happy Hoosier Oct 2020 #5
He made a mistake and he admitted it, ruined his career, apologized Miigwech Oct 2020 #12
How has his career been ruined? WhiskeyGrinder Oct 2020 #18
Wagging your weenie in front of people who are not giving consent to see it is WRONG irisblue Oct 2020 #21
I've done embarrassing things in conference calls.... Happy Hoosier Oct 2020 #25
Yeah, but during a conference call? BeyondGeography Oct 2020 #6
JT was multi-tasking. no_hypocrisy Oct 2020 #10
This message was self-deleted by its author 33taw Oct 2020 #13
Time and a Place for everything. This was neither the Time nor the Place. That is all. hlthe2b Oct 2020 #7
It was (video) phone sex, not a private activity frazzled Oct 2020 #8
That account, as well as others, indicate that he was unaware he'd been seen. cwydro Oct 2020 #20
That would be why he apologized to his wife... dawg day Oct 2020 #27
He Couldn't Wait And Do That Stuff ON HIS OWN TIME?? nt smb Oct 2020 #61
Seriously bad form to defend him in any way Wawannabe Oct 2020 #9
Why is it bad form? SlogginThroughIt Oct 2020 #34
He's 60 Years Old. He Probably Can't Do It Very Often Anymore..... COL Mustard Oct 2020 #70
Yeah no. And if I'm one of the people on the call, you better believe MrsCoffee Oct 2020 #11
Agree. 33taw Oct 2020 #16
You said it perfectly. cwydro Oct 2020 #17
Yep Pacifist Patriot Oct 2020 #22
THIS Talitha Oct 2020 #28
Ditto that. No freaking way it should be tolerated. n/t CousinIT Oct 2020 #47
Exactly. n/t Ms. Toad Oct 2020 #60
Amen, sister. I can think of a lot of legal terms covering what he did *at work* & none of them... Hekate Oct 2020 #75
EXACTLY! nt Raine Oct 2020 #82
Absolutely. I find it incredible... VarryOn Oct 2020 #89
Don't do it Jeffery! You'll go blind! KWR65 Oct 2020 #14
Don't forget those hairy palms. Caliman73 Oct 2020 #30
The History Of The Matter Is An Interesting One The Magistrate Oct 2020 #19
Yes, thank you! Now Toobin really made a big mistake Miigwech Oct 2020 #26
Where did you get the info he was doing it with his wife? cwydro Oct 2020 #33
No, It's Not Just You RobinA Oct 2020 #48
I don't care if the "video porn" was his wife calling from her hotel bc she was on a business trip ResistantAmerican17 Oct 2020 #23
This message was self-deleted by its author dalton99a Oct 2020 #24
Yeah, no. Sympthsical Oct 2020 #29
The truth is ..... Miigwech Oct 2020 #32
And when you inadvertently expose your co-workers, you get fired. Sympthsical Oct 2020 #39
So you don't think sexual harassment is harmful? cwydro Oct 2020 #43
Right wingers are hypocritical fools. Caliman73 Oct 2020 #31
He has a troubling history with his "urges." cwydro Oct 2020 #35
Citation please. Caliman73 Oct 2020 #37
Someone cited it it this thread or another. cwydro Oct 2020 #38
Here you go. cwydro Oct 2020 #40
Yep. Seems to be a pattern. Caliman73 Oct 2020 #49
Yes, exactly. cwydro Oct 2020 #54
I wouldn't call it self destruction. Caliman73 Oct 2020 #55
I can't imagine having a well know parent who would do something like this. cwydro Oct 2020 #57
Seriously... Caliman73 Oct 2020 #59
Would make a difference to me too. Miigwech Oct 2020 #41
. melman Oct 2020 #42
Unfortunately there is alot of sexual moralism on the left as well. radius777 Oct 2020 #86
Dems were never the "cool" party on sex. Caliman73 Oct 2020 #99
Sometimes you just learn too much about somebody, even if they didn't do anything BusyBeingBest Oct 2020 #36
Next time you're at work, rub one out in a conference room & see how long you keep your job. Drunken Irishman Oct 2020 #44
Nobody cares if he beats off jcgoldie Oct 2020 #45
Was that wrong?!... PoliticAverse Oct 2020 #46
Sorry, but tossing off on a Zoom call with co-workers is fucked up, and career-ending in terms Celerity Oct 2020 #50
Saved me here from my own O.P. stepping into it. The loss of *trust* in an ally. UTUSN Oct 2020 #51
"Sperm donated?" cwydro Oct 2020 #56
I've asked you 4 times privately not to interact with my posts. This one is public. UTUSN Oct 2020 #58
This is a discussion forum dude. I can post where I like. cwydro Oct 2020 #63
And btw, you must be thinking of another poster. cwydro Oct 2020 #64
There must be at least 3 he's pulled this stunt on - Ms. Toad Oct 2020 #65
Yeah, I saved it, thinking of putting it out there. cwydro Oct 2020 #66
That provides some context. Ms. Toad Oct 2020 #67
Yes, I think there's some very thin skin involved here. cwydro Oct 2020 #68
"Sperm donated"??? Spazito Oct 2020 #72
Since you might actually be sincere in your concern, I'll answer until the concern is revealed to be UTUSN Oct 2020 #73
Here is my response to yours... Spazito Oct 2020 #74
& you have revealed. UTUSN Oct 2020 #76
I thought you weren't going to respond to me... Spazito Oct 2020 #77
If he wants to act like a teenager, then learn technology like one Polybius Oct 2020 #52
All this would be lovely ismnotwasm Oct 2020 #53
SPANK THAT MONKEY , JEFF !! Rustyeye77 Oct 2020 #62
Let's add the relevant qualifier to your question you omitted by design or not.. LanternWaste Oct 2020 #69
Not by design never (except Toobin) but by design probably 100% Miigwech Oct 2020 #71
He was at work- on the job Generic Brad Oct 2020 #78
Would you like to add a side order of "A Defense of Rudy" to that? bullwinkle428 Oct 2020 #79
No, rudy was not a private citizen, he was acting Miigwech Oct 2020 #80
I never understood the need for men to send dick pics to women to shock them. WyattKansas Oct 2020 #81
Yep. The patriarchy will circle the wagons to defend their own, every time. Tarc Oct 2020 #83
Dr. Jocelyn Elders was fantastic! She was so funny, Ilsa Oct 2020 #84
She was ahead of her times, even by today's standards Miigwech Oct 2020 #85
Agree. Most men and some women masturbate. radius777 Oct 2020 #87
The best explanation that perhaps we can all relate to. Miigwech Oct 2020 #88
"I knew there'd be awful takes like this from some dudes" Tarc Oct 2020 #90
Alot of that take is just driving youth and men (and men of color) radius777 Oct 2020 #91
We'll make this real simple for you Tarc Oct 2020 #93
He did nothing wrong though, it wasn't intentional. /nt radius777 Oct 2020 #95
Dicks do not slip into public view as a routine occurrence Tarc Oct 2020 #97
He was just tucking his shirt in anyway. BlueNProud Oct 2020 #92
I didn't read any of what was posted but the problem is he was working at the time JI7 Oct 2020 #94
Good grief. This is just ridiculous. GulfCoast66 Oct 2020 #96
This is up there with the stupidest things I've seen on DU kcr Oct 2020 #98
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