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Awsi Dooger

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17. His overall explanation was fine
Fri Oct 23, 2020, 04:03 PM
Oct 2020

However, he created an easy comparison sound bite ad for Trump. Most viewers don't watch the actual debate. They inherit the sound bites in subsequent days.

Biden probably needs his own quick fuller explanation ad, specifically for Pennsylvania. Maybe the surrogates will do it.

That was the only part of the debate I wasn't thrilled with, because it enabled Trump to spotlight specific key states. He did that effectively in 2016 also, hammering job loss in Ohio in all three debates.

Biden did great overall. Should help with remaining undecideds. But as S.E. Cupp emphasized on CNN, she could sense the nervous handlers backstage as that fracking segment played out.

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Biden explained it just fine.. ananda Oct 2020 #13
His overall explanation was fine Awsi Dooger Oct 2020 #17
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Agree, reminds me of the Hillary 'coal' moment. radius777 Oct 2020 #23
The impact of our dependence on fossil fuels is not something most voters understand. NoRoadUntravelled Oct 2020 #14
Ask anyone if they want fracking in National Parks, and they will give the same answer Biden gave. PubliusEnigma Oct 2020 #16
Biden did not say he was against fracking but only if on federal land. JFC! triron Oct 2020 #18
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If Chuck Todd's name was mentioned in the title, I wouldn't have clicked. Earthshine2 Oct 2020 #21
Attack don't defend judeling Oct 2020 #22
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