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Well, you are, anyway greenjar_01 Oct 2020 #1
NPR, too Tree-Hugger Oct 2020 #2
Got that right! Butterflylady Oct 2020 #15
Now top story on CNN's website. Nt helpisontheway Oct 2020 #3
The CNN headline is not flattering to Trump. Eid Ma Clack Shaw Oct 2020 #7
Blah blah blah Dem2 Oct 2020 #4
Of Course They Are. They Want Their Horse Race. The_Counsel Oct 2020 #5
I tuned into StockTwits last nite after the debate to see the reaction jmbar2 Oct 2020 #6
Instead of the "fracking issue" tavernier Oct 2020 #8
Fuck fracking, the only people for it are the fossil fuel industry. pwb Oct 2020 #9
wtf is so great about fracking? 0rganism Oct 2020 #10
But wait, have we really considered clean coal? gratuitous Oct 2020 #11
They're trying to stir something up to make it more of a race captain queeg Oct 2020 #12
Biden explained it just fine.. ananda Oct 2020 #13
His overall explanation was fine Awsi Dooger Oct 2020 #17
I see your point. But... ananda Oct 2020 #20
Agree, reminds me of the Hillary 'coal' moment. radius777 Oct 2020 #23
The impact of our dependence on fossil fuels is not something most voters understand. NoRoadUntravelled Oct 2020 #14
Ask anyone if they want fracking in National Parks, and they will give the same answer Biden gave. PubliusEnigma Oct 2020 #16
Biden did not say he was against fracking but only if on federal land. JFC! triron Oct 2020 #18
lol, Chuck Todd bigtree Oct 2020 #19
If Chuck Todd's name was mentioned in the title, I wouldn't have clicked. Earthshine2 Oct 2020 #21
Attack don't defend judeling Oct 2020 #22
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