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200. last night my partner was saying she's done trying to save America from itself
Wed Nov 4, 2020, 05:06 PM
Nov 2020

She was in a mood, and in that mood she was saying no more activism, no more trying to make things better -- if America wants Trumpism it just deserves the suffering it's going to get.

She feels better this morning, but those words aren't forgotten by either of us. We could make excuses for blue collar suckers before, but now we really can't. Trump was voted for by millions and millions of purblind assholes who saw everything that he did in the last four years and learned absolutely nothing from it. You can't justify or rationalize that as hope or ignorance, this was a choice made with open eyes, even if the brain behind the eyes is choosing not to see.

I believe adults bear a level of moral responsibility for their own willingness to be duped by cons and conspiracy theories. Being tricked and lied to does not let you off the hook -- especially not after you've seen the results and haven't changed your mind.

My respect for my fellow citizens is probably the lowest it's ever been... and it seems unbelievable that just twelve years ago a solid majority of them behaved in the exact opposite way and reaffirmed every platitude about what America could be.

I view it as half the population is gullible and brainwashed. lagomorph777 Nov 2020 #1
And don't forget hate radio. calimary Nov 2020 #88
Yes! Point is, their gullibility is their vulnerability. We can easily hack them if we try. lagomorph777 Nov 2020 #89
Yes!!!!!! Nt! Tumbulu Nov 2020 #100
Yep mountain grammy Nov 2020 #127
Absolutely! jeaps Nov 2020 #132
calimary.... Upthevibe Nov 2020 #141
once rush bites the dust (with no capable to take his place) weissmam Nov 2020 #219
They are privately owned stations wnylib Nov 2020 #223
today limbaugh started by saying trump won, called Kamala 'kommie' for short, after he called her certainot Nov 2020 #234
And limbaugh won't be around much longer. calimary Nov 2020 #248
i hope he gets to see trump hauled out of the white house like what's his name in fargo at the end certainot Nov 2020 #249
And there better be an inspection of all luggage and crates and other stuff leaving the White House calimary Nov 2020 #250
they will steal and i'll bet every first family gets some slack but staff needs to watch the gold... certainot Nov 2020 #251
many of those are racist, self centred samsingh Nov 2020 #150
I'm shocked DownriverDem Nov 2020 #165
We fight it by taking back the word "patriot" wnylib Nov 2020 #226
We're the country of Lincoln and King and Guthrie and Chisolm and Gompers and Darrow Bucky Nov 2020 #243
Completely agree. Hope over fear. wnylib Nov 2020 #244
I can't stomach lying cheating thieving Republicans. I ❤️ America. live love laugh Nov 2020 #2
+1 SunSeeker Nov 2020 #114
+2 Bucky Nov 2020 #239
I'm having trouble keeping perspective too. Take a break. Keep up from reliable news sites hlthe2b Nov 2020 #3
Last night has taught me that I need to move out of this country. Yavin4 Nov 2020 #4
This Is Exactly Where I'm At sfstaxprep Nov 2020 #25
Don't blame you. I'm trapped by age and health without the moonscape Nov 2020 #47
Hubby and I feel same way marlakay Nov 2020 #134
Too late for me Boomer Nov 2020 #232
I'm 54 too and feel the same way. onlyadream Nov 2020 #87
I'm right there with you... world wide wally Nov 2020 #116
world wide wally.... Upthevibe Nov 2020 #144
Thanks... Love it! world wide wally Nov 2020 #167
Exactly. Maven Nov 2020 #27
At 73 this isn't practical for me mountain grammy Nov 2020 #46
Yes!!!!! Too Old to Leave Now McKim Nov 2020 #90
Son and daughter-in-law fast expressed two passports secondwind Nov 2020 #69
Where will you go that doesn't have the ills that you "leave behind"? Blue_true Nov 2020 #106
Toronto, Canada. Yavin4 Nov 2020 #107
I moved out 12 years ago Layzeebeaver Nov 2020 #137
Bah! People always say they're gonna leave the US. They never do. Bucky Nov 2020 #240
I love the idea of and the ideals of... ret5hd Nov 2020 #5
The reality-stupid, lazy and selfish. Boomerproud Nov 2020 #19
A nation of spoiled children... ret5hd Nov 2020 #34
I accept that a culture doesn't always live up to it's ideals. plimsoll Nov 2020 #93
"America - it was a good idea"... Harker Nov 2020 #130
I thought we had progressed since my dad's time, Lars39 Nov 2020 #6
I feel exactly the same. It's a desire to live among people who value science, act with morals sinkingfeeling Nov 2020 #7
I feel like crying. Goodheart Nov 2020 #10
Goodheart..... Upthevibe Nov 2020 #147
The mouth-breathing, know-nothing trophy hunters (picture DJT Jr.) BKDem Nov 2020 #95
sinking feeling..... Upthevibe Nov 2020 #155
There's a sucker born every minute Klaralven Nov 2020 #8
I did love it, but I DON'T any longer!!! ElementaryPenguin Nov 2020 #9
Our country's soul is rotten to its core BannonsLiver Nov 2020 #11
I agree. Polly Hennessey Nov 2020 #48
Agree! get the red out Nov 2020 #50
I love the blue aspects of this country mtnsnake Nov 2020 #12
Without the blue parts of this country Butterflylady Nov 2020 #131
Right with you PirateRo Nov 2020 #13
I empathize with you. Can NOT understand the large vote for a northoftheborder Nov 2020 #14
I'm with you 100% bif Nov 2020 #15
Me too Freddie Nov 2020 #21
I'm 66 and semi-retired bif Nov 2020 #29
I felt loyalty to the country I grew up in, but not this one n/t moonscape Nov 2020 #53
I'm here to help fulfill our ideals soothsayer Nov 2020 #16
Thank you Bucky Nov 2020 #242
We have never stopped fighting the Civil War. It is evident. Ninga Nov 2020 #17
Exactly. I didn't understand how the interests of the Alt-Right and Christian Mike 03 Nov 2020 #22
Yes not only what you point out, but added is the 30 year campaign by Right wing media hammering Ninga Nov 2020 #32
No, but I do now know that TheRealNorth Nov 2020 #18
I'm on the same wavelength. It's very hard to accept what is becoming too obvious to Mike 03 Nov 2020 #20
It's so sad bdamomma Nov 2020 #149
There's too many poorly educated Americans. Buckeye_Democrat Nov 2020 #23
+1 for the first statement. peacebuzzard Nov 2020 #184
Yeah, it's generally less expensive. Buckeye_Democrat Nov 2020 #187
lol!! peacebuzzard Nov 2020 #190
I'm sorry if there's too much riff-raff for the enlightened ones. DTomlinson Nov 2020 #191
It's not easy. Buckeye_Democrat Nov 2020 #196
We didn't plan our move to Costa Rica politically. LakeArenal Nov 2020 #24
How's the weather there? Goodheart Nov 2020 #28
It's tropical. Different all over though. LakeArenal Nov 2020 #62
What do your monthly expenses total? jayschool2013 Nov 2020 #151
Well we lost 75% of our retirement with Bush' depression. LakeArenal Nov 2020 #159
THANKS! jayschool2013 Nov 2020 #172
health care? Golfnbrew Nov 2020 #74
If we get residency we get universal health care. LakeArenal Nov 2020 #101
That is an extremely complicated question, from Hawai'i. mahina Nov 2020 #26
Thanks for saying what I have been thinking! mtngirl47 Nov 2020 #146
❤️ mahina Nov 2020 #178
I still love this country. Steelrolled Nov 2020 #30
I want to live in Toronto. Most diverse, welcoming place I've ever been. Goodheart Nov 2020 #33
My daughter lives there. murielm99 Nov 2020 #51
We have LOTS of racism. Ask any First Nations member. EllieBC Nov 2020 #80
Conversely, there is a growing part of American culture that says "we are shit". Steelrolled Nov 2020 #117
I agree Ananda62 Nov 2020 #129
But they bdamomma Nov 2020 #152
Believe it or not there are things better in the US than here. EllieBC Nov 2020 #76
So, are you planning to move back to the US? Spazito Nov 2020 #122
Honestly I do miss it for things like education for special needs kids. EllieBC Nov 2020 #168
Really? An IEP in all states in the US carries a greater weight than... Spazito Nov 2020 #171
I deal with this daily with my 2 special needs kids. EllieBC Nov 2020 #173
I did live there, in BC, and worked on policy for Children with Special Needs, both at... Spazito Nov 2020 #175
Your gotchas are so fail it's almost hilarious. EllieBC Nov 2020 #208
There is nowhere that is a bed of roses and that includes... Spazito Nov 2020 #212
I think you vented enough. marble falls Nov 2020 #246
I deal with this daily with my 2 special needs kids. EllieBC Nov 2020 #174
I see you added info re NY and California... Spazito Nov 2020 #176
He's trolling you. Ignore him. marble falls Nov 2020 #247
That's my home! Laha Nov 2020 #86
Appreciated mahina Nov 2020 #180
I still love the country, but I despise that 40% of my fellow Americans Mike 03 Nov 2020 #31
Only 40%? You're being generous. Goodheart Nov 2020 #35
It's more like 48-49 BannonsLiver Nov 2020 #58
Then we need to fight back with wnylib Nov 2020 #230
I love the concept and the ideals. We have never lived up to those ideals, The Velveteen Ocelot Nov 2020 #36
You said it so much better than I did. llmart Nov 2020 #41
Word. mahina Nov 2020 #84
Fortunately the teaching of history has improved, in my experience Steelrolled Nov 2020 #121
+1000 Niagara Nov 2020 #162
I don't know that I've ever gone so far as to say I love this country. llmart Nov 2020 #37
Those belligerently ignorant bigots waving the American flag, Dark n Stormy Knight Nov 2020 #181
I know we can do better that we can BE better Bettie Nov 2020 #38
We just VOTED OUT a dictator. There was no violence at the polls MaryMagdaline Nov 2020 #39
When did they call the election for Biden? llmart Nov 2020 #43
i agree with you......... Takket Nov 2020 #40
If I didn't live in Oakland wryter2000 Nov 2020 #42
Same here, but Portland. And we're still mulling over a "Trexit" flibbitygiblets Nov 2020 #92
I went back and forth LostinRed Nov 2020 #44
Deeply disturbed jonstl08 Nov 2020 #45
I think you got it caraher Nov 2020 #52
Racism is it. Many kinds of racism: anti-immigrant, anti change, etc., BUT ACCEPTANCE TOO... Stuart G Nov 2020 #65
Biden has bdamomma Nov 2020 #156
Engrained rascism for sure. Add cutthroat capitalism/ corporatism at the expense of your citizenry Evolve Dammit Nov 2020 #99
Racism + the silence on racism desired . Greed -A big sector of wealth that doesn't want lunasun Nov 2020 #113
I'm disheartened that this could even be close - again caraher Nov 2020 #49
Be greatful you don't live in TN. I need to relocate to a blue state asap. SammyWinstonJack Nov 2020 #54
I don't know how I feel about it right now. GoCubsGo Nov 2020 #55
Love yes, respect no. hay rick Nov 2020 #56
I'm still going to fly my USA flag outside AFTER... Buckeye_Democrat Nov 2020 #57
I hear you Joinfortmill Nov 2020 #59
We don't really know how those other countries would be treestar Nov 2020 #60
Telling my niece earlier jonstl08 Nov 2020 #61
Its a coalition of the stupid... Jon King Nov 2020 #63
Right Now...Biden has a clear lead...10:30 Wednesday.... Stuart G Nov 2020 #77
Welcome to DU bdamomma Nov 2020 #160
Amen to all that and welcome to DU. appalachiablue Nov 2020 #227
I love this country. cayugafalls Nov 2020 #64
... ailsagirl Nov 2020 #204
Amen Amen Amen Liberal In Red State Nov 2020 #66
I've spent most of my life trashing Americans Laha Nov 2020 #67
I'm seriously considering it, too. The only problem is, where? I'm only fluent in English, sadly, catbyte Nov 2020 #68
I always take my long(er) summer vacations in America even though I live in Europe. Here's where: DFW Nov 2020 #83
I still love America, but I've become very embarrassed at how backwards we've become Poiuyt Nov 2020 #70
Same here. Mad_Dem_X Nov 2020 #112
I think that is an overreaction. malthaussen Nov 2020 #71
Bull Crap! Biophilic Nov 2020 #72
Yes hurple Nov 2020 #73
I honestly didn't realize how many Americans lacked common decency and common sense. Pacifist Patriot Nov 2020 #75
I've been done with this country for good since '16, the damage is done & no election will change yaesu Nov 2020 #78
I am with you Traildogbob Nov 2020 #79
Oh yeah that ship has sailed vercetti2021 Nov 2020 #81
I hear you Hanzzy72 Nov 2020 #82
Look at it this way, there's a lot to be optimistic about Major Nikon Nov 2020 #85
I'm with you. Even if we take the presidency, the filth in this country will never be cleansed. rwsanders Nov 2020 #91
Not just no but He'll F*cking No! Dukkha Nov 2020 #94
I am completely disheartened... joewicker_TX Nov 2020 #96
Right there with you GoodHeart. Floridian for the last 22 years and I've begun to look at the NoMoreRepugs Nov 2020 #97
I'm so disappointed in our country karin_sj Nov 2020 #98
Been struggling with this issue since before I could vote. maxsolomon Nov 2020 #102
Good luck finding a place that doesn't have racism and sexism and other ills. Blue_true Nov 2020 #103
Seriously. betsuni Nov 2020 #108
I love the country, hate ALL republicans. The only way they stay in power is to cheat! George II Nov 2020 #104
I'm really surprised. I thought Biden would win easily Roc2020 Nov 2020 #105
I love the U.S.A. Marthe48 Nov 2020 #109
The countries you mentioned will take immigrants from the USA Thyla Nov 2020 #110
As a psycologist Oscarthegreat Nov 2020 #111
Yup. Feels unbearable zentrum Nov 2020 #115
Most other parts of the world are no different CatLady78 Nov 2020 #118
Marie is 72 and her husband is 77. They like living here in Maysville, a small town half white and marie999 Nov 2020 #119
I love the country--I just don't love a lot of the people in it. Lonestarblue Nov 2020 #120
Very well said bdamomma Nov 2020 #169
I don't love the racist hateful idiots who voted to make America worse for the rest of us IronLionZion Nov 2020 #123
Right there with you, Goodheart. Loge23 Nov 2020 #124
i love it, but barbtries Nov 2020 #125
I am angry that 60 million support a racist liar who is ok with their fellow Americans are dying kimbutgar Nov 2020 #126
I lived in Europe for a couple years. moondust Nov 2020 #128
When I chose my screen name back when I first registered, it was wishful thinking. GoneOffShore Nov 2020 #133
I don't love what this country stands for any longer. Ferrets are Cool Nov 2020 #135
I'm glad to live in a Blue state and a Blue city Rice4VP Nov 2020 #136
I think bdamomma Nov 2020 #170
just under half this country's voting populace llashram Nov 2020 #138
Hi Goodheart... Upthevibe Nov 2020 #139
I live in a Blue town, in a Red County in a Blue state mchill Nov 2020 #140
Honestly, I never "loved" the USA LymphocyteLover Nov 2020 #142
Not much different in neighboring Texas. Scalded Nun Nov 2020 #143
Sick to my stomach matt819 Nov 2020 #145
I love USA because of so many great people I know AlexSFCA Nov 2020 #148
I may have reached my breaking point in Iowa jayschool2013 Nov 2020 #153
I can move my high-tech job easily to Toronto BernieBabies Nov 2020 #154
Fox News and all the other RW lying, we all know what's up and always have, Reps exploit ignorance. Brainfodder Nov 2020 #157
I Will Always Love this Country AldebTX Nov 2020 #158
It's like waking up and learning your father's a serial killer mainer Nov 2020 #161
National foundations taken for granted until four years ago usajumpedtheshark Nov 2020 #163
My home state embarrasses me, too. spicysista Nov 2020 #164
I hear you es466 Nov 2020 #166
Honestly, I think the solution is to bucolic_frolic Nov 2020 #177
I haven't loved this country since I was 12. cagefreesoylentgreen Nov 2020 #179
I hate this country. Marius25 Nov 2020 #182
I still love my Country, I just hate the people turning it into a Third Reich. Fla Dem Nov 2020 #183
No Woodwizard Nov 2020 #185
Oh, I'm not giving up, either. Doesn't mean I love it, though. Goodheart Nov 2020 #186
Right Woodwizard Nov 2020 #205
I feel it too, and it brings tears to my eyes. Greybnk48 Nov 2020 #188
No. I'm not going to let disappointing election results dictate what I love. DTomlinson Nov 2020 #189
the triumph of capitalism disalitervisum Nov 2020 #192
Oh hell no... I love this country..it has warts and I want the warts treated Peacetrain Nov 2020 #193
NO, I love my country. nt Raine Nov 2020 #194
It so disheartens me BainsBane Nov 2020 #195
But even if Star-Thrower Nov 2020 #206
Thank you for posting this! YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Cheers anyway!! Missn-Hitch Nov 2020 #197
I'm tired of all of those quitters who feel bad and want to run away. panader0 Nov 2020 #198
I can totally relate to a lot of those feelings. BobTheSubgenius Nov 2020 #199
last night my partner was saying she's done trying to save America from itself paulkienitz Nov 2020 #200
Facebook nation- The swill runs deep. Algorithm zombies. callous taoboy Nov 2020 #201
That's not this country. Those are individuals who are assholes. mahatmakanejeeves Nov 2020 #202
I feel the same way in regards to Star-Thrower Nov 2020 #203
If I had the financial means to leave I would do it in a heartbeat. cstanleytech Nov 2020 #207
Love? smiboy1956 Nov 2020 #209
Nope. jayfish Nov 2020 #210
I still do DashOneBravo Nov 2020 #211
I love MOST of this country coeur_de_lion Nov 2020 #213
Why would I, or anyone else, love this particular country over all others (fucking rhetorical Q). warmfeet Nov 2020 #214
No way do I surrender my country to a bunch of fascist, racists asshats... JCMach1 Nov 2020 #215
I've never blindly loved this country drmeow Nov 2020 #216
Right there with ya! chitown progressive Nov 2020 #217
I totally agree! denvine Nov 2020 #222
The US has become two countries , the coasts and Jesus Land weissmam Nov 2020 #218
i love what the country should be. i do not love those who refuse to allow it. bullimiami Nov 2020 #220
The past four Meowmee Nov 2020 #221
I love California yuiyoshida Nov 2020 #224
I have to respond birdographer Nov 2020 #225
Continue to love the country. EmeraldCoaster Nov 2020 #228
da fuck is this shit? mopinko Nov 2020 #229
You know, I feel the spirit of your complaint. I just can't agree about the "half" part. ancianita Nov 2020 #231
If you look closely enough at the population of any country in the world soldierant Nov 2020 #233
I hear ya! Richard58 Nov 2020 #235
I learned years ago that love of country .. ananda Nov 2020 #236
I've been in Thailand on a retirement visa the last 2 1/2 years. argyl Nov 2020 #237
during BushII, GetRidOfThem Nov 2020 #238
I have read all these posts of people in despair over the situation. olegramps Nov 2020 #241
My mother was a recovered alcoholic thanks to AA randr Nov 2020 #245
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