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48. I said from the beginning of this that I would gladly make peace and cooperate with conservatives,
Fri Nov 6, 2020, 01:04 PM
Nov 2020

so long as they stood with me against fascism. I am thankful to all who have done so... though the vote totals show that they ended up being an awfully small fraction of the 2016 GOP voters.

Agreed. I don't know if they moved any R's but they sure put an edge on the message to D's. n/t CincyDem Nov 2020 #1
And they went "low" more than most Dems could or would. (nt) klook Nov 2020 #4
Very good point. They even went after the satan's spawn ResistantAmerican17 Nov 2020 #36
Their ads allowed Joe's ads to be positive. BKDem Nov 2020 #72
They moved Rs Joinfortmill Nov 2020 #73
I think they might have helped flip AZ AlexSFCA Nov 2020 #2
And Georgia. N/T Big Blue Marble Nov 2020 #17
Agreed. Fahrenthold451 Nov 2020 #3
Repub Reps and Sens got more votes than the gibbon randr Nov 2020 #5
i agree, because barbtries Nov 2020 #6
I agree StarryNite Nov 2020 #7
I'm sure going forward they will be. AngryOldDem Nov 2020 #12
Absolutely. They definitely helped. We have gained two Senate seats in Arizona and Colorado still_one Nov 2020 #8
Hear, hear AngryOldDem Nov 2020 #9
Agree completely. We owe them a lot. highplainsdem Nov 2020 #10
Had a patient recently ismnotwasm Nov 2020 #11
To quote Shakespeare (Othello) anamnua Nov 2020 #13
The Lincoln Project will be with us in GA. Big Blue Marble Nov 2020 #14
Their goal was to shift just 4% of the Republican vote to Democratic vote in swing states. Big Blue Marble Nov 2020 #15
I agree... Spazito Nov 2020 #16
They are not reasonable. They are Republicans. Fuck them. theaocp Nov 2020 #18
Did you see their tons of adds or listen to their podcasts - I bet not. womanofthehills Nov 2020 #69
Maybe you missed the part where I said theaocp Nov 2020 #82
You sound like the Trumpsters. Joinfortmill Nov 2020 #75
lol I don't like Republicans. n/t theaocp Nov 2020 #81
This message was self-deleted by its author Joinfortmill Nov 2020 #76
Absolutely. lindysalsagal Nov 2020 #19
Totally agree Bradshaw3 Nov 2020 #20
The Lincoln Project certainly moved some Republicans into Biden's column andym Nov 2020 #21
Millions of republicans voted for Joe Biden Johnny2X2X Nov 2020 #22
AND, they were important to some of us psychologically. Greybnk48 Nov 2020 #23
Group therapy Nasruddin Nov 2020 #35
They helped me keep my sanity on many occasions. nt pazzyanne Nov 2020 #44
Seriously without them...we would be in yuiyoshida Nov 2020 #24
No doubt they helped. And are continuing to help Blecht Nov 2020 #25
+1,000,000! dchill Nov 2020 #43
+2,000,0002 world wide wally Nov 2020 #54
Yes. Senate work ahead. whttevrr Nov 2020 #26
Georgia is a GREAT example of what their effect was. Up until this morning, the last time.... George II Nov 2020 #27
They're not going back to the GOP. They've burnt those bridges. DinahMoeHum Nov 2020 #28
They have my respect. Sucha NastyWoman Nov 2020 #29
Double runoff for the Senate in Georgia. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Nov 2020 #30
Totally. And shame on the Romneys, Mattis, Tillerson, Bolton, Kelly and more who KNEW wiggs Nov 2020 #31
Agree McCamy Taylor Nov 2020 #32
Admiration is one thing Nasruddin Nov 2020 #33
We have a lot of work to do, including studying/quantifying communication efforts all around. JudyM Nov 2020 #41
The DID move Republicans Joinfortmill Nov 2020 #77
I am proud to have them alongside pandr32 Nov 2020 #34
KR NT ProudProgressiveNow Nov 2020 #37
Incumbent Republican Senators DallasNE Nov 2020 #38
They can still be helpful if they get some swing-voting repubs in the senate Kashkakat v.2.0 Nov 2020 #39
Agreed n/t whopis01 Nov 2020 #40
K&R dchill Nov 2020 #42
Hey Hey! They're back, this time for Georgia. . . DinahMoeHum Nov 2020 #45
Good to hear - will they be trying to take down Loeffler also? icwlmuscyia Nov 2020 #47
Yes, I'm sure they will - ad's just not ready yet. DinahMoeHum Nov 2020 #78
ABSOLUTELY! elleng Nov 2020 #46
I said from the beginning of this that I would gladly make peace and cooperate with conservatives, paulkienitz Nov 2020 #48
Totally agree. Their content and message was always based on facts and reality. 0nirevets Nov 2020 #49
You don't care what I say, then, which is they are STILL Republicans. ancianita Nov 2020 #50
Dems need to fight hard for the Senate IronLionZion Nov 2020 #51
The Lincoln Project BigOleDummy Nov 2020 #52
I think they did a fantastic job ailsagirl Nov 2020 #53
I agree and Schmidts eloquent take downs gibraltar72 Nov 2020 #55
They did not help out of the goodness of their hearts though as they got what they wanted which is cstanleytech Nov 2020 #56
The did the right and honorable thing when America faced its greatest threat. Republicans are Pepsidog Nov 2020 #57
Prove it zipplewrath Nov 2020 #58
I think one of the problems is that they didn't have a huge ad budget belpejic Nov 2020 #66
Graham is in South Carolina for God's sake. Joinfortmill Nov 2020 #79
Collins? zipplewrath Nov 2020 #80
They took a principled stand at great personal expense to their own careers Azathoth Nov 2020 #59
Where were the haters during the run up to the election? SayItLoud Nov 2020 #60
I'm right there with you, Boogiemack peggysue2 Nov 2020 #61
Why do we discuss and argue politics? GusBob Nov 2020 #62
I agree. They are the reason we can differentiate between Republicans and Trump nazis berni_mccoy Nov 2020 #63
Absolutely. They've kept me reminded that not all Hortensis Nov 2020 #64
Biden Required the Broadest Coalition Ever Assembled to Beat Trump in a Relatively Close Race Indykatie Nov 2020 #65
The effect on the election to beat Trump by LP is incalculable Roc2020 Nov 2020 #67
The Lincoln Project did nothing for this election. More republicans voted vsrazdem Nov 2020 #68
I agree VA_Jill Nov 2020 #70
Yup. They rock. Joinfortmill Nov 2020 #71
I salute them. kairos12 Nov 2020 #74
+1. I like their confidence and toughness, we need more of that, radius777 Nov 2020 #83
True, that. Wednesdays Nov 2020 #84
The Lincoln Project are dead ender GOP neocons that want to survive. PufPuf23 Nov 2020 #85
I salute them TheDemsshouldhireme Nov 2020 #86
Lincoln Project people will be strong allies RVN VET71 Nov 2020 #87
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