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I'm OK with that for now. Joe does it because it's RIGHT, not because he's looking for attention. flor-de-jasmim Nov 2020 #1
Just like Facebook, won't use Twitter mdbl Nov 2020 #17
Cable is covering DownriverDem Nov 2020 #18
Biden's tweets are BORING, and... AllTooEasy Nov 2020 #23
"Sleepy Joe" is good for our sleep at night. Unlink TantRump. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Nov 2020 #33
TantTrump Chili Nov 2020 #44
Oh please do! I'd be honoured. I'm probably not the first to think of it anyway. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Nov 2020 #46
very cool! Chili Nov 2020 #49
Nice malaise Nov 2020 #50
yes, thank Goodness! They're tweets we don't have to be embarrassed about, and tweets we don't have onetexan Nov 2020 #34
Great point. And there's also this angle underpants Nov 2020 #2
Yep. FM123 Nov 2020 #6
Amen. Amen to this Mr. Tiedrich... SWBTATTReg Nov 2020 #7
I, for one, am ready to live on the mild side. n/t forgotmylogin Nov 2020 #13
Liberal Journalists Tink41 Nov 2020 #3
Editors set the targets, control traffic and the headlines. OWNERS tell them what to push. Ford_Prefect Nov 2020 #15
I don't do TV but saw them all with lots of likes on Twitter. efhmc Nov 2020 #4
The media will cover a train wreck, too. Wednesdays Nov 2020 #5
The media is only as liberal as its corporate owners. OMGWTF Nov 2020 #8
The media covered many of these events Roy Rolling Nov 2020 #9
+1. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Nov 2020 #47
Nothing in ALL CAPS with inexplicable "quotation" marks? tclambert Nov 2020 #10
O'Donnell has pointed out there has not even DeminPennswoods Nov 2020 #32
President-Elect Biden acts reasonably? Does nothing to endanger the republic? TomSlick Nov 2020 #11
Not only that, you can bet that certain outlets (CNN) will hire a bunch of ex-Trump admin officials Maven Nov 2020 #12
I will be glad to get back to Woodwizard Nov 2020 #14
Or the First Lady's arms are showing questionseverything Nov 2020 #27
...instead of her kidneys. Marcuse Nov 2020 #40
If one of the First Dogs needs grooming, right-wing heads will explode. KY_EnviroGuy Nov 2020 #30
Many in M$M only want ratings, and indeed were major contributor to the orange jacakss being in WH. iluvtennis Nov 2020 #16
Even high-ranking Republicans admit the idea of a "liberal media" BobTheSubgenius Nov 2020 #19
message fromn my cat Cetacea Nov 2020 #20
Can you decipher that? I don't speak cat! KY_EnviroGuy Nov 2020 #31
Just passing a furballl,.... didn't you see the pea soup on the carpet ? magicarpet Nov 2020 #39
LOL Cetacea Nov 2020 #43
Former Amazon Engineer Creates App to Translate Cat Meows into Words Humans Understand Marcuse Nov 2020 #41
Cool Cetacea Nov 2020 #42
I subscribe to several online newspapers because I believe in a free press. Lonestarblue Nov 2020 #21
Tik Tok is closest thing we have to liberal media on any large scale Cetacea Nov 2020 #22
Fuck the media reporting trump's Farts! Cha Nov 2020 #24
K&R Blue Owl Nov 2020 #25
I hope he doesn't use it after being sworn in a President. It's OK to show people you're up with napi21 Nov 2020 #26
I am just glad that no Covfefe is being drunk (n/t) Moostache Nov 2020 #28
Its not just in politics Soxfan58 Nov 2020 #29
Must be such a refreshing change not to have to endure endless tweets from an orange turd... Hiawatha Pete Nov 2020 #35
Ha! True. Joinfortmill Nov 2020 #36
If it bleeds it leads and trump is bleeding all over his iPhone. alfredo Nov 2020 #37
K&R. dchill Nov 2020 #38
This message was self-deleted by its author Dem2 Nov 2020 #45
He is great, he is already a real president Meowmee Nov 2020 #48
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