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Wed Nov 18, 2020, 08:38 AM Nov 2020

Biden shouldn't investigate a single thing. [View all]

Biden shouldn't say a single thing about Trump, his administration, his officials, or his people, other than "no comment." Or "I will not be commenting on this subject."

Biden should hire a hardliner like Mueller (I'm not suggesting Mueller, I'm saying someone like him) for the head of the DoJ. I don't know who it should be, but it should be someone who will investigate every single dealing, every single crony bullshit that Trump has done.

Remember, the Republicans spent a hundred million dollars investigating the Clintons under Kenn Starr and his ilk. We need non-partisan, individual actors, to investigate, prosecute.

And Biden needs to not touch it. Not mention it. Not discuss it. "I will not be discussing any investigations that occur under my Department of Justice, thank you."

The DoJ should be separate from the White House, that's the whole point of a justice system, it should be non-partisan, distinct. By being impartial, Biden can bring back faith in the DoJ and in the system itself.

And Trump and his lackey's can wind up behind bars.

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K&R highplainsdem Nov 2020 #1
That's not a bad strategy. Luciferous Nov 2020 #2
Also, Trump being ignored by Biden and his administration... joshcryer Nov 2020 #3
Agreed Sherman A1 Nov 2020 #7
"that turd" would be a good way to avoid speaking the name of the demon. lagomorph777 Nov 2020 #26
One term turd. Meadowoak Nov 2020 #43
That, and Griefbird Nov 2020 #117
Good idea PatSeg Nov 2020 #38
Yep, treat him like a mass shooter. Don't utter his name. joshcryer Nov 2020 #79
I think they call criminals on Criminal Minds "the Unsub" Doreen Nov 2020 #99
Oh yeah PatSeg Nov 2020 #37
Trump Being Ignored By Biden Will Make Him Even LOONIER Skraxx Nov 2020 #69
Yep. Don't utter his name. joshcryer Nov 2020 #114
Excellent, but DEFINITELY NOT Robert Mueller DonaldsRump Nov 2020 #4
Biden has already said something to that effect -that he will not interfere with the DOJ in whatever onetexan Nov 2020 #5
I nominate Hillary Clinton kag Nov 2020 #63
Oh SNAP! The irony! onetexan Nov 2020 #70
Sounds like a plan. rickyhall Nov 2020 #84
But...according to this article... Duppers Nov 2020 #107
Exactly what I believe he will do flibbitygiblets Nov 2020 #6
agree the time of vindictive manipulative resident* of the WH is over yellowdogintexas Nov 2020 #106
I agree. That would be the best course of action. Arkansas Granny Nov 2020 #8
As I understand it, that's already his plan. GoCubsGo Nov 2020 #9
K&R times a thousand! redstatebluegirl Nov 2020 #10
That is how an investigation should go. Biden should direct the department of justice to investigate UCmeNdc Nov 2020 #11
He shouldn't even do that. But he shouldn't tell them not to, either. Sucha NastyWoman Nov 2020 #68
He should not direct DOJ to do anything mcar Nov 2020 #74
I feel the same way mgardener Nov 2020 #12
if Glenn Kirschner is not selected as AG.... RicROC Nov 2020 #13
Agree! He is already 100% on top of it already. UCmeNdc Nov 2020 #21
Excellent idea!!! lagomorph777 Nov 2020 #27
The AG is head of DOJ PatSeg Nov 2020 #45
didn't realize AG and DoJ were the same thing, makes sense, though. RicROC Nov 2020 #85
Unless we get the Senate, he would moonscape Nov 2020 #115
Pretty sure the AG of NY state, TNNurse Nov 2020 #14
The one flaw will be the pardons that will be harnded out like candy. Lochloosa Nov 2020 #15
I can't remember who it was that was talking about pardons that pointed out avebury Nov 2020 #52
I can see this perhaps being a viable strategy, but I must disagree with your characterisation of Celerity Nov 2020 #16
Definitely. joshcryer Nov 2020 #46
For me, the AG will be his most important appointment. kentuck Nov 2020 #17
AG will be a very important post to fill Sherman A1 Nov 2020 #24
Plus we need to re-staff the Elections Commission and make sure their duties are updated BComplex Nov 2020 #64
I was torn between Kamala and Adam Schiff for AG WinstonSmith4740 Nov 2020 #35
I think this is the most important point made on this thread. nt mtnsnake Nov 2020 #58
Leave it to Atty Gen'l Preet Bharara. Or for a fun thought, imagine Chris Christie... thesquanderer Nov 2020 #18
Preet Bharara is a great idea! Not so sure about Christie... lagomorph777 Nov 2020 #28
Preet Bharara or Danny Goldman, lead counsel for the House Impeachment. ancianita Nov 2020 #73
Remember Bridgegate? MoonchildCA Nov 2020 #93
"I don't know who it should be .... " Botany Nov 2020 #19
Preet or Sally Yates! lastlib Nov 2020 #23
Good choices too! Botany Nov 2020 #30
So many good choices - those two are excellent. yonder Nov 2020 #91
An embarrassment of riches... WinstonSmith4740 Nov 2020 #39
I loves me some Jackie Speier too. Botany Nov 2020 #47
Also terrific! WinstonSmith4740 Nov 2020 #71
Heard of this one? Kim Schrier of Washington who is an Astrophysicist and a M.D. too. Botany Nov 2020 #76
Had never heard of her. WinstonSmith4740 Nov 2020 #78
Well it used to be going way back over a number of Presidencies that science and knowledge were .... Botany Nov 2020 #82
Thank you! Biden will be a Chief Executive, NOT an AG. . . DinahMoeHum Nov 2020 #20
I vote for the pit bull, Andrew Weissman, gab13by13 Nov 2020 #22
Seems I recall Biden saying he would not interfere with DOJ at all. NoRoadUntravelled Nov 2020 #25
This message was self-deleted by its author CatLady78 Nov 2020 #29
Agree 100%! CaptainTruth Nov 2020 #31
The DOJ works for the President former9thward Nov 2020 #32
This is incorrect grantcart Nov 2020 #36
DoJ is part of executive branch Nasruddin Nov 2020 #40
Again you are completely ignorant of the firewalls that have been created grantcart Nov 2020 #62
Don't forget citizen blues Nov 2020 #33
Adam Ingersollman Nov 2020 #34
One thing we have to do first, if we get the two senators in Georgia, is to close the loop BComplex Nov 2020 #41
Kirshner has a plan. I think he would go full bore after every traitor in the gibraltar72 Nov 2020 #42
NYS's A.G. will go after and do in Trump. Our Federal A.G. needs to go after all the others. machoneman Nov 2020 #44
I endorse this product and/or service. Happy Hoosier Nov 2020 #48
Biden needs to select a total bull dog as Attorney General avebury Nov 2020 #49
I completely agree but I just don't want Biden to utter a thing about this. joshcryer Nov 2020 #50
Absolutely! avebury Nov 2020 #56
I like that! joshcryer Nov 2020 #80
That's really the way it actually works anyway fescuerescue Nov 2020 #51
Trump has upended conventions and changed expectations. joshcryer Nov 2020 #53
I agree fescuerescue Nov 2020 #87
Great post malaise Nov 2020 #54
I've said this elsewhere. I agree... Wounded Bear Nov 2020 #55
That's a great idea seta1950 Nov 2020 #57
Mueller was generally not identified with the AG in the public mind. Important point. empedocles Nov 2020 #59
K&r DesertRat Nov 2020 #60
Works for me! nt SunSeeker Nov 2020 #61
K&R Progressive dog Nov 2020 #65
Justice must be impartial: Evidence found Prosecution. Lock him up. Nov 2020 #66
As long as he never says we will forgive his crimes. We overlooked too much during his four years. Laura PourMeADrink Nov 2020 #67
Kick for reality mcar Nov 2020 #72
I think/hope Joe will do exactly what your are suggesting. mtnsnake Nov 2020 #75
I agree 100%. I've been saying the same thing since he won. Ferrets are Cool Nov 2020 #77
McConnell will not allow a hearing Nictuku Nov 2020 #81
Excellent suggestion. BobTheSubgenius Nov 2020 #83
I agree and would point out that Biden should NOT Sogo Nov 2020 #86
We are all going to be disappointed about this. Lasher Nov 2020 #88
But Joe did say, when asked about investigations into Trump and his administration, Sogo Nov 2020 #89
Yes, that is true. Lasher Nov 2020 #92
I agree. I don't think "scorched earth" is Joe's style. Sogo Nov 2020 #95
I agree Rebl2 Nov 2020 #90
+10000. ehrnst Nov 2020 #94
Very well stated. I've been pleased with Biden's responses so far. The media won't give up trying.. Tarheel_Dem Nov 2020 #96
Exactly, this isn't about "revenge" this is about justice. joshcryer Nov 2020 #98
K&R tccturtle Nov 2020 #97
This message was self-deleted by its author AdamGG Nov 2020 #100
Hillary Clinton would be so karmic--but too controversial crimycarny Nov 2020 #101
Excellent idea! dlk Nov 2020 #102
He should appoint Xavier Becerra, California's AG, who has sued the Trump admin. & won many cases: Liberty Belle Nov 2020 #103
Exactly. Blue Owl Nov 2020 #104
I think Biden is distancing himself from any DOJ actions because bucolic_frolic Nov 2020 #105
Excellent suggestion! Nitram Nov 2020 #108
His AG pick will be so crucial-- and we need a hard ass head knocker! LymphocyteLover Nov 2020 #109
AMEN and WELL SAID soldierant Nov 2020 #110
"A hardliner like Mueller"? Old Crow Nov 2020 #111
You have to read the Mueller Report to understand my position. joshcryer Nov 2020 #113
I don't understand what you mean by "would've caused a constitutional crisis." Old Crow Nov 2020 #120
Can't indict a sitting President. joshcryer Nov 2020 #121
I see. Thanks for the response. (N/T) Old Crow Nov 2020 #125
Agree Joinfortmill Nov 2020 #112
One point of contention quakerboy Nov 2020 #116
That's how I see it too. ucrdem Nov 2020 #118
I hope the new DOJ gets the hint. warmfeet Nov 2020 #119
Absolutely. Hand it off to the DOJ & say "Do your job." Hekate Nov 2020 #122
As long as somebody does. calimary Nov 2020 #123
Doug Jones is someone Biden should Consider JI7 Nov 2020 #124
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