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I don't get her at all. What is her appeal? And she is another one who is supposed to be Marie Marie Jan 2021 #1
She sure sticks with Trump like glue. riversedge Jan 2021 #3
Everything Tump Touches Dies, and she got too close. nt Hekate Jan 2021 #10
The media always props up people like her and Rubio to try to make it seem as if the Republicans JI7 Jan 2021 #18
Gawd these right wingers are a bunch of whiners! scarletwoman Jan 2021 #2
Erin Brockovich says NO he hasn't.. Cha Jan 2021 #7
The Repuke party is scraping the bottom of the sludge pond and she is what's left. roamer65 Jan 2021 #4
Here's a tweet from Erin Brockovich that says NO Cha Jan 2021 #5
Trying to re-ignite the dying embers of her onetime dim relevance. NBachers Jan 2021 #6
Hey Nikki , Go FY. In our county, real President's do not incite insurrection. c-rational Jan 2021 #8
Nikki, please pay attention: it's Free Enterprise that is shutting him up. He's bad for business... Hekate Jan 2021 #9
Umm, in China the government tells private parties what they can and can't say. Bleacher Creature Jan 2021 #11
The government isn't "silencing" Trump JohnnyRingo Jan 2021 #12
Yikes! Mike Nelson Jan 2021 #13
Tie 'em all -- McConnell-trump, McCarthy-trump, Cruz-trump, Graham-trump, Gohmert-trump Hermit-The-Prog Jan 2021 #20
She sounds like a dumbass JI7 Jan 2021 #14
party over country for Nikki Skittles Jan 2021 #15
None of the Presidents on Mt Rushmore used Twitter struggle4progress Jan 2021 #16
oh this is good. Captain Zero Jan 2021 #17
She thinks Twitter is the Government. HAHAHAHHA JI7 Jan 2021 #19
Haley is a goddamn liar. dalton99a Jan 2021 #21
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