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Sun Jan 10, 2021, 05:59 PM Jan 2021

My wife and I attended the "Stop the Steal" Trump Insurrection on Wednesday (worth the read) [View all]

Tweet text:
Terry Bouton
My wife and I attended the “Stop the Steal” Trump Insurrection on Wednesday (as observers, NOT participants) and there are FIVE big take-aways from what we witnessed and heard outside the Capitol that I'd like to share. (We took all the pictures below). 1/22

Unrolled thread here

My wife and I attended the “Stop the Steal” Trump Insurrection on Wednesday (as observers, NOT participants) and there are FIVE big take-aways from what we witnessed and heard outside the Capitol that I'd like to share. (We took all the pictures below). 1/22

1) This insurrection wasn’t just redneck white supremacists and QAnon kooks. The people participating in, espousing, or cheering the violence cut across the different factions of the Republican Party and those factions were working in unison. 2/22

Preppy looking "country club Republicans," well-dressed social conservatives, and white Evangelicals in Jesus caps were standing shoulder to shoulder with QAnon cultists, Second Amendment cosplay commandos, and doughy, hardcore white nationalists. 3/22

We eavesdropped on conversations for hours and no one expressed the slightest concern about the large number of white supremacists and para-military spewing violent rhetoric. Even the man in the “Camp Auschwitz” sweatshirt wasn’t beyond the pale. They were all “patriots." 4/22

I'm sure there were Republicans there who were horrified by what was happening. But the most common emotions we witnessed by nearly everyone were jubilation at the take over and anger at Democrats, Mike Pence, non-Trump supporting Republicans, and the Capitol Police. 5/22

2) There is no doubt the Capitol was left purposefully understaffed as far as law enforcement and there was no federal effort to provide support even as things turned very dark. This contrasts sharply with all of other major protests we have attended. 6/22

A lot has been made of the contrast to the overwhelming police presence at Black Lives Matters protests in the fall, and this is certainly true. But there was also A LOT more federal law enforcement presence at every single previous protest we have attended in DC. 7/22

Most of these protests involved tens of thousands of mostly white, middle-aged people (meaning race wasn’t the only reason for the disparate police presence). Even the March for Science had far more police for a non-partisan event featuring “Bill Nye the Science Guy.” 8/22

By contrast, there was a tiny federal police presence at “Stop the Steal” despite weeks of promises of violence spread on social media by well-known far-right radicals, many of whom had long histories of inciting violence. 9/22

When we arrived, the only forces present were the clearly overwhelmed Capitol Police. The only reinforcements that arrived were other Capitol Police. There were a handful of DC Metro police, but they had accompanied the ambulances to take away the injured. 10/22

The only other federal law enforcement presence was an FBI Swat team of about eight officers who arrived to provide cover for the Capitol Fire and EMTs there to extract Ashli Babbitt, the QAnon radical who was shot inside the Capitol Building. 11/22

Once the FBI team got Babbitt out, they left and no other federal officers arrived in the more than two hours that followed. The small Capitol Police force was left to deal with the chaos by themselves. 12/22

3) The Trump rioters only supported law enforcement as long as they believed law enforcement was supporting them. Rioters, many carrying Thin Blue Line flags, seemed convinced that the Capitol Police would turn against the government and join them. 13/22

Numerous rioters shouted at the police, saying some version of “we had your back, now you need to have ours.” All of the Capitol officers we saw—Black, white, Latino, male, female—seemed alarmed by what was happening and continued to try to do their job faithfully. 14/22

And the crowd reviled them for it. They booed the police and FBI swat team, calling them traitors and murderers. A man on the back Capitol steps ripped up a Thin Blue Line flag, the torn stripes fluttering down over a crowd briefly chanting “fuck the police.” 15/22

4) There were also no clear crowd rules imposed for Stop the Steal like there were for all the other protests we have attended. All of the “liberal” protests of the last four years we attended had a long list of things you could not bring that were enforced at the Capitol. 16/22

At these protests, there were no poles or sticks, no backpacks, no weapons or body armor, etc. There were sometimes security check points to go through to get onto the mall or Capitol grounds. 17/22

None of these standard rules applied to Stop the Steal. There were poles and flags and backpacks and body armor EVERYWHERE. We didn’t see any guns or knives. But there were certainly people brandishing flag poles as if they were weapons. 18/22

5) These people are serious and they are going to keep escalating the violence until they are stopped by the force of law. There were many, many people there who were excited by the violence and proud and excited about the prospect of more violence. 19/22

And it wasn’t just the white nationalists, Second Amendment radicals, and QAnon boneheads. I can’t adequately describe the blood lust we heard everywhere as we walked over the Capitol grounds, even from mild-mannered looking people. 20/22

The most alarming part to me was the matter-of-fact, causal ways that people from all walks of life were talking about violence and even the execution of “traitors” in private conversations, like this was something normal that happened every day. 21/22

I am convinced that if Congress doesn’t act to do something about this quickly, these people are going to keep going and the unrest and violence will get more widespread and more uncontrollable. This is a crisis. It’s real. It’s happening. It must be taken seriously. 22/22

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"The March for Science had far more police for a non-partisan event featuring 'Bill Nye dalton99a Jan 2021 #1
That part caught my attention, too. BobTheSubgenius Jan 2021 #37
I wouldn't characterize a science event as non-partisan. Iggo Jan 2021 #51
Lol SheltieLover Jan 2021 #63
Interesting relayerbob Jan 2021 #2
Actually, those "country club Republicans" are QAnon Klansmen Nazi's now. That's how it works. TeamPooka Jan 2021 #38
Yep relayerbob Jan 2021 #59
Coffee rhetoric TexasLefty29 Jan 2021 #74
And you'd think these guys wouldn't want socialist European coffee. snort Jan 2021 #82
Urine big trouble now, Nazis! lagomorph777 Jan 2021 #89
Good analogy, even if somewhat nauseating. calimary Jan 2021 #94
K&R. Clearly a plot to overthrow the government. bronxiteforever Jan 2021 #3
I was struck by the presence of flag "poles" made of metal or thick wood... would NEVER be allowed Demovictory9 Jan 2021 #4
+1 dalton99a Jan 2021 #5
Poster on a short firm stick, instead of cardboard. nt Hortensis Jan 2021 #13
Yeah, it's pretty tough to attach a sign to a pool noodle. catrose Jan 2021 #34
I have watched probably dozens of video clips where these poles were used as weapons. mackdaddy Jan 2021 #35
A Pendejo45 appointee at the DOD ... aggiesal Jan 2021 #75
Horn Guy had a spear that he used as a flagpole. Lasher Jan 2021 #68
Our government has been far too lenient for far too long with these traitors Bradshaw3 Jan 2021 #6
"Our government" IS these people, tho. As of January 20, Hortensis Jan 2021 #14
I'm aware of all that Bradshaw3 Jan 2021 #18
Well, you know that who controls "our government" makes a huge Hortensis Jan 2021 #42
I don't think DEMS we elected will be dancing with Rethugs except to get things done. BUT... TigressDem Jan 2021 #66
Oh, sure. It was just that Bradshaw seemed to worry that Hortensis Jan 2021 #83
Yeah, I get that we CAN do just fine with current laws, but white supremacy and it's violence.... TigressDem Jan 2021 #84
:) Hi, Tigress. What IS the language of domestic terrorism? Hortensis Jan 2021 #85
Michael Moore echoed #5 in a video he posted. These thugs plan a nationwide violent protest on jalan48 Jan 2021 #7
I have some concern about the wnylib Jan 2021 #64
The uglier it is, the more it will diminish their relevance AdamGG Jan 2021 #78
I was suspicious of this at first ("What in the hell were YOU doing there?!"). But I am so glad to StarfishSaver Jan 2021 #8
Some police did join by letting them in. Now they are calling it a "trap". Marcuse Jan 2021 #19
I think some police were complicit. But I think the vast majority performed admirably StarfishSaver Jan 2021 #23
I did watch a video where the Cap Police did trick a fairly large number of the mob alreay in. mackdaddy Jan 2021 #43
I'm totally with you, right up to the last 2 sentences. BobTheSubgenius Jan 2021 #39
I bet Corgigal Jan 2021 #58
This line took me back a bit (Details Why Below)... LovingA2andMI Jan 2021 #9
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Rt TY! Cha Jan 2021 #10
Thanks for this report from the inside. The republican party... brush Jan 2021 #11
The Republican Party is our homegrown ISIS trying to establish their own government. Lonestarblue Jan 2021 #21
This! We Democrats need to face this foe and defeat them all FakeNoose Jan 2021 #48
Well stated. They've become anti-democracy. brush Jan 2021 #73
have not heard much about how prepared the cops will be RussBLib Jan 2021 #12
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Malcolm is wrong. notinkansas Jan 2021 #65
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this guy got to bring baseball bat Demovictory9 Jan 2021 #16
Man, the more we find out, the worse it sounds! ShazzieB Jan 2021 #55
This might seem silly, but why is that moron breaking that specific window? Ohioboy Jan 2021 #77
Thank you for finding and posting this information. Brother Mythos Jan 2021 #17
Thank you for posting this. n/t sarge43 Jan 2021 #20
I disagree that Congress has to do something, we already have laws, we have LE personnel bucolic_frolic Jan 2021 #22
It's worth going to the link for the pix. JohnnyRingo Jan 2021 #24
This is absolutely chilling. BlueMTexpat Jan 2021 #25
+1000 Celerity Jan 2021 #30
Very enlightening. Thank you. dchill Jan 2021 #26
It appears there was an order for federal law enforcement to stand down dlk Jan 2021 #27
Thank you. Folks please read this. Joinfortmill Jan 2021 #28
this must be somehow dealt with or kinetic civil war WILL happen within a decade or 2, if not sooner Celerity Jan 2021 #29
K&R!! 58Sunliner Jan 2021 #31
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Jan 2021 #62
Mrs Clarence Thomas paid for 80 buses herself. Marcuse Jan 2021 #67
Many buses held 50. She is active with those RW groups. The front people were the republicans. 58Sunliner Jan 2021 #70
You're right on the money MustLoveBeagles Jan 2021 #71
Yeah, I bet dark money flowed to these groups that then went to the RNC as a front person. 58Sunliner Jan 2021 #72
Thanks so much locks Jan 2021 #32
"March for Science had far more police for a non-partisan event featuring "Bill Nye the Science Guy" SunSeeker Jan 2021 #33
Pretty soon Madame DeFarge will break out her knitting needles: tblue37 Jan 2021 #36
Did you see the video of the woman birdographer Jan 2021 #45
I did. Did you see the video of the very young child brilliantly lipsynching her words the way tblue37 Jan 2021 #49
No! Where can I see that?? birdographer Jan 2021 #54
Here ya go: tblue37 Jan 2021 #57
Thanks for posting, Nevilledog. smirkymonkey Jan 2021 #41
First hand accounts are critical VicNEO Jan 2021 #44
Shook... BlueYank89 Jan 2021 #47
Intentional, cilla4progress Jan 2021 #50
What say you, white evangelical Christians? yardwork Jan 2021 #53
wow thank you gopiscrap Jan 2021 #60
At first I thought this was just Aussie105 Jan 2021 #61
As I have said before, if these people want to cry havoc and loose the dogs of Civil War, PatrickforO Jan 2021 #69
Thank you for posting. BunnyMcGee Jan 2021 #76
Where are the statements from Law Enforcement? BarbD Jan 2021 #79
K&R Blue Owl Jan 2021 #80
Almost half of Republicans polled approved of the violent putsch. LudwigPastorius Jan 2021 #81
I was standing in front of my couch LittleGirl Jan 2021 #86
couple of guys posed as OAN and experienced all of it TrevEB Jan 2021 #87
K&R BlueJac Jan 2021 #88
on a smaller scale llashram Jan 2021 #90
The solution for this problem is a judicious clarification of the 1st amendment. jaxexpat Jan 2021 #91
The Q Cucks Klan... Chicago1980 Jan 2021 #92
DUzy Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jan 2021 #95
Incredible. K/R - n/t msfiddlestix Jan 2021 #93
The GOP has devolved into raw fascist tribalism with various factions. BrightKnight Jan 2021 #96
A lot of these people VA_Jill Jan 2021 #97
Horrifying. This goes deeper than we realized n/t Blaukraut Jan 2021 #98
There are crazy people in all colors (ethnic identities) and genders. Barbara2423 Jan 2021 #99
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