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WOW! This: [View all] Faux pas Jan 2021 OP
Standing O SoonerPride Jan 2021 #1
The Faux pas Jan 2021 #2
The person who wrote it is the same person who called Obama a Piece of Shit used Car Salesman. MrsCoffee Jan 2021 #4
That person also threatened another DUer. MineralMan Jan 2021 #15
True. kstewart33 Jan 2021 #27
Well that I did not know. SoonerPride Jan 2021 #20
William Rivers Pitt did not write the piece in the OP. He's quoting what someone else wrote. scarletwoman Jan 2021 #37
that is Rivers Pitt, but did he write this letter? LymphocyteLover Jan 2021 #47
Who Faux pas Jan 2021 #76
Bravo. Makes the Rude Pundit sound like Miss Manners Wicked Blue Jan 2021 #3
I thought it was the Rude Pundit. ananda Jan 2021 #7
Yeah, sounds like Rude to me.. mountain grammy Jan 2021 #53
Author might be Pantagruel Jan 2021 #5
The author is Aldous J Pennyfarthing - see my post #35, below. scarletwoman Jan 2021 #38
Yes, thanks-- I thought it sounded familiar LymphocyteLover Jan 2021 #49
Great, thanks for that.. mountain grammy Jan 2021 #54
This message was self-deleted by its author WhiskeyGrinder Jan 2021 #6
Wish I had said that. It's certainly what I think. Augiedog Jan 2021 #8
I Faux pas Jan 2021 #77
Who gives a flying leap about anything William Rivers Pitt Hobo Jan 2021 #9
Respect where due, please. He has a long history of posting keen insights Orrex Jan 2021 #17
I do Auggie Jan 2021 #19
Me too! mountain grammy Jan 2021 #55
Me too! Owl Jan 2021 #58
Pitt is a good man. Kid Berwyn Jan 2021 #36
So what ever happened to him? calimary Jan 2021 #42
FWIU, he is with TruthOut / Buzzflash. Kid Berwyn Jan 2021 #59
OMG! calimary Jan 2021 #65
Hiya, calimary! Kid Berwyn Jan 2021 #67
Virtual hug 'n' kiss! calimary Jan 2021 #71
So glad to know your new handle octafish questionseverything Jan 2021 #68
Hiya, questionseverything! Kid Berwyn Jan 2021 #69
How Faux pas Jan 2021 #79
HI! I remember your righteous posts, appalachiablue Jun 2021 #80
Threatening to beat a homeless DUer to death. Such a good man. NYC Liberal Jan 2021 #46
Really? Kid Berwyn Jan 2021 #57
I didn't know about that! Lady Freedom Returns Jan 2021 #66
Again, he didn't write the piece. SergeStorms Jan 2021 #50
Well said, thank you. mountain grammy Jan 2021 #56
plenty of us do Skittles Jan 2021 #61
He Faux pas Jan 2021 #78
Perfect malaise Jan 2021 #10
K and R Ferrets are Cool Jan 2021 #11
I had suspected Mira Jan 2021 #21
I too thought that, only him not holding back, heh nt. Pluvious Jan 2021 #23
Thank you. That is very nice of you to say. Ferrets are Cool Jan 2021 #62
Yours not truly, DeSmet Jan 2021 #12
Ah, the classics.. denbot Jan 2021 #13
Aldous J. Pennyfarthing emily333 Jan 2021 #14
You're correct! scarletwoman Jan 2021 #39
Holy fuck I like this wildman76 Jan 2021 #16
Sounds like The Ferret / Shower Cap Auggie Jan 2021 #18
These righteous outbursts remind me of poetry slams. Politicub Jan 2021 #22
Pitt did not write that. Please see my post #35. scarletwoman Jan 2021 #40
I still feel the same way. Politicub Jan 2021 #41
KnR...nt N_E_1 for Tennis Jan 2021 #24
K&R (n/t) Moostache Jan 2021 #25
Sorry, I don't listen to used car salesmen. William769 Jan 2021 #26
K&R cp Jan 2021 #28
ROFL Joinfortmill Jan 2021 #29
I think the person who wrote this was a bit too kind. Lokee11 Jan 2021 #30
Sung to the tune of "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" Orange Buffoon Jan 2021 #31
Thanks for signing my name too world wide wally Jan 2021 #32
Pitt is banned here, murielm99 Jan 2021 #33
He didn't write it. Grasswire2 Jan 2021 #43
William Rivers Pitt no longer on DU? XanaDUer2 Jan 2021 #34
He was banned for threatening to kill another DUer, then allowed back. NYC Liberal Jan 2021 #48
Oh, Lord XanaDUer2 Jan 2021 #52
Sounds like he developed HDS--Hillary Derangement Syndrome. nt SunSeeker Jan 2021 #73
The actual author is Aldous J Pennyfarthing from Daily Kos. scarletwoman Jan 2021 #35
Kick Beringia Jan 2021 #44
POSUCS ismnotwasm Jan 2021 #45
The comments section was as interesting as the OP itself. BobTheSubgenius Jan 2021 #51
And it only went downhill after that Martin Eden Jan 2021 #60
Read this to my husband and had to do it haltingly. calimary Jan 2021 #63
Off brand butt plug,oleaginous house ferret, circus orangutan diaper, feculent KFC-hole . Autumn Jan 2021 #64
Will Pitt is someone I consider a friend flotsam Jan 2021 #70
Sounds like Rick Wilson wrote that, especially when he calls him an "off brand butt plug." SunSeeker Jan 2021 #72
LOVE WIlliam Rivers Pitt -- Hell Yeah TRUTH OUT!!! TigressDem Jan 2021 #74
K&R K& R K&R K&R K& R K&R K&R K& R K&R TigressDem Jan 2021 #75
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