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34. TY CEP!
Thu Jan 21, 2021, 05:46 AM
Jan 2021

Here's another good one from Pres Biden..

Democracy is precious. Democracy is fragile. And at this hour, my friends, Democracy has prevailed..

THose struck me too. Especially the power of example. Amaryllis Jan 2021 #1
Well said. Yes, world, we are back. n/t Laelth Jan 2021 #2
That "power of our example" line jcgoldie Jan 2021 #3
I think he stole it from one of his predecessors... Wounded Bear Jan 2021 #4
Clinton. CurtEastPoint Jan 2021 #5
"power of example" has been in the language a long time. soldierant Jan 2021 #20
True leadership always starts with the example the leader sets... Wounded Bear Jan 2021 #24
True, and well said. soldierant Jan 2021 #26
That was an especially moving part of his speech. brer cat Jan 2021 #6
Well done PatSeg Jan 2021 #7
Amen. SergeStorms Jan 2021 #8
Although I wouldn't mind if leftieNanner Jan 2021 #15
Oh, I think we can count on that. SergeStorms Jan 2021 #16
Powerful words ad121rome Jan 2021 #9
Wonderful, Unifying and Powerful 3 sentences...Thaks for posting. Stuart G Jan 2021 #10
I honestly believe that there is not a more dedicated, sincere and decent human being IsItJustMe Jan 2021 #11
My favorite part of the speech, for sure MissMillie Jan 2021 #12
Yes we'll lead again, but it won't happen overnight FakeNoose Jan 2021 #13
This belongs on Twitter Fritz Walter Jan 2021 #14
Please do and take this and post it! CurtEastPoint Jan 2021 #35
Great words and nice job nt Nululu Jan 2021 #17
We have a lot of work to bdamomma Jan 2021 #18
The problem is the world knows the office is up for grabs mchill Jan 2021 #19
We need to keep our foot on the gas. BarbD Jan 2021 #21
Funny, how unlike Trump Joe is: Joe can make specific promises without threats. marble falls Jan 2021 #22
I tweeted your image! BadGimp Jan 2021 #23
Thanks! I looked at the Tweet and said, 'Damn, somebody did the same thing!" D'oh on me! CurtEastPoint Jan 2021 #36
This is perfect! Shared on FB. Thanks! Nitram Jan 2021 #25
I had posted early on in my support of Joe last year that with him as POTUS onetexan Jan 2021 #27
In just one day birdographer Jan 2021 #28
I repeated to my husband right after President Biden said the following sentence: debsy Jan 2021 #29
"...the power of example." BobTheSubgenius Jan 2021 #30
I sure hope so Joe mahina Jan 2021 #31
K&R Blue Owl Jan 2021 #32
You can sum it up in one sentence: King_Klonopin Jan 2021 #33
TY CEP! Cha Jan 2021 #34
My pleasure! And I love that one, too. CurtEastPoint Jan 2021 #37
Voila! CurtEastPoint Jan 2021 #39
Yay.. I thought that's what this would Cha Jan 2021 #43
Wow OldBaldy1701E Jan 2021 #38
How is setting a good example delusional and arrogant? CurtEastPoint Jan 2021 #40
Setting a good example OldBaldy1701E Jan 2021 #42
This message was self-deleted by its author CurtEastPoint Jan 2021 #41
Kicking for visibility! Niagara Jan 2021 #44
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