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N_E_1 for Tennis

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35. It's our turn...
Sun Jan 24, 2021, 09:23 AM
Jan 2021

I remember as a kid my mom saying about a rowdy bunch in our neighborhood, “Give them a break, all they need is to have good friends like you do. Try harder to make friends with them.”

Yeah, well all hell broke loose after that. Scrapes, scratches, bruises and torn clothes. Trying harder to make friends with broken people gets you burned.

Spot on [View all] kpete Jan 2021 OP
Good one!!!! MyOwnPeace Jan 2021 #1
They never revise it, they just swap pages in and out with the tides. lastlib Jan 2021 #33
K&R...nt Wounded Bear Jan 2021 #2
Got that right. Jay25 Jan 2021 #3
Yep uponit7771 Jan 2021 #4
Indeed. These people are rank hypocrites. PatrickforO Jan 2021 #5
Remember... chants of "Get over it!" and "Fuck your feelings!" don't count. NurseJackie Jan 2021 #6
along with DENVERPOPS Jan 2021 #22
K&R Solly Mack Jan 2021 #7
That's for sure wendyb-NC Jan 2021 #8
Truth. liberalla Jan 2021 #9
Well, the Trump campaign reached out to me by mail and phone.... rlegro Jan 2021 #10
Perxactilly BSdetect Jan 2021 #11
Yeah buddy! ananda Jan 2021 #12
My dental hygienist reached out to me... to say Biden's a paedophile. So helpful. Karadeniz Jan 2021 #13
I hope you can find someone else to clean your teeth Hekate Jan 2021 #19
Thinking about it. Torn. On the one hand, I can show her Dems are not satanic vampires. On the Karadeniz Jan 2021 #21
Why would your dentist allow your hygenist to spew this nonsense at the dentist's patients. Squinch Jan 2021 #24
Full truth! When I went in, I asked if she'd miss the fascist president. Her answer was that Biden Karadeniz Jan 2021 #25
My cousin lives in Texas. I live in a blue state. She says she has "demographic envy" toward me. Squinch Jan 2021 #28
I love that!!! Karadeniz Jan 2021 #29
Ugh. Choices, choices. I'd go with health then. Hekate Jan 2021 #27
In 2004, after Kerry and Tom Daschle lost, I walked into my dentist's office and heard him gloating progressoid Jan 2021 #30
Kick dalton99a Jan 2021 #14
Funny how only one side has to be adults, eh? nt Dagstead Bumwood Jan 2021 #15
Now that's exactly the way I remember it! Brother Mythos Jan 2021 #16
Neither did anyone from M$M. Hermit-The-Prog Jan 2021 #17
No one reached out to me, either. GopherGal Jan 2021 #23
Ha! That must be it -- we just don't go to the right diners! Hermit-The-Prog Jan 2021 #26
Amen! Hekate Jan 2021 #18
This x 1000 Ferrets are Cool Jan 2021 #20
Hella SPOT ON.. So Shut UP Media, Gops, Cha Jan 2021 #31
Right On! Neither did anyone from national or local GOP, although they did take pictures of my Ford_Prefect Jan 2021 #32
Here's the message I took away. Kid Berwyn Jan 2021 #34
It's our turn... N_E_1 for Tennis Jan 2021 #35
NOT. my. job! Dukkha Jan 2021 #36
Bingo. marble falls Jan 2021 #37
A slightly different way of putting it, but right on the money! BobTheSubgenius Jan 2021 #38
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