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8. Sadly, a good point
Sun Jan 24, 2021, 09:36 AM
Jan 2021

Republicans rape women in dressing rooms: crickets. Democrats pose in a gag photo: outrage. And the evil thing about this is that the Democrats let stand all and any Republican crimes (in the interest of collegiality?) and hammer the heads of their own over lying allegations made against them.

Hawley, Cruz, Boebert, Brooks, and dozens upon dozens of others gave aid and succor to the bastards who fecally trashed our Capitol Building and murdered a police officer. Got that: they gave sideline rah-rah to traitors, to insurrectionists out to murder Democratic Members -- and a handful of Republicans, as well.

The Dems are understandably outraged as the attack on the Capitol Building. But WTF are they doing about the traitors in their midst?

The GOP is the Party of Insurrection and Treason. The Democratic Party is the Party of Caution and Gentility. We’re about to see what caution and gentility get you in a war for freedom, liberty, and the rule of law.

Republicans have no honor... druidity33 Jan 2021 #1
Certainly, they have no shame n/t Fortinbras Armstrong Jan 2021 #11
They also contributed to the insurrection. Bluethroughu Jan 2021 #2
Repukes have been getting away... ailsagirl Jan 2021 #3
+ about a million. Dark n Stormy Knight Jan 2021 #36
Plus, since they are co-conspirators gab13by13 Jan 2021 #4
These two TRAITOROUS PIGS shouldn't be seated in the Senate AT ALL. AZ8theist Jan 2021 #12
Alas, poor naive Denise Haynes, I knew her, Horatio. jaxexpat Jan 2021 #5
First we have to have a new Senate but McTurtle is filibustering it right now. lark Jan 2021 #6
Can she boot them out? wnylib Jan 2021 #29
Members Of Congress (Either House) Can't Be Impeached COL Mustard Jan 2021 #30
That's what I thought. Thanks. wnylib Jan 2021 #31
They could have an ethics meeting, censure then remove. lark Jan 2021 #35
IOKIYAR!! Wednesdays Jan 2021 #7
Sadly, a good point RVN VET71 Jan 2021 #8
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Jan 2021 #43
Broken system. Needs fixin' Ferrets are Cool Jan 2021 #9
TY Here's the Actual Tweet so we can Rt.. Cha Jan 2021 #10
The difference is that leading republicans aren't calling for them to resign onenote Jan 2021 #13
A-FUCKING-MEN dixiechiken1 Jan 2021 #14
THIS malaise Jan 2021 #26
The $64,000 question. marble falls Jan 2021 #15
I want Al Franken's strong voice back in the Senate. Get it right Minnesota. fwvinson Jan 2021 #16
only for democrats . AllaN01Bear Jan 2021 #17
Good point, time to end IOKIYAR forever...nt Wounded Bear Jan 2021 #18
Dems know the difference between right and wrong and we punish ourselves when we've done wrong Mr. Ected Jan 2021 #19
+1 mdbl Jan 2021 #49
I blame the media Dem4Life1102 Jan 2021 #20
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Jan 2021 #27
Follow the money -- note who owns M$M. Hermit-The-Prog Jan 2021 #39
Rethugs don't resign for evil deeds..... paleotn Jan 2021 #21
Resignations are political actions--we need legal actions randr Jan 2021 #22
I agree, We need to restore the Rule of Law, beginning with the president and working our way down. Nitram Jan 2021 #34
Good question. Pepsidog Jan 2021 #23
Madam speaker said in a press conference their would be investigations and if wrong doing was Thekaspervote Jan 2021 #24
The Speaker has no authority to bring criminal charges. former9thward Jan 2021 #45
No one claimed that she did RandiFan1290 Jan 2021 #51
The poster above me did. former9thward Jan 2021 #52
No they didn't RandiFan1290 Jan 2021 #54
Really? johnnyfins Jan 2021 #25
Best comment: ananda Jan 2021 #28
Nixon's resignation was not "honorable." He resigned to avoid conviction at an impeachment trial. Nitram Jan 2021 #33
I never felt anything but disdain when i saw nixon talking mdbl Jan 2021 #50
The concept disgusted me, too. Nitram Jan 2021 #53
Republicans hold each other to a different standard - - that is "no standard." Nitram Jan 2021 #32
With Al our side pushed him out marlakay Jan 2021 #37
Post removed Post removed Jan 2021 #38
Why Franken and Hill resigned are not important to Republicans. GETPLANING Jan 2021 #40
Yup. LiberalLovinLug Jan 2021 #42
Yup. orangecrush Jan 2021 #47
I was just thinking about Al last night. BigmanPigman Jan 2021 #41
They believe and have been told they are immune from "the rules". Ford_Prefect Jan 2021 #44
WTAF, INDEED! orangecrush Jan 2021 #46
Republicans still think they can engineer a coup in the U.S., sooner or later. badboy67 Jan 2021 #48
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