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Spot on [View all] kpete Jan 2021 OP
Good one!!!! MyOwnPeace Jan 2021 #1
They never revise it, they just swap pages in and out with the tides. lastlib Jan 2021 #33
K&R...nt Wounded Bear Jan 2021 #2
Got that right. Jay25 Jan 2021 #3
Yep uponit7771 Jan 2021 #4
Indeed. These people are rank hypocrites. PatrickforO Jan 2021 #5
Remember... chants of "Get over it!" and "Fuck your feelings!" don't count. NurseJackie Jan 2021 #6
along with DENVERPOPS Jan 2021 #22
K&R Solly Mack Jan 2021 #7
That's for sure wendyb-NC Jan 2021 #8
Truth. liberalla Jan 2021 #9
Well, the Trump campaign reached out to me by mail and phone.... rlegro Jan 2021 #10
Perxactilly BSdetect Jan 2021 #11
Yeah buddy! ananda Jan 2021 #12
My dental hygienist reached out to me... to say Biden's a paedophile. So helpful. Karadeniz Jan 2021 #13
I hope you can find someone else to clean your teeth Hekate Jan 2021 #19
Thinking about it. Torn. On the one hand, I can show her Dems are not satanic vampires. On the Karadeniz Jan 2021 #21
Why would your dentist allow your hygenist to spew this nonsense at the dentist's patients. Squinch Jan 2021 #24
Full truth! When I went in, I asked if she'd miss the fascist president. Her answer was that Biden Karadeniz Jan 2021 #25
My cousin lives in Texas. I live in a blue state. She says she has "demographic envy" toward me. Squinch Jan 2021 #28
I love that!!! Karadeniz Jan 2021 #29
Ugh. Choices, choices. I'd go with health then. Hekate Jan 2021 #27
In 2004, after Kerry and Tom Daschle lost, I walked into my dentist's office and heard him gloating progressoid Jan 2021 #30
Kick dalton99a Jan 2021 #14
Funny how only one side has to be adults, eh? nt Dagstead Bumwood Jan 2021 #15
Now that's exactly the way I remember it! Brother Mythos Jan 2021 #16
Neither did anyone from M$M. Hermit-The-Prog Jan 2021 #17
No one reached out to me, either. GopherGal Jan 2021 #23
Ha! That must be it -- we just don't go to the right diners! Hermit-The-Prog Jan 2021 #26
Amen! Hekate Jan 2021 #18
This x 1000 Ferrets are Cool Jan 2021 #20
Hella SPOT ON.. So Shut UP Media, Gops, Cha Jan 2021 #31
Right On! Neither did anyone from national or local GOP, although they did take pictures of my Ford_Prefect Jan 2021 #32
Here's the message I took away. Kid Berwyn Jan 2021 #34
It's our turn... N_E_1 for Tennis Jan 2021 #35
NOT. my. job! Dukkha Jan 2021 #36
Bingo. marble falls Jan 2021 #37
A slightly different way of putting it, but right on the money! BobTheSubgenius Jan 2021 #38
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