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Yes Timewas Jan 2021 #1
Post removed Post removed Jan 2021 #35
Hmm... Orrex Jan 2021 #42
Damn straight. Period. n/t Guilded Lilly Jan 2021 #2
Oh yeah? Cha Jan 2021 #59
Yup!...They came back at them. :) just like Steele said they had to :) Guilded Lilly Jan 2021 #61
And, Leader Schumer Knows what he's Cha Jan 2021 #65
Yesssss...Go get them Chuck!!!! Yahoooooo Guilded Lilly Jan 2021 #68
They bet on the wrong horse. betsuni Jan 2021 #73
Yep.. Jumped the gun.. Cha Jan 2021 #74
Kick! Drum Jan 2021 #3
so frustrating Grasswire2 Jan 2021 #4
message discipline lol nt msongs Jan 2021 #11
"You're getting punked". duh, ya THINK?..... The Dem's have two years and a 100 day mitch96 Jan 2021 #27
Majority Leader Joe Manchin is doing the punking. marylandblue Jan 2021 #5
No Shit. dalton99a Jan 2021 #6
Elizabeth Warren could outsmart McConnell. blm Jan 2021 #7
Was just wondering who might have what it takes. elleng Jan 2021 #17
Yu are right and there was a discussion about this a couple months ago. I would love to see Warren LizBeth Jan 2021 #53
I think he's been leaning on her some. I see her influence blm Jan 2021 #56
That works. They really need to use what she excels at and if that is how she is used, it works. LizBeth Jan 2021 #63
Thank you Michael. Some of us here feel the same way. nt Hotler Jan 2021 #8
Yes, however Manchin... servermsh Jan 2021 #9
What good are Dems who won't stand together? luv2fly Jan 2021 #14
Not only Manchin also Sinema (AZ) say no DLCWIdem Jan 2021 #23
Sinema's comment was on the filibuster of normal legislation. servermsh Jan 2021 #34
Not getting rid of the legislative filibuster Marius25 Jan 2021 #36
Maybe not, since they've had the Senate for years & didnt do it. oldsoftie Jan 2021 #39
Time for some not-so-subtle pressure. Buns_of_Fire Jan 2021 #38
this is non sense AlexSFCA Jan 2021 #51
Schumer has plenty of tools to pressure Manchin and Sinema. lagomorph777 Jan 2021 #77
I don't like him at all, but in this case, I happen to agree 100% Ferrets are Cool Jan 2021 #10
Mitch had dumps people in place the day he took office. onecaliberal Jan 2021 #13
IKR? Ferrets are Cool Jan 2021 #15
++++ zentrum Jan 2021 #19
Repugs don't know how to govern but do know how to use power. Sneederbunk Jan 2021 #12
This! dhol82 Jan 2021 #16
Our predicament in a nutshell. Maven Jan 2021 #18
Not using power is part of governing apparently. KPN Jan 2021 #20
Exactly right Poiuyt Jan 2021 #32
+1 uponit7771 Jan 2021 #37
And it shows how much influence the former RNC chair ever had over his party that he can't... JHB Jan 2021 #21
If Manchin is the reason and Dems can't figure it out, I'm out. Tried of getting shit on by Mitch. Pepsidog Jan 2021 #22
New Dem motto luv2fly Jan 2021 #25
It is now not just Manchin, Sinema is now also on record saying no, and Feinstein always was a no Celerity Jan 2021 #26
Of course, Biden didn't want to get rid of the filibuster either... brooklynite Jan 2021 #41
he's since changed his mind, (like many others). He was open to doing away with it in July, if not Celerity Jan 2021 #60
I guess we have to be happy with what scraps Mitch throws our way. Pepsidog Jan 2021 #58
Ciao... brooklynite Jan 2021 #46
Democrats stage left Jan 2021 #24
Post removed Post removed Jan 2021 #28
We have a mandate. Use it or lose it. Ponietz Jan 2021 #29
"Being Nice" to Mitch is just feeding evil Blue Owl Jan 2021 #30
Maybe the House can send Katie Porter to have a little heart to heart chat with Manchin & Sinema mtnsnake Jan 2021 #31
Harry Reid may disagree. SleeplessinSoCal Jan 2021 #33
K & R SunSeeker Jan 2021 #40
AND...McConnell caves brooklynite Jan 2021 #43
Crickets? Boomer Jan 2021 #47
Beating up Schumer? orangecrush Jan 2021 #48
Hello? Hello? Paging Michael Steele... nolabear Jan 2021 #52
GOOD! Hey, I worked too hard to take his toys away! calimary Jan 2021 #62
Getting cheated by a punk ain't getting punked, it's getting cheated. czarjak Jan 2021 #44
THANK YOU! orangecrush Jan 2021 #45
Is Shumer still best as majority leader? AlexSFCA Jan 2021 #49
Have you been paying attention? StarfishSaver Jan 2021 #69
There are two Dems who will not vote to overturn .... reACTIONary Jan 2021 #50
Convince ONE Republican to switch sides. James48 Jan 2021 #54
The board you play chess and checkers on is the same. One Senator is play Chess the other Checkers.. usaf-vet Jan 2021 #55
You don't seem to be keeping up to date StarfishSaver Jan 2021 #70
Why is the 2024 elections in full swing with voting taking place in less than 30 days? usaf-vet Jan 2021 #76
Uh....Michael? LudwigPastorius Jan 2021 #57
I'm surprised to hear this coming from such an entrenched establishment Repub. BobTheSubgenius Jan 2021 #64
Am I the only one that gets pissed off with Republicans criticizing Dems? Hamlette Jan 2021 #66
Even worse is Democrats using Republicans criticism of Democrats as "proof" that the Democrats StarfishSaver Jan 2021 #71
A long thread positive Democrats don't know what they're doing, betsuni Jan 2021 #72
I'm not sure what to think. I feel like there is so much going on we are not privy to Vivienne235729 Jan 2021 #67
New Rules JHB Jan 2021 #75
Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Mike Nelson Jan 2021 #78
Democrats are so generous and wishful its killilng them LiberalLovinLug Jan 2021 #79
Sheesh ananda Jan 2021 #80
A Relic Of The Jim Crow Era Is Defended In The Senate DallasNE Jan 2021 #81
Steele played republican hardball for years MyMission Jan 2021 #82
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