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Pitch perfect! hedda_foil Jan 2021 #1
Yes! mdelaguna Jan 2021 #21
This message was self-deleted by its author mdelaguna Jan 2021 #22
Will they call witnesses? MagickMuffin Jan 2021 #2
they're in charge this time, so hell yes. mopinko Jan 2021 #4
Long Super Credible Lists of Cha Jan 2021 #7
There were millions of other witnesses watching on TV too! spooky3 Jan 2021 #11
Time for REALITY to Cha Jan 2021 #17
And kick them in their collective ShazzieB Jan 2021 #44
Excellent Addition! Cha Jan 2021 #46
This guy should be included ... aggiesal Jan 2021 #16
TY for that link, aggiesal.. Unreal! Cha Jan 2021 #25
YW n/t aggiesal Jan 2021 #27
Fucking A, they will call witnesses! They are going to put it all on record whether or not the Nitram Jan 2021 #52
Include Mike Pence PaulnFortWorth Jan 2021 #58
"For my first witness, I call..." Grins Jan 2021 #64
The Radical Republican Reich will be on trial, too. Hermit-The-Prog Jan 2021 #3
Yep. Let's get their votes on record, and whover votes to acquit... brush Jan 2021 #10
Call DON THE CON .... Donald Trump, The ANTI-CHRIST to testify !!!!! trueblue2007 Jan 2021 #50
+1... myohmy2 Jan 2021 #5
Yes, Sen Schumer's tweet sums it up, too.. Cha Jan 2021 #6
We've seen their evil for 4 years. Marius25 Jan 2021 #8
And THAT is scary as hell..... Hitler's first coup attempt failed and he went to prison for a time.. groundloop Jan 2021 #19
I take heart in remembering that they got Capone on tax evasion. intheflow Jan 2021 #41
We need to pursue the 14th Amendment option. lagomorph777 Jan 2021 #61
Im guessing Congress will have to start meeting on Zoom for the unforeseeable future. nt bonniebgood Jan 2021 #9
i still hope barbtries Jan 2021 #12
I believe we need to be bugging the hell out of our congress critters telling them to convict groundloop Jan 2021 #23
absolutely. barbtries Jan 2021 #26
Thank Goddess CO get rid of gardner. We have two good Dems. niyad Jan 2021 #48
This message was self-deleted by its author groundloop Jan 2021 #24
I just DON'T get it! birdographer Jan 2021 #13
Its fear, a combination of various aspects of fear. apnu Jan 2021 #18
Yes, they created a monster NJCher Jan 2021 #56
they are not afraid of trump, they're afraid of his supporters AlexSFCA Jan 2021 #34
100% this. intheflow Jan 2021 #42
"we will all be judged on how we respond" apnu Jan 2021 #14
Taking the longer, wider view. BobTheSubgenius Jan 2021 #15
I understand they need 2/3 of PRESENT... CapnSteve Jan 2021 #20
Chuck is starting to sound almost as tough as Nancy, and that is good mtnsnake Jan 2021 #28
In 2022 elections they need to make sure the country Butterflylady Jan 2021 #29
Shouldn't Cruz and Hawley recuse themselves from voting since they're actually accessories? OMGWTF Jan 2021 #30
Ideally, they should recuse themselves, wnylib Jan 2021 #54
Perfect Quote. Exactly The Truth. But... hurple Jan 2021 #31
Rethugs have nothing but bad choices here bucolic_frolic Jan 2021 #32
Those who won't convict should be painted as either afraid of Trump or in favor of insurrection. rickford66 Jan 2021 #33
We Have A Smoking Gun DallasNE Jan 2021 #35
EXACTLY spanone Jan 2021 #36
Fuck the worthless piece of shit gop.. Maxheader Jan 2021 #37
Make all witnesses appear or lock em up till they fell like they can appear and tell us all fwvinson Jan 2021 #38
The reason republicans want to "move on" BlueIdaho Jan 2021 #39
Another reason is that the capos (senators) LastDemocratInSC Jan 2021 #47
No one can give the republikkkens the excuse anymore that they're not speaking up against trump Jetheels Jan 2021 #40
There's only one unfortunate drawback Mr. Ected Jan 2021 #43
Are you sure Senator bluecollar2 Jan 2021 #45
Yes! Make them go on record for their support of a traitor. Vivienne235729 Jan 2021 #49
Absolutely! Lay the evidence out for the world to see. Put it on record. Nitram Jan 2021 #51
K&R Blue Owl Jan 2021 #53
As they should because Trump was already impeached by the House while he was still in office. cstanleytech Jan 2021 #55
truth Roisin Ni Fiachra Jan 2021 #57
trump could kill five people at the Capitol and he wouldn't lose any voters or politicians spanone Jan 2021 #59
He is putting the Republican Party on trial. They will be convicted. lagomorph777 Jan 2021 #60
Make it clear. Kid Berwyn Jan 2021 #62
Gotta do it. And no need to hurry the trial. Hear all the evidence and don't short-cut it. Joe will Evolve Dammit Jan 2021 #63
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