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He is one that SHOULD be on the stand to 'splain how he was suckered. flying_wahini Jan 2021 #1
Lindsey doesn't want any Non-Republican clowns in his circus. 🤡 There's already 45 of them. TheBlackAdder Jan 2021 #36
Let the Shaman do the shamin'! Mr. Ected Jan 2021 #2
Thread winner. sandensea Jan 2021 #22
Graham has no say. He and the GOP refused to grant even one witness at Trump's last trial. Midnight Writer Jan 2021 #3
That's what I qas going to say! SlogginThroughIt Jan 2021 #10
They know darn well that having witnesses Butterflylady Jan 2021 #24
I, for one, would watch the FUCK outta this! FirstLight Jan 2021 #4
Agree 100%, unless this guy has information incriminating Trump further RVN VET71 Jan 2021 #53
Afraid bdamomma Jan 2021 #5
No he should not and will not be called to testify Bev54 Jan 2021 #6
He can be questioned in a closed session, under intense questioning. fwvinson Jan 2021 #28
Lindsey doesn't have a say malaise Jan 2021 #7
Now now, he is still ON the juciary committee getagrip_already Jan 2021 #39
As long s he wears the same outfit with the horns and face paint Rustyeye77 Jan 2021 #8
That's what I want to see. trumPutin and the GOP created a deadly circus, so SHOW it! Hermit-The-Prog Jan 2021 #18
"Qbacca" sop Jan 2021 #9
Hey, that's an insult to Chewie : ( electric_blue68 Jan 2021 #38
We ALL know he'd implicate DJT Mr. Ected Jan 2021 #11
They've got to call him. gulliver Jan 2021 #12
The more Graham is protesting, theneworiginal Jan 2021 #17
Lindsey, no one could make it more of a circus than a clown like you. old guy Jan 2021 #13
Yep. We're already there. dchill Jan 2021 #45
Lindsey's presence is only requirement to make it a circus. FSogol Jan 2021 #14
Can't start the parade without the Clown! Talitha Jan 2021 #44
Says the organ grinders monkey Lindsey Graham. CentralMass Jan 2021 #15
Bullshit Bandwagon Wagonmaster cannot think? czarjak Jan 2021 #16
No wonder - He's probably a registered Republican eleny Jan 2021 #19
That causal link is evident without the Shaman bucolic_frolic Jan 2021 #20
Oh, Lindsey, TNNurse Jan 2021 #21
He's your guy, Lindsey.. embrace it! mountain grammy Jan 2021 #23
Doesn't he realize that unless mgardener Jan 2021 #25
Dr. Frankenstein is scared? orangecrush Jan 2021 #26
Call him. Question him. We need truth and he seems articulate. FU Leningrad Lindsey. n/t Evolve Dammit Jan 2021 #27
and the last four years haven't been a complete circus with a russian asset clearly out of his depth dawn5651 Jan 2021 #29
If they let him testify, Lindseed might need to get tanked and Hassler Jan 2021 #30
Heard the lawyer interviewed on Canadian radio. Very smart & likely to serve his client well. . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Jan 2021 #31
I saw him on Chris Cuomo's on CNN and he was making the case for his client's innocence but Cuomo CentralMass Jan 2021 #37
I don't think his client will get off scot free, but will get best sentence of the high profile guys Bernardo de La Paz Jan 2021 #40
I think that he deserves no special consideration. CentralMass Jan 2021 #47
What was that quote about 'doth protest too much", Lindsey? Ford_Prefect Jan 2021 #32
If it scares Lindsey, it works for me. nt birdographer Jan 2021 #33
He thought trump would pardon him....Bwahahahahahahahaaaa spanone Jan 2021 #34
He's all yours, Lindsey. Come and get him. (nt) Paladin Jan 2021 #35
He's not going to show up in his costume wryter2000 Jan 2021 #41
I can think of one- call Trump. coti Jan 2021 #42
QAnon Shaman MUST be there and testify! BobTheSubgenius Jan 2021 #43
Eh, I don't really trust the shaman guy dustyscamp Jan 2021 #46
Good lord Rebl2 Jan 2021 #48
I think I speak for all members of the Royal Order of Water Buffalo - including Fred and Barney TlalocW Jan 2021 #49
He wanted republican witnesses MyMission Jan 2021 #50
Hey Lindsey: Fool us once, Shaman You Mr. Ected Jan 2021 #51
I hope those watching him are cleared of any right wing extremism... C Moon Jan 2021 #52
Meanwhile, Lindsey is having wild Shaman fantasies Blue Owl Jan 2021 #54
I'm fairly certain Q-baca cleans up quite nicely alphafemale Jan 2021 #55
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