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5. We get it, Pampango. You don't think American workers are people. They're non-persons to you.
Wed Oct 10, 2012, 04:49 PM
Oct 2012

First of all, my argument is not about xenophobia, racism or misogyny; it is a scarcity of resources issue.

We do not have enough jobs for Americans, much less to perpetually outsource to the entire world to help them get ahead. It doesn't matter whether women base their prosperity on taking jobs from men, or whites prosper by taking jobs from blacks, you cannot prosper for very long if your long term strategy is to take jobs from another country. This is a mathematical certainty in a finite resource pool.

Your problem is that you do not like the United States. You don't like American workers. You have a problem with American workers. What that problem is, I don't know. But you hold American workers to a far different set of rules than you hold everyone else to. You don't have a problem with us being bled dry of jobs, but you have a problem with us complaining about it.

Let me say this as plainly as possible: take your phony xenophobia arguments, your phony misogyny arguments, and your phony racism analogies, and tell it to your Chamber of Commerce buddies who hold similar levels of contempt for our working class. You're alienating more people than you're winning over. You have nothing to offer America's working class. And much as you hate to admit it, they are persons, too.

And I will ask you a question that you can expect to be hammered with every time you respond: why don't you outsource your job and go jobless if you hate American workers so much?

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