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The Velveteen Ocelot

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16. Isn't that what always happens?
Sat Feb 13, 2021, 06:00 PM
Feb 2021

It seems to me that far too many Democrats have internalized the Democrats are weak notion that the media have been propounding for decades, and as a result see every action or result that they either don't like or don't understand as more evidence of that falsehood. It's almost like the abused wife whose husband has told her for years that she's ugly and stupid to the point where she believes it herself, and so she'll never leave because she doesn't think anyone else will have her. Similarly, Democrats have been told they're weak for so long that at least some of them believe it.

We are not weak. We should not take every setback or every misunderstood tactical move as evidence of weakness; that behavior itself contributes to and strengthens the lie.

Just fucking stop it!

Nicolle Wallace just said that all the witnesses went cold. TwilightZone Feb 2021 #1
LOL. What kind of standard is that? servermsh Feb 2021 #5
You want to call witnesses who won't testify? TwilightZone Feb 2021 #19
actually if the DA doesn't think you will be a good witness and aren't needed dsc Feb 2021 #31
Wrong on several counts servermsh Feb 2021 #2
You could say that about anyone StarfishSaver Feb 2021 #9
"You don't know what else she would have testified to. " TwilightZone Feb 2021 #10
It wouldn't have made a difference BainsBane Feb 2021 #35
If they knew he'd be acquitted, why even impeach? leftstreet Feb 2021 #3
They didn't have any choice. TwilightZone Feb 2021 #6
Why didn't they have to impeach Trump on emoluments? leftstreet Feb 2021 #13
With this Senate? I don't think so. The construct of the Senate no longer serves to KPN Feb 2021 #14
Would have had the same result. TwilightZone Feb 2021 #15
We weren't going to get a conviction, but we did a great job Just_Vote_Dem Feb 2021 #4
IMO, Trumps problems ARE over. blueinredohio Feb 2021 #18
Letitia James may disagree n/t Just_Vote_Dem Feb 2021 #21
I'm not holding my breath. blueinredohio Feb 2021 #24
I'm old enough to remember StarfishSaver Feb 2021 #20
I think your last sentence sums it up for many Just_Vote_Dem Feb 2021 #25
Thanks StarfishSaver Feb 2021 #26
My pleasure! n/t Just_Vote_Dem Feb 2021 #28
Was just thinking the same thing betsuni Feb 2021 #32
I suspect some folk were frustrated this week StarfishSaver Feb 2021 #34
Question regarding the witnesses testimony, was it a sworn testimony? KPN Feb 2021 #7
There was no chance in hell 17 pukes would convict with two weeks of testimony fearnobush Feb 2021 #8
Sociopaths always like to get the victims fighting amongst themselves. Irish_Dem Feb 2021 #11
the entire proceeding did not gain us the exact outcome we wanted yellowdogintexas Feb 2021 #12
Isn't that what always happens? The Velveteen Ocelot Feb 2021 #16
There will be plenty timms139 Feb 2021 #17
But but but a congresswoman we never heard of until yesterday isn't going to testify StarfishSaver Feb 2021 #22
She won't have timms139 Feb 2021 #30
Yeah, everyone has really been taking it easy... SergeStorms Feb 2021 #23
Weakness and foolish lack of conviction in too many is why we lose elections. Hortensis Feb 2021 #27
They fought as hard as any army ever did Generic Other Feb 2021 #29
Witness testimony rules take 60 votes crimycarny Feb 2021 #33
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