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3. I am 1b and on the list but have received no appointment
Wed Feb 17, 2021, 07:52 PM
Feb 2021

I was in my local CVS and saw they will be vaccinating. I am thinking about signing up with them. Now I will say our hub has been shut down during the snow, ice, sleet event.

VA has a big questionnaire on their website that shows me when I can get scheduled. FSogol Feb 2021 #1
I got an email invite last night for today in Virginia Yonnie3 Feb 2021 #11
Sorry to hear that. I'm healthy, only 54, and can work mostly from home. I only check FSogol Feb 2021 #15
I'm fortunate in that I can isolate Yonnie3 Feb 2021 #22
First Modena a month ago Jerry2144 Feb 2021 #2
I got my first Shingles shot BigmanPigman Feb 2021 #24
Ha. sheshe2 Feb 2021 #32
my 2 shingles shots didn't have any effects. 1st Moderna NRaleighLiberal Feb 2021 #30
I am 1b and on the list but have received no appointment TexasProgresive Feb 2021 #3
and damn, getting terribly nervous, of my zoom lunch group that has 10 women 7 have a kennedy Feb 2021 #4
Got my first...... MyOwnPeace Feb 2021 #5
My husband even found an excuse to walk the Mall today because he Baitball Blogger Feb 2021 #10
My husband 71 has appt next Wednesday marlakay Feb 2021 #23
No, but scheduled first shot this Sat, Feb 20... Wounded Bear Feb 2021 #6
If I wait 18 more hours I can pick a different option. Gore1FL Feb 2021 #7
I missed my appointment once and have yet to get a rescheduling mvd Feb 2021 #8
I am eligible as of tomorrow. sheshe2 Feb 2021 #9
Yes. I'm at a lab where we do COVID mrs_p Feb 2021 #12
Can we add an alternative wryter2000 Feb 2021 #13
Wish I could get it but BittyJenkins Feb 2021 #14
No appointments available, so I'll wait. Hoyt Feb 2021 #16
NO, on the county's list; elleng Feb 2021 #17
I'm not eligible yet MustLoveBeagles Feb 2021 #18
Getting first shot next Wednesday nt marlakay Feb 2021 #19
Getting vaccine dose #2 tomorrow snacker Feb 2021 #20
We get our second Dave in VA Feb 2021 #21
Next week on 2/22 we will get #1 Hekate Feb 2021 #25
I applied the end of Jan Marthe48 Feb 2021 #26
Feb 24th @11:15. Scheduled two days ago. Have to drive 20 mi. to Sparta, Tn SammyWinstonJack Feb 2021 #27
Vaccination hasn't begun canetoad Feb 2021 #28
2nd Moderna on Feb 25 NRaleighLiberal Feb 2021 #29
My wife and I are both scheduled for it on Saturday. RDANGELO Feb 2021 #31
We got our first Moderna vaccination on 1/12/21. gademocrat7 Feb 2021 #33
I was supposed to get my second shot today Mickju Feb 2021 #34
Over 70 and no vaccine in sight. Kingofalldems Feb 2021 #35
I had my 2nd Pfizer today BlueLucy Feb 2021 #36
I had my second Pfizer this morning. Polly Hennessey Feb 2021 #37
My arm is real sore now. BlueLucy Feb 2021 #41
First shot tomorrow. Akacia Feb 2021 #38
March 3rd... dhill926 Feb 2021 #39
As far as I know, it hasn't been opened to the general public yet sakabatou Feb 2021 #40
I'm 3 months away from being 75 but unfortunately (for that purpose) I live in Albuquerque, NM. triron Feb 2021 #42
Not yet. This weekend, so February NotASurfer Feb 2021 #43
I'm registered at MyTurn.ca.gov to get notification R B Garr Feb 2021 #44
both shots eleny Feb 2021 #45
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