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Cuomo should absolutely NOT resign [View all] Hoochie Coochie Man Mar 2021 OP
Let the voters decide Fullduplexxx Mar 2021 #1
So, you're okay if the voters decide to pick a Republican? brooklynite Mar 2021 #4
They're gonna decide anyway regardless of you putting words in my mouth Fullduplexxx Mar 2021 #6
Are you suggesting that the will of the voters only matters when we're talking about Dems? eggplant Mar 2021 #39
Agree, and a full independent investigation onetexan Mar 2021 #37
EXACTLY! SheltieLover Mar 2021 #2
Totally agree. Not one peep about the scores of women Trump assaulted from them. The days of Dream Girl Mar 2021 #3
+1 Ferrets are Cool Mar 2021 #19
Thank you. Rustyeye77 Mar 2021 #21
He should not resign based on accusations alone. But he should if the accusations are proven Beastly Boy Mar 2021 #5
Exactly SCantiGOP Mar 2021 #14
OTOH, even if the accusations are proven, wnylib Mar 2021 #15
That Kim guy seems especially eager to do him in...wonder why? Dream Girl Mar 2021 #26
No jorgevlorgan Mar 2021 #41
Agreed. Silver1 Mar 2021 #7
Agreed. piddyprints Mar 2021 #8
If the accusations are true he should resign. Lunabell Mar 2021 #9
Why? He did not assault them. He did wnylib Mar 2021 #16
+1 Ferrets are Cool Mar 2021 #20
If he were to racially harass someone would you apply the same standard? Lunabell Mar 2021 #31
Depends on what you mean by racially wnylib Mar 2021 #45
+1. This a slippery slope. Cuomo must fight how Biden did, rope-a-dope radius777 Mar 2021 #60
I have mixed feelings about this. wnylib Mar 2021 #61
Lots of accusers came out against Biden also, radius777 Mar 2021 #64
Well, there's no doubt that Cuomo wnylib Mar 2021 #66
By this definition of "assault " there's a picture of it Lunabell Mar 2021 #46
Surely there are more defining details about wnylib Mar 2021 #47
I will pass judgement on Cuomo when the civil cases are resolved. ahoysrcsm Mar 2021 #57
☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ Thekaspervote Mar 2021 #10
Or Taylor-Green, or Boebert, or Cawthorn, or... Ponietz Mar 2021 #11
Suspect he will brazen it out greenjar_01 Mar 2021 #12
Exactly. What's acceptable for one party should be acceptable for the other. judesedit Mar 2021 #13
Tell that to the Dems in the NY Assembly wnylib Mar 2021 #17
wut? progressoid Mar 2021 #38
I don't know any saints. Do you? We have bigger fish to fry right now judesedit Mar 2021 #48
I'm not saying everyone as a saint. progressoid Mar 2021 #55
Asking for a kiss once is not sexual harassment. Sorry. judesedit Mar 2021 #59
It was more than asking for a kiss. progressoid Mar 2021 #62
It should be addressed. It should have been addressed before this. judesedit Mar 2021 #63
Trump was the worst sexual predator to hold office. ananda Mar 2021 #18
No but we thought he should have. forthemiddle Mar 2021 #22
And how as our "upper hand" worked out for us? Dream Girl Mar 2021 #28
The Hump was way, way worse judesedit Mar 2021 #49
It's not the same behavior treestar Mar 2021 #54
Gov. hang in there!! marieo1 Mar 2021 #23
It's rather irrelevant as to what we think. Kaleva Mar 2021 #24
+1 orangecrush Mar 2021 #29
In my opinion... kentuck Mar 2021 #25
I'm trying to figure out what you mean in this case? Rustyeye77 Mar 2021 #30
Me too. Celerity Mar 2021 #34
Sometimes I just don't understand Rustyeye77 Mar 2021 #43
perhaps they will explain, but it faces up, barring an explanation, as a very problematic comment Celerity Mar 2021 #44
Wow. I thought I was the only person to feel this way. Rustyeye77 Mar 2021 #27
Cuomo helped Republicans keep control of the State Senate madeup64 Mar 2021 #32
Your (factual btw) list is why some will defend him to the death. Celerity Mar 2021 #50
Agreed stage left Mar 2021 #33
A third woman came forward GentleAlien Mar 2021 #35
Accusations are just that treestar Mar 2021 #53
We're going to give him his day in court, MontanaMama Mar 2021 #56
Hear hear. Captain Zero Mar 2021 #36
You're correct. He should just stop doing inappropriate, stupid shit. And atone for what he's done. TygrBright Mar 2021 #40
I ambivalently agree dsp3000 Mar 2021 #42
I totally agree! The Dotard was accused of harassment and/or assault raccoon Mar 2021 #51
When Cuomo walks through a teen age dressing room and pays a stripper $130k hush money Captain Zero Mar 2021 #58
Only last week you wrote "We, as "liberals" have a higher bar and higher standard" LanternWaste Mar 2021 #52
Agreed Dem4Life1102 Mar 2021 #65
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