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121. +1. Means testing is stupid and only divides our base
Thu Mar 4, 2021, 03:32 AM
Mar 2021

which is why Repubs want it and why the conservative Dems are just getting played. The Dem base is heavily urban and suburban, where incomes may be higher but cost of living is higher also.

Also 2019 tax returns are not relevant to the currrent situation.. even the 2020 returns may not be as people may now be laid off or struggling.

Just give people the money.

We can satisfy the conservative Dems by cutting something else that voters would not easily understand. But direct checks that they see others getting that they don't get - that creates resentment which Repubs love and will use in 2022.

It becomes a campaign issue. yardwork Mar 2021 #1
And the people who were promised $2000 will get $2000 AZSkiffyGeek Mar 2021 #6
People who earned $75,000 choie Mar 2021 #24
I received $19.50. Polly Hennessey Mar 2021 #30
The first PPP under Pendejo45 last year, I got $1.35 n/t aggiesal Mar 2021 #77
If they made less than $75,000 - They got $600 and will get another $1400. karynnj Mar 2021 #36
That's for Rebl2 Mar 2021 #91
Yes, I was responding to someone who asked about the case of a single taxpayer karynnj Mar 2021 #135
The $1400 hasn't gone out yet, just the $600 HUAJIAO Mar 2021 #98
Last year at roughly $75,000 we received the full $2400, in January we received the FIRST payment... George II Mar 2021 #107
IF the same cut off rates were kept for the 1400 cheque as were applied to the 600 cheque Celerity Mar 2021 #115
Exactly! I need the money But I Cha Mar 2021 #106
Rose Twitter is where I've seen it the most AZSkiffyGeek Mar 2021 #109
Of course.. they smell Cha Mar 2021 #111
Yep. The Squad is also making a big stink and DEMANDING $2k... Kahuna Mar 2021 #127
It's not just the MAGATs making a stink. Read this thread. nt Kahuna Mar 2021 #126
Oh we are. MrsCoffee Mar 2021 #130
Oh I have.. my question is.. Cha Mar 2021 #137
Precisely White Fox Mar 2021 #7
trying to be the only responsible party appears to be a losing proposition. SleeplessinSoCal Mar 2021 #86
Oh yeah? could it be Passed without Cha Mar 2021 #136
How does that stack up against 0% GQP support for any help? sinkingfeeling Mar 2021 #90
Do you have kids? kcr Mar 2021 #2
Good post. I think sometimes people can't see outside their own lives. It's great when you're doing Pongo Mar 2021 #8
My goodness!!!! secondwind Mar 2021 #20
I agreed with the previous post to mine, so I'm a bit lost at what you're 'my goodnessing' about? Pongo Mar 2021 #28
I didn't read it this way at all... Sorry you did. secondwind Mar 2021 #21
I'm genuinely interested in how you read it because kcr Mar 2021 #25
Thank you. I'm at a loss to the reaction to my agreement to your post, which I thought made sense. Pongo Mar 2021 #31
Adding unnecessary means-testing to what should be a simple program liskddksil Mar 2021 #44
Ah I hear you. Best I opt out. I found the original post be be, oh well, never mind. Pongo Mar 2021 #52
Two, both grown. Helping one with medical bills. 11 Bravo Mar 2021 #35
Then put the money elsewhere kcr Mar 2021 #37
Post removed Post removed Mar 2021 #57
You're the one who started the post claiming to be so confused kcr Mar 2021 #60
But God help you if you point anything out. oldsoftie Mar 2021 #70
Been there, done that. 11 Bravo Mar 2021 #74
Same here kcr Mar 2021 #79
It's a good, principled plan, 11 Bravo. As for why the objections, Hortensis Mar 2021 #112
I thought there are higher payments for those with kids? Beaverhausen Mar 2021 #41
I will double check, but I think the cut off is the cut off kcr Mar 2021 #46
there is a family tax credit in the bill Beaverhausen Mar 2021 #51
It's right in the article you cite kcr Mar 2021 #54
Went from something leighbythesea2 Mar 2021 #85
A few of years ago, because of a mini stroke, fwvinson Mar 2021 #99
yes, depends on how much debt and other financial responsibilities one has Demovictory9 Mar 2021 #119
Because your experience is not universal, that's all. WhiskeyGrinder Mar 2021 #3
That's for sure. Hugin Mar 2021 #17
Because its better to give money to those who don't need it than to miss people liskddksil Mar 2021 #4
Isn't this stimulus payment based on AGI? Deminpenn Mar 2021 #9
For 2019 nt liskddksil Mar 2021 #11
Many people making a gross income that's over the cap Deminpenn Mar 2021 #16
Adjusted gross income (line 11 on the 1040 form) is what you have dflprincess Mar 2021 #102
Correct, my bad Deminpenn Mar 2021 #122
If you're like me dflprincess Mar 2021 #139
LOL, geezerhood for me Deminpenn Mar 2021 #141
Even the ones given last year, are handled when you do your 2020 taxes karynnj Mar 2021 #39
Wrong, it's for 2019 or 2020, whichever is the most recently filed tax return. W_HAMILTON Mar 2021 #49
Because it totally makes sense to throw away our political good will kcr Mar 2021 #58
Throwing away our goodwill is constantly belittling Democratic efforts... W_HAMILTON Mar 2021 #62
This isn't belittling efforts kcr Mar 2021 #63
This supposed Democrat's first foray into politics was as a volunteer for Bobby Kennedy. 11 Bravo Mar 2021 #83
Good for you kcr Mar 2021 #84
+1 MrsCoffee Mar 2021 #128
What then do you believe is the objective top cut off rate? LanternWaste Mar 2021 #23
What was in the House bill $100.000 (singles). That was a reasonable compromise liskddksil Mar 2021 #40
Trump 2024 I gave you more than Biden leftstreet Mar 2021 #5
The ads will write themselves unfortunately nt liskddksil Mar 2021 #13
Biden should be whupping White Fox Mar 2021 #14
I can see it happening that way dustyscamp Mar 2021 #47
You would spend it; you've just said so. That stimulates the economy and helps everyone. Hermit-The-Prog Mar 2021 #10
I'll be 72 in April. I am still working strenuous 40 hour weeks. NBachers Mar 2021 #12
I am glad you will donate to good causes. Thank you. riversedge Mar 2021 #15
How many people will not get a check because of the cutoff? marie999 Mar 2021 #18
17 million MoonlitKnight Mar 2021 #27
Post removed Post removed Mar 2021 #65
I'm comfortable with what I make and the stimulus check is just icing on the cake. So I give it mitch96 Mar 2021 #19
Thank you! happybird Mar 2021 #33
What about people who lost their job this year? choie Mar 2021 #22
Not to mention those whose salaries were reduced kcr Mar 2021 #26
In the deal, they'll be eligible for an extra $400 a week unemployment Kaleva Mar 2021 #38
We have a free local weekly that leans right nuxvomica Mar 2021 #29
I expect others to follow suit that are not in need. LiberalFighter Mar 2021 #32
It's based on 2019 income. MoonlitKnight Mar 2021 #34
You make too much. Send your money to me. panader0 Mar 2021 #42
As I understand it (and I could be wrong) Bettie Mar 2021 #43
You are wrong. W_HAMILTON Mar 2021 #53
Most people have not yet filed 2020 taxes Bettie Mar 2021 #55
No, you were wrong. W_HAMILTON Mar 2021 #59
Some people can't or won't file taxes until April. haele Mar 2021 #82
I am too - if you still have your job treestar Mar 2021 #45
It doesn't matter. No matter how much you make, you basically spend up to that total MiniMe Mar 2021 #48
Because of CoL. Sibelius Fan Mar 2021 #50
My wife and I got a check, and that's exactly what we did with it. GETPLANING Mar 2021 #56
Because It's Purpose Is Twofold ProfessorGAC Mar 2021 #61
+1000 chia Mar 2021 #71
Docs without borders Gilbert Moore Mar 2021 #64
I'm happy you don't need it. But a LOT of people who made that in 2019 didn't do squat Liberal In Texas Mar 2021 #66
"with the Deadbeats name on it" Chuuku Davis Mar 2021 #131
Is your name Donald J. Trump? MrsCoffee Mar 2021 #133
Worried over less than 1% of the stimulus wellst0nev0ter Mar 2021 #67
I agree with you. Its just gamesmanship. Nothing more. oldsoftie Mar 2021 #68
Seems to me the stimulus should go to those with lower incomes -- maybe less than $50K -- Hoyt Mar 2021 #69
You see it rationally. We're retired and make about $70,000 per year in one of the most expensive.. George II Mar 2021 #72
How do you figure that there will be no people who get no checks at all? kcr Mar 2021 #75
I said "Very few people, if any, who received the first rounds of checks will be cut off at all."... George II Mar 2021 #80
I'm not bashing democrats kcr Mar 2021 #81
Didn't say you, but many people are bashing Democrats, Biden in particular, claiming we "caved".... George II Mar 2021 #88
17 million folks will not get a check from Biden, but did from Trump obamanut2012 Mar 2021 #93
Where do that 12 million and 5 million come from? George II Mar 2021 #105
Here are sources MoonlitKnight Mar 2021 #117
In San Francisco, a family of five making $150,000 per year is considered to be low income by the deurbano Mar 2021 #95
We'll be donating our stimulus too MustLoveBeagles Mar 2021 #73
cool story bro ! stonecutter357 Mar 2021 #76
$150,000 per year for a family is a lot in any place. Blue_true Mar 2021 #78
We must focus on getting rid of goops in 2020 wellst0nev0ter Mar 2021 #116
And there we go dianaredwing Mar 2021 #87
You live in live in Northern Virginia, try living on that somewhere else. Autumn Mar 2021 #89
Look at it this way TexasBushwhacker Mar 2021 #92
If it were based on the 2020 AGI I would agree. GulfCoast66 Mar 2021 #94
There are also a lot of people who got the $600/week extra unemployment who dflprincess Mar 2021 #104
I should be ok. I was taxed at a much higher rate January-April when my income ended GulfCoast66 Mar 2021 #113
The way it is structured, they have to draw the line somewhere Shermann Mar 2021 #96
I agree. I don't need it, I don't want it... reACTIONary Mar 2021 #97
Its a stupid gimmie to the 2022 republican campaigns quakerboy Mar 2021 #100
Now hear me out Happy Hoosier Mar 2021 #101
It's a stimulus, you spend it BradAllison Mar 2021 #103
I'm with you Mabadi Mar 2021 #108
The way I view it: We're all owed due to trump's criminal negligence ecstatic Mar 2021 #110
I take issue with Tink41 Mar 2021 #114
Do you know why Biden won? wellst0nev0ter Mar 2021 #118
+1. Means testing is stupid and only divides our base radius777 Mar 2021 #121
I would also say I can't find much logic in people getting upset about means testing. pecosbob Mar 2021 #120
Ideally, the caps should have been adjusted for Deminpenn Mar 2021 #123
Try living in California. MrsCoffee Mar 2021 #124
I don't get it either. It's hard for me to believe that... Kahuna Mar 2021 #125
The CERB in Canada was $1000 every 2 weeks. Swede Mar 2021 #129
One time. MrsCoffee Mar 2021 #132
Bc it would eliminate MANY people who will need the extra money FlyingPiggy Mar 2021 #134
There's this to help with the load for those Cha Mar 2021 #138
Cool story, bro. nt LexVegas Mar 2021 #140
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