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Mon Mar 8, 2021, 07:27 AM Mar 2021

How do you feel about today's British Royal Family? [View all]

Poll Question: How do you feel about today's British Royal Family?

Things to discuss: What drives your opinion of them? Have you always felt this way? Have your feelings changed recently or over time? What caused the change?
54 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
Very Positive
0 (0%)
Mostly Positive
6 (11%)
Somewhat Positive
2 (4%)
Neither Positive or Negative
22 (41%)
Somewhat Negative
0 (0%)
Mostly Negative
8 (15%)
Very Negative
16 (30%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Just look at snowybirdie Mar 2021 #1
Never liked them... Mike Nelson Mar 2021 #2
We have bdamomma Mar 2021 #71
Batch of inbreds CountAllVotes Mar 2021 #3
Very complicated. I really have disdain for simplistic assessments, though, being a student of hlthe2b Mar 2021 #4
Your words echo my conversation with the wife last night. BMW2020RT Mar 2021 #46
I get especially worked up whenever I see secondwind Mar 2021 #5
Could I care less...doubt it...we freed ourselves from that monarchy...nt MiHale Mar 2021 #6
aristocracy in general is a concept that serves only the aristocrats rampartc Mar 2021 #7
where's the "don't care" option? -n/t Locrian Mar 2021 #8
I think "Neither Positive or Negative" probably would be the best choice. NurseJackie Mar 2021 #10
I think they are "wankers." gab13by13 Mar 2021 #9
Neither positive or negative maryellen99 Mar 2021 #11
They changed their name to something more British? What a bunch of dem4decades Mar 2021 #12
They make one heck of a great TV series though Freddie Mar 2021 #13
The Mister and I really got a good laugh out of "The Windsors" on Netflix. NurseJackie Mar 2021 #16
Can't wait for King William. Chipper Chat Mar 2021 #14
Fuck 'em all PJMcK Mar 2021 #15
Are they actually tyrants? NurseJackie Mar 2021 #20
No, you're wrong PJMcK Mar 2021 #22
You're interested enough to have an negative opinion... NurseJackie Mar 2021 #27
The British family is of ZERO interest to me PJMcK Mar 2021 #70
... NurseJackie Mar 2021 #73
A crucial time, when we're dealing with a multitude of issues. Racism, of which, is one. Lancero Mar 2021 #42
Goodness, no! You've completely misunderstood me PJMcK Mar 2021 #66
You seem to care very much about them. Kaleva Mar 2021 #23
Nonsense PJMcK Mar 2021 #24
Because people like you are fascinated with them. Kaleva Mar 2021 #28
Once again, nonsense PJMcK Mar 2021 #62
It's a soap opera, and this week we're having "A Very Special Episode" Sympthsical Mar 2021 #59
Yeah, that's pretty much what I think PJMcK Mar 2021 #64
About the same as I feel for the royal families of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, etc. Kaleva Mar 2021 #17
I never have and will never understand why anyone here gives a shit about them. GoCubsGo Mar 2021 #18
I like Kate and William and the kids. leftyladyfrommo Mar 2021 #19
I liked Diana. NurseJackie Mar 2021 #30
I did, too. nt leftyladyfrommo Mar 2021 #36
They're a bit like a reality show. A brand before being a brand became the new go-to 15 minutes. Solly Mack Mar 2021 #21
There is a lot of truth in what you wrote. BMW2020RT Mar 2021 #49
That's hilarious. I love British humor. Solly Mack Mar 2021 #51
Many British expatriates living the US probably agree with you. BMW2020RT Mar 2021 #52
Find me a home in Midsommer County or Kembleford... NurseJackie Mar 2021 #53
On my list of things to like about the UK trains are pretty high. BMW2020RT Mar 2021 #57
Midsomer? with that death rate?! Metatron Mar 2021 #58
At least three per episode. NurseJackie Mar 2021 #61
I could live there. I just couldn't be a part of the royal family. Too many restrictions. Solly Mack Mar 2021 #54
No offense to the queen, but count me out of the royal family circus. BMW2020RT Mar 2021 #56
Gosh! Who would have thought that the family that started the international drug trade by creating FSogol Mar 2021 #25
I don't... brooklynite Mar 2021 #26
Meh. I guess I like Liz and Phil better than I liked Don and Mel; and Princess Anne struggle4progress Mar 2021 #29
They are amusing, tavernier Mar 2021 #31
Love Liz, not so keen on Phil. Charles is a bit of a prat. Andrew? Dodgy bugger. GoneOffShore Mar 2021 #32
These two are always fascinators... NurseJackie Mar 2021 #34
Essex girls. In fancy hats. GoneOffShore Mar 2021 #35
I have always been interested in British history. luvs2sing Mar 2021 #33
Your thoughts mirror mine. NurseJackie Mar 2021 #37
Love it. luvs2sing Mar 2021 #39
I have a cousin in Leeds samplegirl Mar 2021 #38
So when people line the streets to wave and cheer as the Queen passes... none of them are common folk? NurseJackie Mar 2021 #40
Other: I don't feel anything. They are totally irrelevant to my life. nt Binkie The Clown Mar 2021 #41
They couldn't handle one black person coming into their family. Cinnamonspice Mar 2021 #43
being irish i cant 'like' them. mopinko Mar 2021 #44
I have thought of England as a racist country for years...hubs has family there and they are Demsrule86 Mar 2021 #45
Royalty is a strange anachronism in the 21st century Tarc Mar 2021 #47
For centuries, my ancestors were mercilessly persecuted, oppressed, Roisin Ni Fiachra Mar 2021 #48
The royals do not run in my social circle so I do not have much concern about them plus or minus. keithbvadu2 Mar 2021 #50
That's hilarious! smirkymonkey Mar 2021 #75
I don't really care. Mz Pip Mar 2021 #55
Mostly positive; they can't help to whom they were born treestar Mar 2021 #60
Fascinating as hell. LanternWaste Mar 2021 #63
I wasn't a fan in the first place Sunsky Mar 2021 #65
I put negative. Because could not give a shit was not an option. GulfCoast66 Mar 2021 #67
LOL, oh, the scandals of the aristocrats never cease, rich people problems, need more manor houses Shanti Shanti Shanti Mar 2021 #72
Some of the kids are super cute Bettie Mar 2021 #68
Couldn't Care Less ProfessorGAC Mar 2021 #69
I'm interested in the history and the traditions BannonsLiver Mar 2021 #74
the whole royal business is weird. that Prince Charles is age 72 waiting to start his job as King Demovictory9 Mar 2021 #76
Axe the monarchy. n/t Coventina Mar 2021 #77
Candle keithbvadu2 Mar 2021 #78
Don't give AF... Full stop JCMach1 Mar 2021 #79
Absolutely nothing. I feel nothing about the British Royal Family. In It to Win It Mar 2021 #80
Never was impressed with them. I knew they were all shmucks FlyingPiggy Mar 2021 #81
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