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Jon King

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6. Harry and Meghan are the only royals I like...
Sun Apr 11, 2021, 10:01 AM
Apr 2021

just because they exposed the sheer lunacy of the entire concept and said "well if we are going to be famous anywhere, might as well get away from bad weather, bad food, and boring people".

The fact that Piers Morgan and the British press hate them makes them even cooler to me.

Best of both worlds. Kid Berwyn Apr 2021 #1
Lol! Treefrog Apr 2021 #21
The British Royals are part of the show. That is all ... FakeNoose Apr 2021 #2
Harry understood the facts early on - the Royal Family is a celebrity gig Arazi Apr 2021 #3
His things are twofold, at least: 1) His mum said he took after her scatterbrain. 2) The 2nd son UTUSN Apr 2021 #39
Brilliant and hilarious! Thanks for posting, Malaise. Tanuki Apr 2021 #4
My favorite excerpt of this exceedingly witty piece: NNadir Apr 2021 #5
It is hilarious malaise Apr 2021 #7
Harry and Meghan are the only royals I like... Jon King Apr 2021 #6
Exactly! Duppers Apr 2021 #36
This is Swiftian in its skewering, which is ironic in an Alanis Morissette sort of way... n/t MrModerate Apr 2021 #8
That is a profound observation malaise Apr 2021 #9
Brilliant! Doc Sportello Apr 2021 #10
K and R Ferrets are Cool Apr 2021 #11
I'm sending this to creepy, OCD Piers amuse bouche Apr 2021 #12
Remember how the Obama haters SWORE that Obama "bowed" to the Queen? CTyankee Apr 2021 #13
Gracious and charming Unwind Your Mind Apr 2021 #16
Well, Hell, of course they bowed their heads a little TNNurse Apr 2021 #27
I think he was alleged to have bowed to the Emperor of Japan as well. For heaven's sake... Hekate Apr 2021 #35
i saw some of the hilarious "the windsors" which leaves the two oldest ones out certainot Apr 2021 #14
I love The Windsors musette_sf Apr 2021 #29
If you haven't seen the episode with TFG musette_sf Apr 2021 #30
i haven't seen the last episodes but will have to get back to them for sure certainot Apr 2021 #32
The existence of the British monarchy wnylib Apr 2021 #15
The wit of the Irish is an international treasure. MLAA Apr 2021 #17
"your grandfather was murdered by a clown." panader0 Apr 2021 #18
That was a great line malaise Apr 2021 #20
He uses the phrase "London Mafia" and is right TxGuitar Apr 2021 #22
That line stood out to me too & gave me a rueful chuckle... Hekate Apr 2021 #34
Great piece! Dream Girl Apr 2021 #19
I haven't laughed this hard in a long time!!! Thanks!!! CaptainTruth Apr 2021 #23
I got the sense that the author is not an enthusiastic royalist. BobTheSubgenius Apr 2021 #24
How's that for understatement malaise Apr 2021 #26
Guilty. BobTheSubgenius Apr 2021 #37
Ouch! Mme. Defarge Apr 2021 #25
I like John Olivers comments on the royals from Colbert.. mitch96 Apr 2021 #28
Good read luckone Apr 2021 #31
That was a fun read! Thanks, malaise. nt Hekate Apr 2021 #33
K&R for, I shall not speak, much. UTUSN Apr 2021 #38
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