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She. WhiskeyGrinder Apr 2021 #1
Article didn't say the gender of the cop Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 2021 #6
Fair. And your point does stand. WhiskeyGrinder Apr 2021 #9
Because a Taser and a pistol weigh exactly the same, don'tchano... Grokenstein Apr 2021 #2
And she had to disable the safety exactly the dame too. CrackityJones75 Apr 2021 #48
Most likely a Glock which has no external safety. EX500rider Apr 2021 #63
Propaganda. WhiskeyGrinder Apr 2021 #3
Well officers are not allowed "mistakes" like that. LakeArenal Apr 2021 #4
After looking at video, honestly think she did confuse the two. But that ain't going to make it OK. Hoyt Apr 2021 #5
This...why is an expired tag worth a heavy handed arrest? Sancho Apr 2021 #8
Apparently he had an outstanding warrant DetroitLegalBeagle Apr 2021 #15
I don't think they knew that until after the fact MiniMe Apr 2021 #17
I've read 2 stories on why he was pulled over DetroitLegalBeagle Apr 2021 #19
I think that is it MiniMe Apr 2021 #21
They mention the warrant in the video Sympthsical Apr 2021 #23
gun possession without a permit & fleeing n/t Ms. Toad Apr 2021 #61
I read that the warrant was because he was supposed to be making payments for tickets womanofthehills Apr 2021 #64
We do not need regular police taking in people with a warrant. CrackityJones75 Apr 2021 #52
I sadly agree Sympthsical Apr 2021 #24
+1, this is how I felt up north KC; 2123 cops pulled for a damn unseen temp tag. It was the usual fo uponit7771 Apr 2021 #31
I agree. NutmegYankee Apr 2021 #33
Where have we heard this "explanation" before? 2naSalit Apr 2021 #7
Fruitvale Station. WhiskeyGrinder Apr 2021 #10
thanks for that...should have known it was stillcool Apr 2021 #13
Cop served 11 months on that one Sympthsical Apr 2021 #47
Exactly. Bristlecone Apr 2021 #59
an accidental discharge is complete BS coverup vlyons Apr 2021 #11
In chaotic events, the brain sometimes "load sheds" and you won't realize you have the wrong thing NutmegYankee Apr 2021 #39
Let me paint a different picture... Moostache Apr 2021 #12
Thank you for telling that. Solomon Apr 2021 #16
I agree with this! Sancho Apr 2021 #28
That headline should state "claimed"... hlthe2b Apr 2021 #14
The video is out there. Zeitghost Apr 2021 #25
That is ridiculous. No video is going to show "intent." hlthe2b Apr 2021 #29
+1, uponit7771 Apr 2021 #34
The officers words Zeitghost Apr 2021 #44
Are you suggesting this was an intentional murder?! sammythecat Apr 2021 #62
I am saying no video can show intent, including fear as motivation. hlthe2b Apr 2021 #68
She yelled, "I am going to taze you!!" Caliman73 Apr 2021 #57
+1, ... She's white, a cop and given the benefit of the doubt uponit7771 Apr 2021 #32
Yep. Clear example of white privilege. Look how many people immediately seize upon the excuse. Solomon Apr 2021 #45
+1, ... cough up a shit ton of money and are put on curfew uponit7771 Apr 2021 #49
What excuse? The chief explained what happened. tritsofme Apr 2021 #51
Lol. "The video makes clear". Solomon Apr 2021 #53
So you think she just decided to turn on her body cam and go shoot a guy? tritsofme Apr 2021 #54
I'm saying it hasn't even been investigated yet but people are buying the first story out. Solomon Apr 2021 #67
This message was self-deleted by its author Solomon Apr 2021 #46
Call it what it is hauweg Apr 2021 #18
Bull Fucking Shit! Another cop cover-up. nt Progressive Jones Apr 2021 #20
Right ?! Why is she even given the benefit of the doubt !?!? uponit7771 Apr 2021 #35
Sorry. Not buying it ecstatic Apr 2021 #22
You're kidding, right? Raven Apr 2021 #26
Yeah, that was my reaction as well. BannonsLiver Apr 2021 #27
It must be nice to not have to worry about criminal cops ecstatic Apr 2021 #41
So beyond the cut and paste job BannonsLiver Apr 2021 #43
My circumstantial evidence. Let's start with the ridiculous acting job as she unloaded her gun ecstatic Apr 2021 #58
I see some people still give bad PDs the benefit of the doubt, this shit is sad uponit7771 Apr 2021 #38
So are deranged comments about police cults and initiations BannonsLiver Apr 2021 #40
White supremacist are not a cult?! You're kidding right?! FBI Report?! tia uponit7771 Apr 2021 #50
+1000. SMH. nt ecstatic Apr 2021 #42
AMEN AND AMEN!!! Last summer was it for me, they act a damn fool WAY too damn much for me uponit7771 Apr 2021 #36
In other news, Mohammed al-Atta REALLY intended to fly his plane into Fire Island on 9/11 DFW Apr 2021 #30
lol uponit7771 Apr 2021 #37
It defies belief DFW Apr 2021 #55
I have handled neither a gun nor a taser, however... Silent3 Apr 2021 #56
she was a 26-year veteran fishwax Apr 2021 #60
Negligent Homicide.. is that right?! Cha Apr 2021 #65
She might need some retraining after prison RANDYWILDMAN Apr 2021 #66
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